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How to please everyone? Put it to a vote. Tell us why it is changing.

I've read this blog for I don't know how long. I've lurked most of the time because there wasn't anything that I thought I could add to the conversation that wasn't already present. However, I...


Why trading for Ben Gordon (or potentially Humpries) is not a TERRIBLE idea

We need to spend the money somewhere. Let me put it another way: in any given year, teams have a salary floor that is a certain percentage of the cap (I've read between 85-90% depending on the...


The lottery is "rigged"- a statistical perspective.

This is what I'm going to prove to you in this article: The lottery is not rigged, or at least we don't have the information to prove that. (For purposes of this article, I’m going to define...


Interpreting stats: regression to mean vs regression towards a mean

Diclaimer: If you love stats, keep reading. If you hate stats, then you can check out any of Lord Duggan's posts about how Mark Teixeira is goofy with semi-pictoral representations. If you like...


Quick science explanation behind Braun's pee

Hi there- lurker here. I great enjoy reading Pinstripe Alley and it's mathematical analysis of things in between my breaks at... you guessed it, a biochemical research lab. We actually do...


Figuring out actually what happened and what will; Why not to worry

Let's take a step back and see what the trade that got nixed and the trade that didn't offered the bobcats   Toronto trade (nixed): netted us a good offensive point guard (read: starting point...

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