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Live-action Voltron movie reforming all over again


Maybe Carlos has his next career lined up for after this season already.


Jose Reyes and the Contract Year Asterisk

Satellite radio is amazing. I have been living on the weekdays in Raleigh, NC and driving back to my wife in Charlottesville on the weekends, putting me in the car for a good eight hours a week in...

What happened to buying a girl dinner first?


What happened to buying a girl dinner first?

Limp Dickey Applesauce - Mets lose R.A. to heel injury, leaves stadium in boot, Einhorn speaks, Posey reax


With Pat Misch as the likely next starter on the depth chart, it would've been really nice to not have one of the team's top pitchers slip on a banana peel or something and leave yesterday's game in the third inning. I just can't wait for this team to match up with the Phillies this weekend.

Einhorn Better Than Trump Applesauce - Mets, rain beat Cubs, new minority owner chosen, Reyes to Canada?


Would you look at that? It rained again. But, at least this time they were able to play some baseball and the Mets snagged a victory at the expense of the Cubs.

Thud Applesauce - Mets prove Fred right for one day, Alderson is a pro, Dykstra to the rescue


That thud you heard from all the way in Chicago was the Mets dropping a turd in the first game after owner Fred Wilpon's unhinged remarks to Jeffrey Toobin were published. But, don't worry, there is still a lot more Wilpon to come in the next few days.

Poor Fred Applesauce - Well, not quite, but Met owner still claiming $70 million loss, more reactions to Toobin story


Meet the Mets Day two of the Fred Wilpon/Jeffrey Toobin sh**ty storm and it promises to get even better today as Wilpon has an upcoming appearance in this week's Sports Illustrated where he tells...

Why Oh Why Wilpon Applesauce - Freddy opens his mouth, Mets get insulted, Familia gets praise


I haven't read the article yet, but Jeffrey Toobin has a headline-grabbing feature story in the New Yorker on Met owner Fred Wilpon. From what I gather, Freddy seems to be listening to a little too much WFAN, and not reading enough Amazin' Avenue.

Almost .500 Applesauce - Mets shut out Nats in two straight, F! to DH, worst regular season losses


All I have to say, I guess, is "Thanks, Phil Cuzzi". It's strange how things come around. The first thing that came to my mind after watching that play was the Jose Reyes triple double in DC where the umpire blew the call. Things balance out.

Ark-Building Applesauce - Mets slog out win, Collins embraces 8th Inning Izzy, Cohoon shelled


That was just plain ugly, but not nearly as ugly as it could have been, considering that the Mets won the game.

Another Rainout Applesauce - Mets get some rest, minor leagues get pounded, Ollie to Double-A, Killebrew eulogies


The big league people didn't play last night and the wannabe big leaguers sure wished that they had been given the night off too. To be fair to Buffalo, at least, half of that team is now in Queens, so they at least have an excuse.

Luck Be a Marlin Applesauce - Mets shoot themselves in both feet, Hu and Iggy down, Tejada and Beato up


It's been a while since I've seen the Mets get as unlucky as they did yesterday, but it certainly wasn't just luck that was responsible for that loss. Jason Pridie, Ryota Igarashi, and Terry Collins can all share some of the blame, if I had to pick just a few.

No Ike, but Justin Turner Applesauce - Beltran is my hero, Mets get Bubba


Three pitch walks, the third different everyday second baseman knocking in five runs, and a 4-2 road trip to boot. A pretty nice way to end the weekend. I am still pretty worried, though, about RA Dickey continuing to struggle, even though he insists that he can get better all on his own. We shall see.

F! on Standby Applesauce - Mets bring Ike for MRI, roster spot opening tabbed for Martinez, Cora does something for somebody


I expect that we'll find out more about Ike Davis's injury later today as the Met first baseman was flown back to New York yesterday for an MRI.

Come Back Ike Applesauce - Don't leave us, Mets squeak by Rox, Francoeur sagely bashes Citi


Every good thing has its costs; last night's rain-delayed squeaker against the Rockies cost more than most wins, the Mets' starting first baseman.

