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Hollinger Obliterates Trade and Ernie with it.


"The good news for Washington Wizards fans is that general manager Ernie Grunfeld is building a winner. The bad news is that he's doing it in Minnesota and New Orleans. Seriously, can anyone explain why this guy is still running a basketball team?" Grunfeld engineered yet another numbingly brutal trade today when he sent Rashard Lewis and a second-round pick to the New Orleans Hornets for Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza." "we can presume they're on Washington's books for 2013-14 at a cost of $22 million, compared with the $0 the Wizards owed Lewis; this puts them over the cap even if they amnesty Andray Blatche." "Which brings us to another reason to hate this trade: It did nothing to solve Washington's biggest problem, shooting. If anything, it exacerbated it." "Grunfeld said the Wizards are better than they were yesterday, and in a very narrow sense he's correct: This deal does incrementally improve his roster. But there are far more efficient ways to produce the same improvement, and instead Grunfeld has essentially handcuffed the franchise to two more years of mediocrity so he could win a news conference."


Charlotte not considering Kidd-Gilchrist?

Chicago Tribune Reports According to several NBA front-office execs, Jordan is deciding whether to take North Carolina small forward Harrison Barnes, Kansas power forward Thomas Robinson or...


Who would be worth trading our lottery pick for?

If the balls don't bounce our way tonight there's a decent chance Ernie will entertain the idea of trading the lottery pick for some help NOW. Nene was a NOW move. Another reason would be the...

SI's Luke Winn breaks down Derrick Williams using Synergy


And I like the results. He also gives us his sleeper, Jenkins from Hofstra.


New DraftExpress Mock, and a game.

Here's their updated Mock Draft: http://www.draftexpress.com/nba-mock-draft/2011/ The players landing with the Wizards are: 4, The Perry Jones 21, Tristan Thompson PF, Georgia (still lists the pick...

Rook ALERT: Kyle Weaver to be waived


according to Marc Spears of Yahoo! Versatile 6'6 guard with pg mentality. Picking him up would cost 900K this year, team option for 1M next year. Can Ernie pull the trigger?


Trading for a SF, Suns?

We brought this up in an older post but I thought it deserved some more space to breathe.   The Suns recent moves leave them with a glut of forwards. They've added Hakim Warrick, Turkoglu and...

Report: #17, Heinrich to Wiz


The Chicago Bulls have a deal in place that would move Kirk Hinrich and the 17th pick to the Washington Wizards. It wasn't immediately clear what Washington would send to Chicago in the trade.


The Boston Celtic Model pre/post Big 3

I've seen references to the Celtics as the model that the Wizards should follow. The sugggestion was that we have Wall, Arenas and Blatche, (and max dollars available) therefore we should be...


Wiz Need NOWside not UPside

I've read comments regarding this last roster spot, or at least the last one Ernie intends to fill before training camp. I see repeated mentions of the need for more upside. I couldn't disagree...

Varajeo re-signs for...


"Media reports suggest the signing is worth $42.2 million over six years. In his 42 starts, he increased his averages to 9.9 points on .542 shooting and 7.7 rebounds in 32.3 minutes per game."

Hollinger Talks Wizards Fans off the Ledge (sorta)


Today the Wizards agreed to a deal that sends Mike Miller and Randy Foye from Minnesota to Washington for the No. 5 pick and the flotsam otherwise known as Etan Thomas, Darius Songaila and Oleksiy Pecherov. But by adding these two players, the Wizards certainly have made themselves a fearsome offensive team. If Arenas is healthy, they could very well lead the league in offensive efficiency, and if that happens, new coach Flip Saunders just needs to coax an average defensive effort from them to win a ton of games.

DraftExpress breaks down PG crop


Lawson does extremely well. I would say in combination with Holinger's breakdown but DX uses a few Hollinger formulas so its not a huge surprise.

Chad Ford mentions Wiz as possible home for Ray Allen


broad strokes version of Insider: Allen a fit in Washington. Wiz looking for a veteran piece to make it a contender. Allen in the last year of his contract, so Wiz get cap relief. Ray Allen for Etan Thomas, Mike James, Darius Songaila and the No. 5? same old 'interested teams' in Indy, Dallas and Houston.

DX; Athletic Testing Results


First impression was that James Harden tests out well in the sprint, standing vert, max vert, bench but middle of the pack in agility. Because he is one of the more polished players we tend to forget he is 19. Also give Collison credit, he tested out better in the sprint and agility drills than the other PGs including Ty Lawson.

DX: Measurements


Blair 6'6.5 in shoes. Hansborough doesn't have short arms, whoadathunkit.

Hollinger breaks down the top 5, including trades


"Suffice to say that I'd be stunned if Washington actually uses the pick."

Simmons/Gladwell on Pressing


An email exchange between Bill Simmons and author Malcolm Gladwell got me thinking about the Wizards roster and the ability of a group of reserves to be a "press team" as Simmons mentions. Gladwell's story on "the press" can be found here: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2009/05/11/090511fa_fact_gladwell?yrail So how would a pressing unit of Crit, NY, McGuire, Blatche and McGee hold up? Do they fit the criteria?

Griffin fits Wizards Best


"He's a great fit for Washington," the personnel man said. Includes the best fit for 4 other top draftables...

Tayshaun or Rip?


Chris McCosky of the Detroit News weighs in on which is more likely to be moved.


The Tradeables

While we wait for the Posey chip to fall I'm wondering about who Ernie would target in a trade. THinking in terms of a 2/3 who can defend and knock down and open jump shot. Trent Hassell, John...


James Posey

Celtics extend offer to Maggette - The Boston Globe Bartelstein said "a lot of people are interested" in his client. An NBA source said the Wizards are "very interested" in Posey, and could make...


Andy Katz on the Wiz

Andy Katz reports that the #18 pick can be had. Not exactly a Newsflash is it? He also mentions that Ernie talked to Portland about making a deal. In his blog he didn't elaborate to include what...


Portland Trade Ideas

The Trailblazers are looking to get additional first round picks while dangling Jarrett Jack and their high 2's. Although Jack is more of a combo guard, that wouldn't necessarily work against him...


Memphis Trade Idea

Draft Express is reporting that the Grizzlies would like to move up from 28 to grab a wing player before Orlando and some others. The deal they mention is #28 and Kyle Lowery to the Nuggets for...

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