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$20 with Mr. G Smith - I have Jones
$50 with Unclecreepy1 - I have Jones
$100 with Letstalk - I have Jones
$100 with Taiter - I have Jones
Tap on the hook for $70 - Collecting in AZ with beer
MBOW owes me $20 from Edgar finishing Penn

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User Blog

Bellator, Coker and Alvarez

So it has come to my attention that Bellator is under new management. I don't believe this is true. I think Bellator is under the same Viacom management that existed since they bought the...



via This is the last chance to join season 13 of the Money Pool. The first event of the new season is on Saturday. It is time to step up and make a name for yourself....


Mania Money Pool Results (Machida vs Mousasi)

So I'll take care of this since there is nothing up yet. JDH needs his props as he beat the field and won an automatic spot into next season. Letstalk put up a valiant effort but just came up...


Merry Christmas Maniacs

And happy holidays to you non-believers. Just want to say I'm happy to have such a good group of a merry community. If I had one wish this year it would be for Anderson to mock Weidman again but...



If you ever wonder what "shit picker" means or what "11 points" means in a live thread, this is how you participate and find out. This is The Mania Money Pool. Ever hear Unambig bitch about the...


Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums

GSP will once again prove why he is the best WW to ever compete in MMA very soon. Hendricks may be the most dangerous challenge for GSP to date. That really is said way too much to promote fights...


Last Chance: Mania Money Pool

Ricky Doobie with his best work above. It was matched by his new bracket setup. The dude is a genius when it comes to promoting. Thanks for the help man. Ok. Last chance. I have been slacking...


Hi. My Name Is Joben

I have been a long time lurker and recently decided to enter the community. Hemminger and Holland follow me on Twitter, They have sent me over a hundred private messages asking me to join this...


Mania Money Pool Reminder and Recruitment - Season 10

Who gets the next spot? So this is basically a reminder to the people already in the pool and a weak attempt at recruiting some fresh meat (and no, I'm not talking about the meat in...


The First Time I Almost Cried Over MMA

It happened tonight. I won't pretend that I've never cried. I have. I don't recall ever crying sober. I was doing a lot of drinking tonight. I wasn't upset with the outcome. I picked Cain to win by...


Edgar Should Be the Favorite Against Aldo

I just watched the Aldo/Mendes fight again since it happened and Frankie should be the favorite. Of course, this depends on Aldo not getting hurt before the fight. They should have Koch or KZ on...


BE Civil War: Something To Think About

This will be short and sweet just like all my posts and my sex life (except for the sweet part). The UFC is holding a lot of events this year. We use MMA Playgound as the host site for our...


It Was All A Work

And I fell for it. I'm not saying that the outcome was predetermined but this fight was a work on epic levels. Brock got paid a lot to introduce Overreem to the PPV family. I don't thin Brock...


I'm Buying Tickets to UFC on FX 1

I haven't been to a UFC event since UFC 31 in Atlantic City, NJ. I am away for work and only live about an hour and a half outside of Nashville. My buddy from Atlanta has agreed to join me for the...


When Frank Mir Wins (He has to be in the mix)

When Mir decapitates Nog next week, he will have to be considered a top contender for the belt. After he reminds the hardore fans that the "old" UFC champ shitkicked the "old" Pride champ AGAIN, it...


Early Estimates for UFC on FOX

Are very low. It is estimated that 4.5 million households watched. This is about 3 million less than watched Kimbo on free TV. This has to be considered a failure even though they won the time slot...


Brock Lesnar is the big winner of UFC on FOX

All he has to do is beat Overreen on New Years weekend in December 2011. While many think think this is impossible, I disagree with those people. Some fans go as far as to say that Lesnar won't...


Hopkins Vs Dawson

The ending to this fight is the definition of controversy. Dawson was doing well and neither man had established dominance. Midway through the second round, Dawson threw a combo that missed and...

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