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Man-caves were old-fashioned a long time ago

Yes, they seem ridiculous to us modern free-thinkers. But don't count out the man-caves just yet, as they've been around for nearly a century and do still exist in some distant corners of our great land. We've got proof of their stubborn origins.

We are all two people ... ballplayers included!

Strangeness ensues when the Julian Wolkenstein Method is applied to famous ballplayers.

18 ballplayers who wanted you to hurt yourself

There was no end to the things old-time ballplayers wanted us to put in our bodies -- things we know today to be bad news.

Game 6's startling (!) Red Sox lineup

It's Game 6 and it's nearly Halloween, and you know that mea--- aaayyeeeee!

10 more of the greatest World Series programs

Last week's top 10 couldn't contain all the fantastic covers the fall classic has produced. Give your eyes a treat.

The 10 greatest World Series program covers

Here are the must-see fall classic images created by masterful artists in arresting, dynamic colors.

The 10 best songs about baseball players

You're not truly great until they've written a song about you, but you don't have to be great for them to do it anyway. Here are country, rap, swing, grindcore, rock, and pop songs about some all-time favorite ballplayers.

The top 10 baseball scenes in non-baseball movies

It's a heckuva thing to watch a movie and get treated to some top-rate baseball entertainment. These movies did it best.

The 10 greatest baseball comedy bits

From vaudeville to the internet, Our National Game has been inspiring funnymen to reach new heights in humor. Here is a collection of the best baseball bits ever perpetrated.

10 baseball songs you've probably never heard

A collection of baseball-themed numbers from a diverse selection of genres and an equally diverse selection of quality levels.

Ten Baseball Movie Posters Worth Another Look

Visual dynamism to the maximum! A collection of wall-worthy movie art that's sure to spark debate about its inclusions and exclusions.

Fifteen great baseball record jackets

From the sublime to the ridiculous to the psychedelic, there's baseball-related LP art for every taste.

The 10 coolest pitcher won-loss records ever

It has long been conjectured that those who prefer the analytical approach to baseball do not possess the capability of feeling actual human emotion. Or, at best, they experience basic emotions...

The mitt from King Tut's tomb

eBay Item of the Day

Outsider baseball art from an insider

eBay item of the Day

Greetings from Abbott & Costello

A postcard that never existed, but probably should have.

The thing that lurks beneath!

eBay Item of the Day

The football scourge is upon us!

eBay Item of the Day

Can Scherzer save Face today?

eBay Item of the Day

The case for the Mets

eBay Item of the Day

Scoring in antiquity

eBay item of the Day

How your father looked up stuff

eBay Item of the Day

Those cool Japanese baseball stamps

eBay Item of the Day

Getting the past right

eBay Item of the Day

Kill the umpire (doll)!

eBay Item of the Day

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