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Hitler finds out the Royals signed Jonathan Broxton


Just a little something I put together last night. Enjoy.

Interesting column on the Wildcat formation


"Kansas (2-1) ran eight plays out of the Wildcat in that half. They totaled 17 yards, a 2.125 yards per carry average and zero first downs in those eight snaps."

#Royals clearing space for C Salvador Perez by asking release waivers on RHP Kyle Davies.


#Royals clearing space for C Salvador Perez by asking release waivers on RHP Kyle Davies.


OT- Kansas City Hornets?


Am I the only one extremely excited about the prospects of an NBA franchise in the Sprint Center? It's getting big national play but virtually no media coverage by our resident talking heads, save for this article from The Pitch. Then again, it shouldn't be surprising. The same people who pushed hard for the Sprint Center haven't covered its failure to attract an NBA or an NHL team at all. I for one welcome our new Hornet overlords.

#Royals designate Jose Guillen for assignment. Recall RHP Philip Humber from Class AAA Omaha.


#Royals designate Jose Guillen for assignment. Recall RHP Philip Humber from Class AAA Omaha.

OT- I went to RR's sister site Lookout Landing for more Mariner angst as I often do after Seattle...


OT- I went to RR's sister site Lookout Landing for more Mariner angst as I often do after Seattle loses, but this strange alert came up on Google chrome. Is this something to be worried about? A SBNation bug? Anyone?

#Royals say RHP Gil Meche will need shoulder surgey and miss the rest of the year.


#Royals say RHP Gil Meche will need shoulder surgey and miss the rest of the year.

Kauffman Stadium among worst rated by vendor inspectors

Kauffman Stadium Kansas City Royals Vendors with critical violations: 62% Inspection report excerpt: Inspectors cited one location with multiple violations for having several items that were either above or below safe temperatures; they found food debris on knives stored in a knife rack.

Aviles may attract interest


The Kansas City Royals should be in full sell mode this month, and infielder Mike Aviles may be the most attractive big-league trade chip the club has to offer, thanks in part to the injuries beset on two championship caliber teams in the East. Aviles has done his part since missing nearly all of April, posting numbers above the league average for a middle infielder, including a .322 batting average. Where Aviles fits most might be in Boston or Philadelphia, where both clubs are missing their star second basemen. Aviles' ability to handle shortstop could be of great value to both clubs and create interest from other teams as well. Aviles will not be arbitration eligible until after the 2011 season at the earliest, which can only help his trade value. Other clubs that could make the call to Kansas City include the Colorado Rockies, who are currently without shortstop Troy Tulowitzki for another month, and the New York Mets, where Luis Castillo remains on the disabled list amidst an uninspiring season at the plate. ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney wrote Thursday that Aviles could be a natural fit for Boston. OLNEY: "What follows is pure speculation: Mike Aviles of the Kansas City Royals might make some sense, and Royals general manager Dayton Moore and [Red Sox GM Theo] Epstein have a history of deal-making. Mike Fontenot could be a fit, too. Ty Wigginton of the O's could be interesting, although those intradivision deals are always very difficult." SOURCE: ESPN Insider

Persistent Carrasco earning his Buc


Really fun read about DJ Carrassco's career battles with major league teams over his desire to hit. Kinda puts the Brian Anderson thing into perspective, although I think Anderson's case is more out of frustration than anything.

It's all Wright for Royals bullpen now


Lots of gems in this one... "Wright has pitched in 16 more games than any other Royals reliever going into Saturday's action and is one of the most used relievers in the American League. He was 1-5 with a respectable 4.73 ERA in 70 1/3 innings." I love the Wright pun too. I don't know who Matt O'Donnell is, but he must either not watch baseball very much or work deep in the PR department at The K. Someone is getting a little sassy...

Picture1xzc Someone is getting a little sassy...

ESPY_TEAHEN I know what's coming..... JPosnanski Something big coming?

ESPY_TEAHEN I know what's coming..... JPosnanski Something big coming?

I'll just leave this here...


I'll just leave this here...

Ponson positive for stimulant at WBC


The International Baseball Federation said Ponson tested positive for Phentermine, a stimulant and appetite suppressant.

Ross Gload pitches scoreless inning for Marlins


ROSS IS STILL BOSS! We officially got hosed on that trade.

Royals Insider 2005/2006 archive


Thought you guys might be interested in going into the (somewhat) way back machine. I'm not exactly sure why this is hosted on the Nationals' website, but whatever. Brings back some (somewhat painful) memories. Can anyone find archives of RI from 07-present?


MLB 2k9: Recreating the 2003/04 Kansas City Royals

On the heels of my purchase of MLB 2k9 for the XBOX 360, I have been racking my brain, trying to find ways to squeeze this game like a sponge full of enjoyment juice. Okay, similes have never been...



On the heels of another 0-4 night from Billy Butler, one has to wonder exactly how much a terrible baserunner/project at 1B is hurting this Royals team.   In Omaha, Ryan Shealy is hitting .369 in...


FS Kansas City woes

So, I get off work at midnight, eager to see Greinke's game tonight on when I get home. (Forget for a second the fact that I feel dooped about anyway. Yes, I know I should have read...


Wrestling themes @ The K

(ITS STILL REAL TO ME DAMMIT ALERT) Just got back from my first experience at "The New K". Very, very impressed to say the least. Even though they told me I was the first person to order a helmet...

Twins sign Joe Crede


1-year, $2.5 million base... the Willie Ballgame signing just keeps looking better and better!

Warrick Dunn interview


Hey guys. I'm a member of "Arrowhead Pride" and recently had the opportunity to interview Warrick Dunn for a sports podcast I host, LOL SPORTS! It was a really insightful interview and I thought you guys might enjoy it. Sorry for the self-promotion! If you like the show, go to and leave feedback. Thanks guys. Good luck next season.

Rick Reilly's super dumb column extravaganza!


Honestly, what happened to this guy? Since he got paid by the WWL, his work has gone down the toilet. I really hope there are no performance based clauses in his contract. How could someone still be this naive to think that he can tell who DIDN'T use steroids prior to 2003? Reilly is just another example of a talking head in the media who thinks Mark McGwire invented steroids in 1997 and only the top performers in baseball have used them. Nope. Totally impossible for someone to have taken steroids and sucked.

Mellinger: Teahen will play second base for the Royals


Well, I guess square peg in a round hole is one way to solve a tremendous logjam.


Reports: Mangini fired, will not attend press conference

Want Herm Edwards back? Eric Mangini is out as head coach of the New York Jets, 1050 ESPN Radio and various other New York media outlets are reporting. Mangini and the Jets missed out on the...

Matthew Stafford: DO NOT WANT.


Matthew Stafford: DO NOT WANT.


Is Maier really that hard to pronounce?

"Mitch May-er"... I think I've heard that 12 times in the last two weeks. FSN, ESPN,; all guilty of screwing up Mitch's name. "Joe-Kim" Soria is another common one. How many games...


Hillman's pitching philosophy?

I was so frustrated listening to yesterdays game when Hillman left Davies in until he coughed up the lead, and THEN took him out. This seems like it has been happening all year. I came to the...

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