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My hobbies include schadenfreude, narcissism, and misanthropy.

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The Suns just don't NBA rank...


ESPN has just compiled their yearly embarrassment to their platform ranking... and they got a few things right. Basically the Suns' roster sucks and they pegged it.

A view on win shares and the 2013-14 Suns


The Suns will likely be very bad next season. Execrably bad. But exactly how bad? I will make a case full of arbitrary decisions and loosely factual statements to examine how previous win shares might be useful in calculating a win total to pinpoi

Podcast 34: Chillin' in August


This week Kris and I editorialize the Suns' new jerseys and discuss SB Nation's look into the top 100 NBA players four years from now as a possible harbinger to future team success.

Commissioner for a day: Saving the NBA from itself


After being commissioned to be the NBA commissioner for a day... I will attempt to repair an infrastructure being crippled by misguided traditions and rules... and even lack of forward thinking.

Podcast 33: Who says nothing happens in August?


In this week's edition of the cast Kris and I delve into the newly released 2013-14 NBA schedule, share thoughts from our interviews with McDonough and Hornacek... and discuss yet another marijuana related incident for one Michael Paul Beasley, Jr.

Hornacek talks memories and mentors


In the second portion of my conversation with the Suns' new head coach he gives a glimpse into his playing days with the Phoenix Suns and elaborates on the tutelage that has helped shape his coaching philosophy.

Jeff Hornacek talks pace, points and practice


New Suns head coach Jeff Hornacek takes time out of his hectic schedule to discuss how the Suns can rise from one of the most feckless offenses in the NBA into a relentless assault that will vex opposing defenses... or at least improve slightly.

Podcast 32: Talking shop w/ Tom from Indy Cornrows


The Suns continued to wheel and deal under new GM Ryan McDonough, whose last version of "I dunk on them" was parting ways with veteran Luis Scola for younger, albeit less productive, players and the pretty little bow of a first round pick.

Podcast 31: Las Vegas Summer League


The topic of the week is the Phoenix Suns activities at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. Listen for coverage of the first weekend and keep checking in for updates as the Suns pursue the first ever Summer League Championship.

Summer League Early Returns


The Summer League should provide a useful tool for the Suns as they incorporate all of the new pieces throughout the organization added this off-season. So what did we learn from the Suns first day of live action in Las Vegas?

Suns bust Blazers 82-69


The Phoenix Suns kicked off their Summer League slate by kicking around the Blazers in the second half en route to an easy 82-69 victory.

Gamethread: Suns vs. Blazers


Will these games serve as an audition for another hidden gem? Will they be a precursor to the style of play the Suns will employ next season? Has Marshall been working on getting his shot higher? Time to see the new (and old) Suns in action.

Summer League Preview: Suns vs. Blazers


Summer basketball is here and the Phoenix Suns hope to roll out a team that is more competitive than their regular season squad. Their first stepping stone on the way to their summer league championship is a very talented Portland squad.

Franchise Players: The value of the Suns 2014 pick


The glamour of a franchise player is enticing. Teams and fans covet them. A presence that an organization will placate in hopes of long lasting relationship and the resulting inherent success. But is this a realistic proposition?

Podcast 30: Viva Las Vegas!


In this week's edition of the cast the inimitable Kris Habbas and his rebarbative underling (yes, that's me) preview the Vegas Summer League, talk trade value of Marcin Gortat and Luis Scola, and look at the Suns' station in the Western Conference.

Podcast 29: Building the new Suns


This week's installment of the podcast, for obvious reasons, reviews the Suns' draft selections and the other newest Sun, Eric Bledsoe, who joined the team in a trade. It's looking like a transformative summer for Phoenix.

Ryan McDonough's Progress Report


Since the word grade has crept closer to taboo status after chatter over its irrelevancy, bordering on offensiveness, I have decided to go with a less invidious method of "critiquing" the early returns of the McDonough era in this "progress report."

BSotS draft roundtable: reactions and grades


Now that the dust has settled (and my brain has stopped hurting) after one of the craziest drafts in recent memory it's time for reactions and grades on a draft that ultimately can't be evaluated for at least a couple years.

Bright Side 2013 Community Mock Draft: Grade time


After a whirling dervish of a mock that included 35 (yes, 35) trades I was implored, or maybe just asked in passing, to sift through the rubble and provide some quick grades. Due to my captious nature I'm sure you will all be thrilled with my takes.

Podcast 28: Draft preview edition


With one day left until the draft the podcast is draft centric. I know... shocking development. Kris and I talk risers, possible Suns' targets, possible trades, talent ceiling and overall expectations.

Suns Draft Preview: Len, Mitchell and McCollum


In Brightside's continuing effort to provide the best info on the soon to be future Phoenix Suns I have the privilege of dropping some knowledge on top five talent Alex Len, potential sleeper Tony Mitchell and lottery talent C.J. McCollum.

MMotherwell wins BSotS playoff prediction contest!


Bright Side of the Sun community member MMotherwell triumphed in this year's playoff prediction contest by by not only correctly pegging the Finals' series winner, but also nailing the number of games. Email him for winning lottery numbers.

The Suns' soil: Fertile ground or fallow earth?


Last season the Phoenix Suns, mainly deposed GM Lance Blanks, tried to peddle the farcical notion that the team was developing fertile soil for young players to grow. With the NBA draft approaching is the new regime ready to deliver on the promise?

Podcast 27: Eight more days until the draft!


This week's episode includes discussion on the NBA Finals and Suns' assistant coaches/summer league representation, but (of course) is draft heavy with continuing pre-draft workouts, rumors, and risers and fallers at the top of the big boards.

NBA Draft Lottery Picks: Bust Potential


Recently I heard someone intimate that center was the most likely position to bust in the draft. Although it seemed like a somewhat logical, innocuous statement it piqued my interest as to whether or not it was actually true.

NBA Playoff Predictions: Third round standings


Headed into the NBA Finals we have only two remaining competitors who can claim bragging rights for their fabulous foretokening. Read on for a brief synopsis of the Conference Finals and the climax of a riveting competition.

Podcast 25: Delving into the draft


This weekly incarnation of the Phoenix Suns' podcast is dominated by draft discussion. Kris and I also fit in a little NBA Finals preview talk. Plus, I editorialize the fractured relationship between the team and its fans.

2012-13 Player Review: Luis Scola


Luis Scola, like the other Suns' players, had to come to terms with his dissatisfaction over the debacle that was the 2012-13 season. So how did the cagey veteran perform amid the carnage?

Pre-draft workouts begin next Monday, June 3rd


Not only do the workouts start next Monday, but in a departure from the last few seasons fans will actually be able to follow the proceedings and get some insight on players the Suns may covet.

Podcast 24: Back to roots


This week's edition focuses on the hiring of Jeff Hornacek as the Suns' new head coach, some lottery and draft discussion, as well as some playoff talk.

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