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My hobbies include schadenfreude, narcissism, and misanthropy.

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  • MLB Arizona Diamondbacks
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User Blog

Going Gorilla: Epic Rap Battles of History


In this Epic Rap Battles of History spoof Rollin Mason and I duel over the state of the Phoenix Suns offseason. Rollin takes the side of extolling the team's successes while I rail against the...

NBA releases 2014-15 schedule


Schedule day is upon us and perusing the lineup of adversaries will be much more enjoyable than last summer. The Phoenix Suns have a lot of dates to circle on their calendar and fans should have a...

Going Gorilla: Shark Week


In honor of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel I offer suggestions that returning Suns can take to forestall shark attacks in the near future. We all want it to be safe to go back in the water.

The Eric Bledsoe saga: Broussard chimes in (again)


The latest news (I use that word in the most liberal sense) in the negotiations between the Phoenix Suns and Eric Bledsoe suggests that he might be considering taking the qualifying offer.

Going Gorilla: Radio spots not helping Sarver


Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver has received (at least) his share of criticism over the years. On Friday he took to the airwaves (again) to "clear the air" on the Eric Bledsoe contract...

Going Gorilla: Addition by Addition


The Phoenix Suns have gone through such a stunning transformation in such a short period of time that they are now trading in good pieces for better ones.

Going Gorilla: tough buckets, tough negotiations


Isaiah Thomas and T.J. Warren will help the Suns get tough buckets in crunch time and the playoffs. But how much of a good thing is too much? Also, Eric Bledsoe's contract negotiations leave me...

Thomas: Firecracker brings bang for the buck


Isaiah Thomas wasn't the glitziest free agent this summer, but that doesn't mean he's not a hidden gem. In terms of performance, fit and value Thomas promises to shine for the Phoenix Suns.

Training staff should be pitched to LeBron


Who needs an ace up your sleeve when the Suns have the best medical staff in the NBA in their deck? If LeBron James comes to Phoenix the Suns' doctors will have his back... and every other body part.

Suns face lots of "Plan B" competition in FA


The Suns have officially entered the LeBron James sweepstakes, but the unfortunate reality is that only one team can land his talents... which will result in a mass initiation of "Plan B" across...

Suns Draft: Don't count on immediate contribution


14. 18. 27. The Suns are in an enviable position heading into what is widely considered a deep draft with three first round picks, but what are the odds of those players being NBA ready in their...

BSotS 2014 Playoff Prediction champ is no surprise


The San Antonio Spurs carved through the Miami Heat far easier than our champion bettered his competition, but in the end jack's complete lack of surprise hoisted the metaphorical hardware....

Prospect Profile: Can Jerami Grant learn to shoot?


Jerami Grant has the physical tools, motor and aggression to thrive in the NBA, but his basketball skills are far from polished. Can his broken shot be fixed and can his perimeter game evolve...

Prospect Profile: Can Porzingis be a stretch four?


In today's NBA a seven footer that can shoot threes, run the floor and block shots is a very desirable commodity. Can Porzingis be effectively groomed into this role at the NBA level?

The Life Cycle of a Point Guard


Can a look at the careers of the last 23 All-NBA point guards help predict the longevity of Goran Dragic?

Playoff Prediction Contest: Then there were two...


After the conclusion of the Conference Finals the contest has become a two participant race. Even if you're pretty sure you're not one of those two (you know who you are) check out how you did.

Dragic selected to All-NBA Third Team


Goran deserved it. Goran got it. The league's Most Improved Player is now a member of the All-NBA Third Team after voting results were announced today.

Prospect Profile: Is Dante Exum attainable?


As far as two way combo guards go Dante Exum is dripping with intrigue, but does the Suns' interest in the unique prospect have any chance of coming to fruition?

Pick one - Dragic or Bledsoe...


Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe were a dynamic pairing last season, but nothing dictates that they be treated as a packaged deal. If the Suns were in a position where it made sense to move one of the...

Are Dragic and Bledsoe expendable?


The Suns unexpectedly assembled one of the most dynamic, explosive backcourts in the league last season, but is it the linchpin to a future title run or just a means to an end?

Playoff Predictions: Second round standings


After a second round that was much less captivating than the first chalk prevailed, meaning that those of us who lacked the intrepidness to pick upsets vaulted to the top of the standings.

Playoff Predictions: First round standings


It's time to update the standings after one of the best first rounds in playoff history and see how our perspicacious participants fared.

Report Cards: Jeff Hornacek


When Hornacek took over as coach of the Phoenix Suns it was assumed he would take his lumps. Instead he was the one serving them out as he gained a lot of credibility and job security in his first...

Officiating: Another black eye for the NBA


While one highly notable NBA mess is getting rightfully cleaned up, another blight is still left unchecked. The worst officiated professional sport reared its ugly head again as referees butchered...

Report Cards: Archie Goodwin


Despite limited playing time, Archie Goodwin flashed plenty of potential for a 19 year old rookie with an impressive Summer League debut, dominating performances in the D-League, and finishing the...

Does Bledsoe want to be a Sun?


Eric Bledsoe's exit interview followed a pattern that has made me feel uneasy since his arrival in the desert and makes me question his desire to be a Phoenix Sun long term.

Playoff Prediction Contest Time!


Here it is Brightsiders. Make your picks for this year's NBA playoffs and win the admiration and respect of your peers... or at least have something to lord over their heads next time they doubt...

Going Gorilla: Coach of the year?


With only two games remaining Phoenix's tenuous chances of making the playoffs still hang in the balance. Are Jeff Hornacek's chances of winning NBA Coach of the Year dependent on that outcome?



The Suns sent a message early with an electric energy level, but the Spurs sent one late by closing out the game and making Phoenix look more like the team that ran out of gas after its second game...


No Timmy. No Manu. No Goran.

I'm counting on this being an intense game regardless of who does or doesn't play. If it takes Ish Smith dominating an individual match up against Cory Joseph to secure the victory, then so be it....

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