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I am the founder of MileHighHockey.com, an SB Nation blog community dedicated to the Colorado Avalanche. I have also written for and contributed to TheHockeyNews.com and ESPN The Magazine.

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  • MLB Chicago Cubs
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Avalanche Nickname Video

Hello. I am in need of assistance. Many years ago (probably 2008-09), a video was produced by the Avalanche featuring all the players' nicknames. In this video, Paul Stastny was interviewed. When...

Advanced Quantitative Analysis For Hockey Fans

Expanding our understanding of hockey through advanced statistics.



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Official List of MHH Player Nicknames

Below is a list of the most common, lasting nicknames for Avalanche players. Most were coined by Mile High Hockey authors and members, but a few others had outside origins. -...

What is Avalanche in Spanish?


What is Avalanche in Spanish?

Getting to Know the M4 Medium Tank

via www.aikensairplanes.com   The primary battle tank used by the United States during World War II had the official designation of "Medium Tank, M4," but was nicknamed the "Sherman" after Union...

Avs' Winless Streak Not Yet All That Bad

The Colorado Avalanche are stuck in a 10-game winless streak, but it's hardly the worst the NHL has ever seen.

Season Splits

GP W L T Pts GF GA GR Season 45 23 16 6 52 148 143 37 Home 23 12 8 3 27 80 74 18 Away 22 11 8 3 25 68 69 19 GP W L T Pts GF GA GR First Half 41 21 15 ...

Nobody does it like Datsyuk.


Nobody does it like Datsyuk.

False Alarm: Milan Hejduk is Just Fine Thanks

Milan Hejduk has shaken off the early season cobwebs, scoring eight points in his last four games.

Milan Hejduk May Actually be Hurting the Avs

Milan Hejduk has had a rough offensive start to the 2010-11 season. His defense has been even worse.


View Mile High Hockey Geographical Fan List in a larger map


View Mile High Hockey Colorado Avalanche Transplant Map in a larger map

Vs Last Year

Through all 82 games Actually, it's -27 points, but I don't have the heart to create a new graphic

MHH Members Are One In A Million (Literally)

Mile High Hockey, a Colorado Avalanche blog and fan community, has reached the one million visit milestone.

Freedom of Speech is Not Freedom From Criticism

Not really front page worthy, but for those interested in the recent Dan Ellis "controversy," in which a rich pro athlete whined about money problems and then ran home crying when people dared to criticize him might also be interested in this. Law professor Todd Henderson complained about the supposed burden he and his wealthy family would face if Congress fails to renew the upper class tax cuts enacted during the Bush presidency. The reaction was swift and harsh, much like that to Ellis' similar gripes. The summary is linked above. Henderson's actual farewell address is here.

Tyranny is Not a Dan Ellis Problem

The recent controversy surrounding Tampa Bay goalie Dan Ellis is not a freedom of speech issue.

Avalanche Will Finish 9th in West...

According to The Hockey News. Now, bear in mind that the venerable hockey media outlet picked the Avs to finish 14th last season, and they finished 8th. So, just add six to the prediction and the Avs should be expected to finish third overall---apparently at the top of the Northwest Division. I'll take that.

Wrestling with the Colorado Avalanche

Puck Daddy previews the Avs for 2010-11, and carefully avoids any predictions of a last-place finish in the West.

The Numbers Game

Howdy, strangers. Been a while. I'm dropping in on you guys from my daily academic and employment hell to ask a big favor.  This should take no more than a few seconds of your time. Please go to...

Conference Finals Becoming One-Sided Affairs

Who is Michael Leighton?  To be honest, I didn't know until this morning.  After the Philadelphia Flyers shut out the Montreal Canadiens for the second time in as many games, I figured I had...

Pick A Nickname: Philippe Dupuis

Philippe Dupuis bears a striking resemblance for international male supermodel Derek Zoolander. Help pick the better nickname for the young Avalanche player.

Official Mile High Hockey Glossary

A guide to the memes, terms and references used frequently by Mile High Hockey authors and members. Over the years, the writers and users of MHH have come up with a cornucopia of various memes,...

NHL Playoffs Round 2: Cinco De Mayo Thread

The second round of the NHL playoffs continues, as the Canucks face the Blackhawks and the Flyers fight for their lives against Boston.

Duchene Still Leads All NHL Rookies

When Matt Duchene was drafted third overall by the Colorado Avalanche this past summer, it was assumed by most that he'd make a big impact on the team almost immediately.  After all, he was...

The Western Conference Contenders

As we skate headlong into the new year, it's worth pausing for a moment to examine the current playoff-worthy teams in the Western Conference.  Which teams are solid?  Which teams are...

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