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I'm Coming to LA!

via Hey guys... work has seen fit to send me to LA next week on Thursday. I'll be there a few days... so if any of the SSR members want to meet up I'd be more than...


Jevon O's Bullets: The Game of The Season

Well, the Lakers played on Sunday again. And, like clockwork, the Sunday White's curse struck, but one of our two resident crazy Small Forwards were there to absorb the brunt of the curse,...


Jevon O's Bullets: Our 0.500 Lakers Squad

Happy New Year to all my fellow Laker fans! It is quite nice to have a stable diet of NBA to feast ourselves on, is it not? Were those fall months as cold for your soul as it was for mine? It...


Jevon O's Bullets: I Still Love This Game!

via First things first.  We got baptized by the team that I just can't seem to hate.  Those Mavs.  Those funny, funny, Mavs.  I always had a sneaky feeling we'd never want to play...

Kobe Bryants Dallas Post Game Meltdown (Hilarious!)

Kobe Byrant's Post Game Meltdown - watch more funny videos

Kobe Bryants Dallas Post Game Meltdown (Hilarious!)


Jevon O's bullets: back for the last time before playoffs!!!

O, these Lakers.   How can one describe this season?  It would be very, very, difficult.  Disappointing?  Hardly.  The Lakers have won their fair share of games, and in a league where the...


Jevon O's Bullets: Another Lakers/Celtics Battle in the TD Garden

  via ( Damn it feels good to have Kobe Bean Bryant.  Did anyone not have that overwhelming emotion of Damn, did I just see that?  For those of us who play ball...


Responding to Reports of "Terrible" Defense on LeBron James

To put it simply, I do not think Ron Artest's defense on Lebron James was terrible.  While I support the notion that Lebron James played a great individual game, played great team basketball, and...


Controversial Cuts: Suspicious of the Oklahoma City Thunder

I like the Oklahoma City Thunder.  I think I had a mini love affair with Kevin Durant during the FIBAs this summer.  He swooped in, took control of the team, swept me off my feet, and took me to a...


SS&R Junkie Just Got Hitched- Laker Style

  We're all blessed to be able to enjoy the Lakers, day in, day out; whether it be the off season, the season, or the post season.  There's always either an abundance of news concerning them, or...


Rough Cut: Ron Artest, Cycling, me, and Bluexfalcon

  So… I ran and ran and ran… and the pain kept getting worse and worse. Why was this? Why were my days of playing basketball, tennis, and soccer catching up to me and making my right knee, ankle...


Respect the Celtics (to disrespectful Laker 'fans')

Prologue: Thank you, SilverScreenAndRoll.  Thank you for teaching me to look deeper into basketball.  Thank you for the stats.  Thank you for the analysis.  Thank you for the pre-game, thank you...


Shut Up, Kelly Dwyer. (Why Lebron James must win on Thursday)

    Kelly Dwyer on the Cavs, this morning:,240500 Excerpt: "Above all, he failed himself....


Seriously Skewing the Series part 2 (Confidence in Numbers)

We all play pick up ball.  Atleast, all of us somebodies who aren't nobodies.  You've all experienced that first time when you caught the ball at the top of the key, hit your triple thread...


A Skewed Series by the Numbers (for all you bitches and bitchettes)

They will judge you by the numbers.  That is all that matters.  The inches.  The scrapping.  The fighting.  The free throws.  The heart.  The determination.  The willingness to persevere.  The...

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