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Jim McLennan was born in Scotland, but has been a Diamondbacks fan since before there was a team, having stared into the hole that would become their stadium, on his first trip to Phoenix in 1997. He moved to Arizona in 2000 and married Chris, a.k.a. Mrs. SnakePit in 2002, proposing to her immediately after the team won the World Series the previous year. He had to do it twice, because she didn't hear him the first time. They live in West Phoenix with SnakePit Jr, their other child, the SnakePitette having moved out.

Jim started blogging in 2003, his first venture [now long evaporated from the tubes of the Internet] being called "But It's a DRY Heat..." He was asked by Blez to join the SB Nation in 2005, and his first post here followed on March 15. He also started, a forum devoted to the team, though leaves the day-to-day running of that site to others.

He works for a web hosting company, two blocks from Chase Field, and when not cheering for the Diamondbacks, watches more films than is probably good for him. His specialties are horror, action and SF; some idea of his tastes can be found at his other sites, and Readers of a nervous disposition might do best to stay clear. He also enjoys reading, but wishes he had more time for that, travel and sarcasm.

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Diamondbacks roster expansion: who's coming up?


It's almost the start of September, when rosters expand beyond the regular 25-man limit. Who might we see from the Diamondbacks?

Final call for 2014 guest recappers


We're into the stretch now, with barely a month left until the end of the baseball year for the Diamondbacks. So, if you've been thinking about doing a guest recap, this is your last chance!

SnakeBytes, 8/27: Kershawed edition


Lightning failed to strike twice at Chase Field last night, with Kershaw doing to the Diamondbacks, pretty much what he had done to just about everyone else since his previous visit.

D-backs 1, Dodgers 3: About as well as expected


A charity telethon took place at Chase Field this evening, occasionally interrupted by a baseball game. On the whole, the telethon was probably the more worthwhile endeavor.

Diamondbacks 1, Dodgers 3


The Dodgers completed the sweep of this two-game series at Chase Field, as Clayton Kershaw kept the Diamondbacks offense in check. This is my unsurprised face.


Gameday Thread

There are games into which you go, confident and fully expecting to come out victorious. This is not one of those contests. Still, as I said the last time Kershaw started at Chase Field, that's why...

Preview: Mission impossibe


Clayton Kershaw starts for the Dod.... Hey, where you going? Come back! We still might win, y'know!

Free: 2 x tickets to Saturday and Sunday


If you are interested in going to game this weekend at Chase (including the throwback event on Saturday, with the alumni game), we can help you out.

Dbacks MiLB Round-Up 8/26: Hudson moves to AAA


Five of the seven farm teams in action won, including the top four levels. That included Reno, for whom Daniel Hudson made his first rehab start.


Gameday Thread

Over on Facebook, scheduled recapper imstillhungry95 was just introduced to the Firesign Theater by asteroid. I'm just hoping this infiltrates the game summary....

Preview: What are the "Dodgers" of which you speak


So, the "Dodgers" come to town. I'm not sure who they are, but they sound very new and interesting... I'm keen to hear more about this "Puig" thing they have going on, don't know what that's all...

The Week In Diamondback Tweets


$20 down the drain, Addison Reed gets irritable and Tony La Russa gets hardcore with his ice-bucket challenge, on this week's selection from the Twitterverse.

SnakeBytes, 8/26: Holding pattern edition


A day off for the D-backs, between home series against the Padres and Dodgers. So, not much to report at all on the Diamondbacks front.

The Revival of Trevor Cahill


Since his return from the minors, Cahill has had a much-improved ERA of 3.20, compared to 5.66 when he accepted his assignment. How did we get here, what has changed, and will it continue?

PRESENTED BY 349017245_fanduel_stb_black

SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 20


There's another new leader, after the Osprey were knocked off their perch.

PRESENTED BY 349017245_fanduel_stb_black

SnakePitAsteroidFest in Diamondbacks Tweets


It was the annual get-together known as SnakePitAsteroidFest at Chase Field today. It was good.


Gameday Thread

Chase Anderson goes for the sweep over the Padres. We'll be in attendance with a number of regular posters, so this might be a kinda quiet Gameday Thread... Prove me wrong. people!

Preview: SnakePitFest


After clinching the series, can the Diamondbaqcks finish off the Padres with a sweep? The SnakePit will be in attendance at Chase Field this afternoon to see...

Diamondbacks 5, Padres 2: Nuño the above


Poor Vidal Nuño. It seems that taking a one-hit shutout into the eighth inning isn't quite enough to deserve a win. You're just going to have to take it all the way yourself, next time.

Diamondbacks 5, Padres 2


Vidal Nuno took a shutout into the eighth, but still couldn't get a win. However, a three-run homer from Didi Gregorius broke a 2-2 tie and the Diamondbacks got their second consecutive win.


Gameday Thread

Win Uno for Nuno!

Preview: Ninth time's the charm for Nuno?


Vidal Nuño makes his ninth start for the Diamondbacks this evening. He's still looking for his first win with us.

Review: The Battered Bastards of Baseball


So, Kurt Russell's father used to run a baseball team. Who knew? Now, thanks to Netflix, we all do....

D-backs 5, Padres 1: Josh the boss at home again


Ever go on a trip where the accommodation is lousy, you catch dysentery, the locals are downright hostile, so you can't wait to get back, kick off your shoes and slump into your own comfy sofa?...

Diamondbacks 5, Padres 1


After the awfulness which was the road-trip, the D-backs enjoyed their first comfortable win for quite a while, as Josh Collmenter took a shutout into the ninth inning.


Gameday Thread

Josh Collmenter's season ERA at Chase = 3.20. On the road = 6.04. Will that hold up tonight?

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