No Win for Mom Applesauce - Mets drop Mothers' Day matinee, Young to DL, Misch to MLB


Taking two out of three over the weekend isn't too bad, even if you disappoint all the mothers in the ballpark yesterday. I mean, you had Jerry Stiller AND the Soup Nazi in the ballpark this weekend. There's no way that was going to be bad.

Not Swept Applesauce - Mets salvage series, Collins doesn't like paternity leave, need better bench


It's always nice to come home and know that the Mets have already won a game. My evening will now be free from its most common source of potential rage and disappointment.

That Happened Applesauce - Dickey can't shut down pathetic Giant lineup, Mets now face Lincecum


Meet the Mets It's really strange that I had the same thoughts in my head as the broadcasting crew before Emmanuel Burriss's first hit; with this lineup and with RA Dickey throwing like he has,...

Bye Bye Jenrry Applesauce - Mets lose Mejia to major elbow problems, Orcist the Goblin Cleaver needs to be fed


Whatever optimism Sandy Alderson may have been hiding about his minor league system probably evaporated after hearing that his top pitching prospect, Jenrry Mejia, will have to undergo major surgery on his elbow after a torn MCL.

Good Job, America Applesauce - Mets, U.S., win, eat a lot of cheesesteaks, Santana set to pitch off mound


Just a weird, weird, weird game on so many levels. Neither team really seemed all that interested in winning the game, but thanks anyway Ronny.

Greatest Start Ever Applesauce - Mets lose to living legend, Livan is cagey and fat, Pelfrey to start


The Mets were going to lose again at some point this year. It just sucks that it had to happen against Livan Hernandez last night.

Karma Applesauce - Reyes inspires Mets by making an out, Pelfrey is really sick, Mets owe Saberhagen


Jose Reyes is awesome, has always been awesome, and will continue to be awesome and his legend growing with every day of what very well may be his final few months in a Met uniform.

Good Job Josh Applesauce - Mets top Nats, mostly all show up to Walter Reed, Paulino back Friday


When I lived in DC, I was usually happy when the Mets came to play the Nationals because I could go to the park and actually see my favorite team.

Future is Coming Applesauce - Mets have 13th overall pick, Captain Kirk takes off, Wright's long-term options


No baseball last night theoretically means extra time for me to study. Weird how it never works out that way. Oh well. Instead, I can start thinking about who Sandy Alderson and Paul DePodesta are going to snag with the 13th overall pick in the MLB draft.

Pridie of the Mets Applesauce - Homers propel Mets to sweep, 4 game streak, K-Rod as trade bait


Congratulations to Jason Pridie upon hitting his first MLB home run and the Mets first three-run homer of the season.

Little League HR Applesauce - Mets take what they can get, Alderson pessimistic about in-house reinforcements


Meet the Mets The Mets appeared to take out some built up frustration last night on the Houston Astros and the game's umpires. It was really nice to see the team firing on nearly all cylinders for...

Sigh Applesauce - Mets not good, continue to be bad, I still pay attention for some reason


At this point, the losing doesn't hurt that bad. When you know that the team is going to lose, there is still a little bit of entertainment, excitement, and humor when you see how they manage to screw it up. Basically, I have moved past the "Dallas Green face" and am now squarely on to the bemused Casey Stengel.

1962? Applesauce - Is it possible that this Met team can challenge Stengel?, firesale speculation heats up


Another day, another stinker. The good news is that if you were one of the few who bought tickets to last night's embarrassment, you can go see another likely embarrassment for free!

Luddites Not Named Morgan Or Chass


Amazin' Avenue community members are familiar with the views of the countless baseball Luddites who worship David Eckstein's grit, Derek Jeter's range at shortstop, and CC Sabathia's win total.

Power Pitching Prospects Applesauce - Not a lot going right for 2011 Mets, but Harvey & Familia are exciting


The Mets have been bad. Tickets are getting resold for pennies on the dollar. And the talk about a Jose Reyes trade is getting ever louder. Sigh. What all is to be done?

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