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Roddy White Follows-Through on Bet


Since this is apparently worthy of ESPN's front page, Roddy White followed-through on his bet and then some. This should shut-up all the White haters out there...or not.

Love for Murray?

By the way, after last weekend's game against Georgia Southern, Murray now leads the nation in passer rating. Not too shabby, huh? I wonder where Hutson Mason would be in the rankings. Many fans...

Blair Walsh: Clutch Viking


(ESPN game recap for the Vikings and Jags game.) Walsh went 4-4 on FGs including a 55-yarder at the end of regulation and the eventual game-winner. It's a shame his career at UGA ended the way it did. I'm glad he's been able to, hopefully, put all of that behind him. GATA!

Seau Commits Suicide


Early reports are that Junior Seau has committed suicide. Regardless, he is dead, and this is terrible news. R.I.P., Junior.

Tony Parker to UCLA


This stings. There's no excuse for not landing Tony Parker. None--especially not to UCLA, a team with a crowded front court. Parker's a big man (we don't have a true big man), Parker's from Georgia (hey, it's only an hour drive to Athens), Fox coaches bigs well (did I mention Parker is a big?), and Parker could be a star on UGA (did I mention UCLA has a bunch of other recruits coming in?). I hate basketball.

This is shocking news.


Deas is not leaving UGA. You read that correctly. For once, we are not losing a DB.

OT: For the Wordsmiths of Dawg Sports


I found this poem highly entertaining. While it has nothing to do with sports, I know many on this site will enjoy this.

From AJC: Big Bad Jon to Return for Senior Year


Since I was the only one concerned about this the other day, I find it my duty to report the good news. Happy New Year!


OT: Why Should I Root for Your Favorite English Premier League Club?*

Here's the deal: I want to find an English Premier League (EPL) Club team to root for, but I have no clue which club I should choose. While this question involves fútbol, not American football, I...

Running it Up?


Ha... Blowouts common? 77-0? 72-0? 83-20? At least we don't have this problem...We start falling down once we go up 14!

Garcia Gone.


Not terribly shocked given the tenuous relationship between him and Spurrier. That said, the timing is a bit odd, for I don't know why they bothered with him to start the season... To Jaybo Shaw's brother, good luck on the road at Miss. State, Arky and UT...not ;-)

JA98 and Jenkins Gone!*


Falcons cut our favorite bust Anderson and our underwhelming receiver. Now we have to make a move for Osi, right? *Not good with Twitter, but it's on there somewhere...

Pope's a Damn Good Dawg


1. Pope saves drowning child; and 2. To the mother: stop screaming and get your butt in the pool!

Thank God for Crowell; Ealey suspended.


I am not saying that Crowell is the next Lattimore; I am saying that he's better than what we had last year...and I haven't seen him play yet.

Bring on THE Ohio State University!


I like it! Hopefully it sticks. I hope this isn't old news, but I love the idea of playing tOSU.

ESPN: Matt Ryan's Fantasy Value


Good read. Since fantasy points are based off real stats, I hope Matt Ryan has a fantastic fantasy football season. In short, Ryan was not as bad as some believe last season, and he is primed to have a stellar 2010.

How Good is Your Memory? Braves Starting Lineups


You have 14 minutes to name the starting lineups for the Bravos since 1991. Good luck...I managed 169 out of 180...

From USA Today: Wait...Petrino is concerned about loyalty?


Let me get this straight. Simply wearing another team's hat at a press conference is disloyal, yet leaving a team and squealing like a Hawg on national TV mid-season is okay? You can't spell Class Act without Petrino...Wait; you can...But you can't spell Not Ripe or Pine Rot without Petrino (it's the best I could do)...





OT: Where is your "Braves Country"? TC-ers around the globe.

The Braves' slogan is "This is Braves County," and this got me to thinkin'.  There are many, many members of this on-line community we know as Talking Chop.  Each time I read through the comments,...

Kawakami Interview with AJC


This is the first I have heard his take on the situation. Interesting read.

Former Falcon Foxworth out for season


Not good news for the Ravens or the former Falcon. I guess cashing in on that good season in ATL was a smart move.

Vote! Only a little over a week left...


McCann is catching up! Hopefully the team's play will garner more and more votes over this next week... I admit...I voted for Hanley at short, my only non-Brave...I don't want Rollins to make the team...

From AJC: Gonzo in plane scare...


Bad, Delta! Glad they landed safely...Now I demand that all Falcons travel Madden-style.

T.O. on Falcons?


Just speculation from the AJC, but this is the first I have even heard of this. I strongly doubt we'd give him a call, but would this even work? What say you?

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