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FSA-DS Smack Talk Thread Numero Uno

110 teams picked LEVI LEIPHEIMER, which I find both ridiculous and strangely reassuring at the same time. The "ridiculous" stems from his utter lack of having any hope of scoring points, since he...

Bubble Boy is a Bad Mother F#$@er!


He's Superfly T.N.T!.... He's the Guns of the Navarone!.. The dude separated his shoulder on stage what, 3? And here we are two stages past that now and he's still in the race! WTF? Who is this guy and what has he done with our little Eskimo pal? Since nobody around here gives that kid more crap than I do, I feel it my duty to praise him with equal fervor. So watch that video. Listen to the pain. That kid is tough as nails. Chapeau, Tommy. You're nuts. Good luck.


2012 TdF - The TV Commercials

There are three things you can always count on seeing on your TV when the TdF kicks off in July... Doping stories Aerial views of castles and chateaus and freaked-out horses running in panic...


EurO/T - Germany vs. Italy

The battle of the former axis powers...



It's the battle of the ages!... that, or the battle of the best places to go for a cheap drinking vacation... Republic of Ireland vs Croatia

World Record Breaking Paceline


This is what Lake Tahoe looks like in a normal May, not the abnormal one that the ToC found last year.

2012 Tour of California Route Details Announced


So for those of you who missed my award winning 2012 ToC route analysis (here), our generous friends over at AEG and Amgen have released more details and given me another excuse to blather on...

2012 Amgen Tour of California Host Cities Announced


For those of you who are not familiar with the seasons in Northern California, we have four of them. They are Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. Spring is cool and wet, Summer is warm and dry, Fall...

Full Floyd Landis interview by Graham Bensinger about doping, NASCAR, doping, Lance, doping, lying,...


Full Floyd Landis interview by Graham Bensinger about doping, NASCAR, doping, Lance, doping, lying, and doping.

Today is not April 1...


Today is not April 1...

Il Est Arrivé!


Way back during the cold and rainy spring cobbles season, we held a remarkably successful fundraiser for Les Amis de Paris-Roubaix raising over $1300 in defense of bad roads. Well after many...


Gav's Stage 2 ToC Report at CN

As some of you may know, our very own Gavia, (surfer chick, lover of crayons, hater of bacon) is busy playing hooky this week as an international cycling reporter for Cycling News covering the Tour...


Mt. Baldy can kiss my a$$

The tragic news from today's Giro reminds us all how dangerous this sport can be, and how quickly a good day on the bike can go terribly wrong. I have few words to express my feelings about what...

Preserve the Pavé BREAKING NEWS!


We did it people! We have met our goal, and then some! Collectively, we managed to raise a grand total of $1,389.52! Quite a remarkable sum, if I do say so myself. For those of you in the old...

Help Preserve the Pavé!


Chris' excellent article about the fine people from Les Amis de Paris-Roubaix, and all the hard work they do preserving the pavé of northern France, got me thinking... Who loves pavé more than...


2011 Tour of California - Stage Routes Unveiled (sorta)

The route details for the first three stages of the 2011 Tour of California have been revealed.Have a looksy... Haven't had a chance to digest them in any detail, but first impressions are that s...


Versus announces LIVE HD coverage of the Tour of California

This is good news. Live coverage is better than delayed coverage, and HD on my television is better than low def streaming crap. They also announced that Versus has signed a "multi-year agreement"....


WSJ Story - "For Cycling's Big Backers, Joy Ride Ends in Grief"

Like the sun rising in the east, at any family gathering, without fail, one of my relatives who knows I'm into cycling will bring up Lance and doping. What do I think of this, what do I think of...

The Chicken Dances!

The Chicken Dances!

The Chicken Dances!


"Gran La Fawnduh" Postscript

I made a pilgrimage up to Santa Rosa last night to check out the Gran La Fawnduh handmade bike show. It was dark by the time I got there, so no photos worth sharing, but I did manage to get a...

Gran "La Fawnduh" Handmade Bike Show


October 8th, 5PM, Old Railroad Square, Santa Rosa. On the eve of Levi's Gran Fondo, some local Northern California frame builders are hosting their own Handmade Bike Show. If anyone wants to meet up, first round* is on me. *My first round


Did Lance win yet?

Over at ESPN, Bonnie Ford delivers yet another fascinating article on legend, role model, marketing machine, and potential future IPO millionaire, Lance Armstrong. Go Lance! Given the federal...


Mountain attacks Jens!... Jens! wins!

No doubt others have posted this news elsewhere already, but today the mountains tried to take out Jens! Voigt, yet again, but this time the mountains failed! SHUT UP MOUNTAINS! You will not break...


"The New American in Paris"

Given all the Floyd news of late, here is an old story from the July, 2006 edition of Outside magazine. This was published after Floyd had won the inaugural ToC and Paris-Nice, but before he "won"...

ToC Stage 8 Preview - 999 Oaks Circuit


"It's not over" sayeth Mic Rogers. Anyone believe him? Show of hands, please?... Today is circuit day at the 2010 ToC and the last chance to win Levi's golden pajamas. Is Roger's 9 second lead...

ToC Stage 7 Preview - Los Angeles Time Trial


Today is chrono day at the 2010 ToC. Today the big guns will fire (which in this part of LA is a regular kinda thing). Today is the day that matters. Who will do it? Well, Mick Rogers looked...

ToC Stage 6 Preview - Palmdale to Big Bear


Today's stage rolls 135 miles (217 km) from Palmdale to Big Bear Lake, and includes a metric ass-load of climbing. Seven, count them seven, KOMs. Check out the official site for specifics, but...

Toc Stage 5 Preview - Visalia to Bakersfield


Today's stage rolls 121 miles (195 km) from Visalia to Bakersfield, crossing pan-flat fields and orchards before venturing up the western slopes of the mighty Sierra Nevada. The stage peaks out at...

ToC Stage 4 Preview - San Jose to Modesto


Today's stage rolls 121 miles (195 km) from San Jose to lovely Modesto. Modesto, Spanish for "modest", was named by the German/Dutch ostrich farmers who settled there in the late 1760's looking...

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