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Cowboys fan, male, 2 grandchidren, started reading 'The Boys Blog' before it became 'Silver and Blue Report' , looking forward to 'Blogging With The Boys'

Living in Decatur Texas.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Texas Rangers
  • NBA Dallas Mavericks
User Blog

Welcome to Dallas - Cowboys Special Teams Coach Joe DeCamillis


Coach Joe DeCamillis will lead the Cowboys special teams in 2009. Will he make an impact on the Cowboys this year?

I'm Pro-Choice


Tashard Choice is a quality player and supports the local community. The kind of player that makes the Cowboys - America's Team.

The Draft Trade Chart - Version 2.0


Most NFL teams are still using some version of the Cowboys old draft day trade chart. Shouldn't that be updated to reflect today's league?

Cowboys Miles Austin - Shark Bait for the Jets?


What would Dallas hope to find if they lose Miles Austin? Check out past 2nd-round wide receivers.

Let's Keep in Touch - Ex-Cowboys from 2008


The Dallas Cowboys lost some players from the 2008 campaign. Where did they end up?

New NFL rules including the non-rule 'Brady Rule'


The NFL continues protecting players with new rule changes, but does the so-called 'Brady Rule' go too far?

The Cowboys Draft - Can they Find the Talent?


The Cowboys have needs on the defense but no first round picks. Can they find the talent in the later rounds?

Cowboy Stew


Do you love the Cowboys? Try this Cowboy Stew of spicy thoughts on players (past and present) coaches (past and present) and myriad others who contribute to the Cowboy menu.

Cowboy Kitna - One Happy Buckeroo


Did the Dallas Cowboys fumble when they picked up Jon Kitna as their free agent backup QB?

What do the Cowboys Covet Most?


Do the Dallas Cowboys have the position in the 2009 draft to get the players they need. Read on.

Cowboys By The Numbers


A fan's perspective on the upcoming Dallas Cowboys season. Do you see things the same way?

A Pro Bowl Snapshot


Where can NFL teams find Pro Bowl caliber players? You might be surprised.

Should the Cowboys Look Back in the Draft?


The Cowboys may want to move up in the draft. Is there a history of solid picks at the 51st position?

Would Anyone Like to Dance?


The Cowboys have a lot of draft picks, could they make a trade for a player?

Shut Up and Play


Three rules for building a cohesive team.

Can the Cowboys Thrive in the Post - T.O. Era?


Will the Cowboys be able to recover from the loss of T.O.?

Hold On a Second


The Dallas Cowboys first pick in the 2009 NFL Draft is in the second round. Does recent history indicate this pick will become an impact player?

The uncapped season: Can the Cowboys gain an advantage?


Can the big spending NFL teams gain an advantage during a year with no salary cap? We examine the consequences of an uncapped 2010 NFL season.

Football Dynasty


How do you build an NFL dynasty? Let's take a look at the criteria.

The Combine's Scariest Test


The NFL Combine uses Wonderlic tests to measure a prospect's aptitude. Do players fear this test the most?

Owners or Groaners?


How does Jerry Jones rate as an NFL owner?

Cowboys Should Draft 'Name' Players


Dallas Cowboys to draft players with descriptive names?

Cowboys Should Feel Defensive


Dallas Cowboys 2009 draft needs creative defensive thinking.

Eagles DC Diagnosed with Cancer


This is sad news for all. Jim Johnson, the 61 year old Eagles DC has been diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer. He is currently undergoing radiation treatment and says he plans to return to the sidelines. My hopes and prayers are with him and his family.

Cowboys waiting for Super Bowl to make a move?


The Cowboys' search for a defensive coordinator has been slow and quiet.

Opinions on the Cowboys Draft


The Dallas Cowboys are looking for a few specific positions in the 2009 draft. Is there a consensus pick?

Jim Vance's Rookie Post


My name is Jim Vance and I applied for and was chosen by Raf and Grizz as a front page contributor. I saw a few of you say some nice things about me on earlier posts and I thank you for those...

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