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My hobbies include schadenfreude, narcissism, and misanthropy.

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User Blog

Playoff Preview?


Here we go. The Suns have a chance to solidify their playoff positioning while making a statement against an old nemesis in a potential first round series preview. Hopefully the Suns won't have a...

Going Green


We should have known this was coming. After all, it is Green Week in the NBA. It was Green Night in Portland. Gerald rained in 32 as he put on a show for the stunned Blazers crowd and gave the Suns...


Time to light up Potland!

Friday night basketball. In April. In a playoff race. If you're a Suns fan you're probably watching this game tonight. Especially if you're reading this... because then not watching wouldn't make...

Suns try to avoid getting ripped in Hipster Hollow


A three game losing steak in this type of situation is quite undesirable, but that is exactly what Phoenix is up against. I expect to see a reinvigorated team after they got plenty of rest in the...

Going Gorilla: Which Sun is the most improved?


In a season of wild collective accomplishment there has been prodigious individual achievement from a slew of Suns. Given the ascendance of so many players is there a correct answer as to which...

Suns defense shows up in time to save the game


The Phoenix Suns continued a disturbing trend by starting another game lacking focus, but still managed to claw back and stun the Minnesota Timberwolves in a game that went right down to the wire.


Are the Suns hungry like the Wolf?

The Suns need to bring it because they really need this game!

Preview: Suns flat out need to play better


Phoenix has won four of their last five games, but it feels like they've only played well once in the past two weeks. After sweeping a pair at home, a tougher opponent on the road will require that...

Going Gorilla: Selection Sunday


Selection Sunday has come and gone and the Phoenix Suns still find themselves a bubble team. But what if the playoffs did start today... and what if the NBA altered their ineffective playoff...



The Suns hit the first pit stop on a three game road trip for a game against a Boston Celtics team with nothing to play for but pride. Boston gave the Suns everything they wanted and more, but an...


Snap! - Time to bring The Power

With just 20 games left in the season it's getting, it's getting, it's gettin' kinda hectic. After their worst loss of the season the Suns will be looking to Snap! back into shape... but will they...

Preview: Toughen up or tortilla time...


This is the time of year where the going gets tough and the tough get going... but it comes at a particularly troubling time for a Suns team that seems to have a precariously low supply of toughness.

Going Gorilla: All sizzle, no fizzle


Win, lose, or draw the Suns have brought excitement back to their brand and a team that has grown exponentially brings plenty of flair to their playoff push.

Well, That Sucked.


When Goran was ruled out before the game it was safe to assume the Suns had their work cut out for them. Instead they took the night off. The Jazz made short work of a team without their leader...


Thread: Goran out... this is now Ish Smith's team

Goran Dragic is out for tonight after injuring his ankle against the Timberwolves. Eric Bledsoe and Leandro Barbosa are still on the shelf. Will Ish Smith play 48 minutes at the point tonight? If...

Ish to take over the point with Dragic out tonight


The Suns look to shake off a two game mini slump and get into rhythm against the Jazz. Phoenix has been discordant while giving up leads in the fourth quarters of their last two games resulting in...

Going Gorilla: The dead deadline and big time Suns


While I was brainstorming for topics the staff and I engaged in the timeless debate of crunchy peanut butter vs. smooth, but in the end I decided to discuss the cacophony of silence at the trade...

Going Gorilla: The Dragon and the King


The most interesting parts of this story are not in the teaser. In fact, the title is what I'm using to draw you in, not this. This isn't the movie trailer that shows the only entertaining moments...

Going Gorilla - Eric who?


When Eric Bledsoe was sidelined with a meniscus tear there was some concern that the Orange Express may have been derailed. The Suns have repudiated those doubts in line with what has become a...

David Stern's legacy: panegyrizing and palavering


I tried not to let my general repugnance with David Stern cloud my objectivity in providing a balanced examination of his 30 year reign as commissioner of the NBA... but in the end I failed. Just...

Going Gorilla: the injury insect is bugging me


The Suns are now 5-7 in games that Eric Bledsoe has missed and face tribulations in the coming days. These problems aren't specific to the Suns, though, as mangled players is a league-wide...

Suns lose to Memphis after grisly second half


It was a tale of two halves as Phoenix's offense was dazzling for the first 29 minutes and discombobulated from there on out. In the end, the Grizzlies' defense, and the Suns' infatuation with...


Gamethread: Bearskin rug time

Time to avenge two previous losses to the Grizz this season and build on the momentum of the game winning shot against the Timberwolves.

Preview: Don't let them take our pic-a-nic basket!


The Grizzlies have had the Suns number this season. Now it's time for the Suns to get their number (103). Can the Suns force Memphis into a fast and frenetic tempo, or is Phoenix headed for another...

Suns get (insert bull reference) in 92-87 loss


The Suns flight to Chicago was delayed by a polar vortex. Then the Bulls hit the Suns like a frigid twister. The final score of 92-87 in the Bulls win should give you a pretty clear picture of how...


Gamethread: Feeling bullish?

Circularity. Will the Suns circle the Bulls like vultures, ready to pick their collective carcass clean? Or will the Bulls circle the wagons and come out tonight with a suffocating defense and...

Preview: Suns to battle Bulls and polar vortex


The Suns brave an arctic cyclone to face a Chicago Bulls team that just traded their best offensive weapon (Luol Deng) and may be without their second leading scorer (Carlos Boozer). Can the Suns...

Going Gorilla: a tough month... and another snub?


Can the Suns keep pace with other playoff hopefuls in a brutal Western Conference as their schedule delivers a couple of daunting road trips... and will the replacement of an old adversary provide...

Are the Suns sloppy and selfish?


Most people familiar with the Suns would use the words cohesion and camaraderie to describe the team rather than the scathing adjectives in the title... but then why is the team dead last in the...

Hornacek named Western Conference Coach of Month


The Phoenix Suns are starting to pile up hardware this season as Jeff Hornacek was just named the Western Conference Coach of the Month. Expect more accolades for this team before the 2013-14...

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