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The Rule of 26-27-60

I was reading a conversation between Alfie and Jeremy Nettles about the quarterbacks in the 2013 draft and it reminded me of a quarterback analytic that seemed to bear out more often than not, the Rule of 26*-27-60.


It really could be worse

Sure we're upset about how the season has gone thus far. Many have plunked down some hard-earned money to purchase season tickets believing that the problem was gone when JDR was fired and when...


Mike Mularkey - Winning the battles before the season even starts

One thing in the chaos of this offseason that has gone unnoticed or not really been covered much by the local media is the fact that Mularkey is doing a damned good job of staying even-keeled. I...


Anyone heading to the Lightning game next Tuesday?

Howdy folks. I'm making my pilgrimage to see the Canucks as they come to Florida. Made the trip several times in the past but this time, I secured glass seats. Thing is, gotta bring father in...


Open Letter to Peter King and other National Media (probably see a few more of these from others)

Here's something I wrote to Peter King after yet another back-handed shot at Jacksonville as it relates to the Jaguars and the new owner's commitment to it. Crap is getting old from these hacks.


Early Christmas List for New Owner

Welcome to Jacksonville our new mustachioed leader and family!


Is Jay Glazer to be believed

Word is that the Jacksonville Jaguars have released David Garrard.  Saw this on Pro Football Talk and FOX Sports.  Trying to think of more words to get this posted so I can hit the 75 word...


From the Twitter

Rashad Jennings A Big Thx to all my Fans for the prays & support. They have decided to place me on IR this yr. I promise i'll return stronger. Isaiah 54:17


Ex Gator Draft Bust Joins Forces with Future Ex Gator Draft Bust

(some sarcasm in this article.  Deal with it.)   I just read on profootballtalk.com that Derrick Harvey was signed by the Denver Broncos, where he will join forces with former college teammate...


Gabbert's contract and the savvy of the Jaguars management

I think we were all excited to hear that Blaine Gabbert signed as did all of our draft picks in the quickest timespan since the inaugural season when all of our picks signed immediately.  Probably...

2011 Forbes Most valuable franchises IN THA WORLD!!!

Our very own Jacksonville Jaguars made the Forbes Top 50 Most valuable franchises in the world list, joining the likes of Manchester United, the New York Yankees, and AC Milan soccer. More valuable than any NBA or NHL franchise. $725 million according to Forbes. But, if you look at things a little closer, you'll see that the Jaguars are the least valuable franchise in the NF, and THIS is a main reason they're always in the conversation for potential relocation. Further proof positive that perception is reality.

Field of Dreams 2

Funny or Die video. Kirk Morrison is in it. Best part was Pedro Cerrano explaining treble damages.

Jags coaches question NFLCA's brief

What else do you expect them to say? Most of them are on 1 year contracts. I think the NFLCA made a reckless move and really jeopardized a lot of coaches job security. You think these owners got where they were by being a forgiving bunch?


My name is Joe, and I'm an alcoholic and a Canucks fan...

There's something in my DNA that has propelled me to root for teams like Vancouver and Jacksonville.  I have lived in Jacksonville, Florida since 1999 and was stationed here in the mid 90s.  Did...


Stop Comparing Blaine Gabbert to Shane Falco

via 1.bp.blogspot.com


Looking at the Jacksonville Jaguars defining moment

via a.espncdn.com (one of my favorite pictures)  ESPN is currently running a series on each NFL team's "defining moment" in franchise history.  I saw this from the folks at Arrowhead Pride...

Editorial on jaguars.com

Here is an editorial as submitted by Tony Boselli on jaguars.com today. He's a very passionate and persuasive guy as Commissioner of Team Teal. My personal opinion, but one thing keeping people from plunking down, say, $1000 on tickets ($100 a game) is that there is a) no guarantee of when the season will start and b) if games are missed no guarantee of when the money will be given back to the ticket holder, with interest as promised by Wayne Weaver. A classic case of do I want $1000 now or possibly $1050 at a future date to be determined. My recommendation? The Jaguars should extend the season ticket renewal deadline to June 1 (no idea why they're even talking deadline when there are so many unsold seats for 2011) and Wayne Weaver should knock $1 off the price of beer as a goodwill gesture to the fans. I also had an idea similar to the Gator Bowl patches where season ticket holders could get a fastpass type service at the major concession stands in the concourses where by virtue of wearing their season ticket holder patches on a lanyard they could get express line service and not have to wait in the regular lines for their nachos, beer, etc. What do you guys think is the reason for the lull in ticket sales? Economy? Lockout? Poor finish? Broken promise by Weaver to fire JDR? Same QB and Coach? I'm intrigued to see what everyone thinks.

Cutler's taking it

Check out MoJo's twitter feed.


Players Only Meeting - What's Up With That?

Word is that a player's only meeting was called today.  Do these ever work?  And isn't it kinda late for this? 


Injury Report - Thursday Dec. 23, 2010 (taken from Redskins.com) with my editorial licensing

  Jacksonville Jaguars Justin Durant, LB - No Practice (Groin) Maurice Jones-Drew, RB - No Practice (Knee) Mike Sims-Walker, WR - No Practice (Ankle) Justin Smiley, G - No Practice (Head) J...


Injury report Wednesday Dec. 22 (since no one else posted it)

  Jacksonville Jaguars (from Jaguars.com)   Player Injury Wed. Participation Thurs. Participation Fri. Participation Fri. Status LB Justin Durant Groin DNP       RB Maurice...

Every Great Play has a Name...

Every great play has a name attached to it. There's the Immaculate Reception, Ghost to the Post, Holy Roller, Big Bend, Sea of Hands, Home Run Throwback, well, the guys at Battle Red Blog are ahead of us. They have dubbed the play as "The Q Tip." While it kind of ignores Mike Thomas' role in the catch or Garrard's throw, this name is pretty damn cool as once again the Texans hand us the victory. Apparently the play is called 'Rebound" in the Jags playbook. Any other ideas?


with all due respect

Why do we always play the _________ (fill in former good player here) got waived/cut, would he be a good fit here?Everytime a player of notoriety is cut/waived/ announced as being on the trade...

Who is Todd Bouman?

Saw this on the Arrowhead Pride website from a poster Craig in Calgary. Hell, we could use a laugh. "second oldest quarterback to start for the Vikings"


Tony Romo's broken clavicle changes things

As those of you trying to get past the awful commentarry of Gruden have seen, Tony Romo broke his left collarbone.  Combine this with the fact that Jerry Jones loves his libations, if I were GM...


you guys see this from Vito Stellino's article today

  But the larger question may be whether Matt Cassel, who isn't an elite quarterback, can be the latest quarterback to torch the Jaguars' secondary. With Derek Cox apparently returning to the...


I posted this in another thread tongue in cheek

but the more I think about it, the more I think it's something that we ought to try Sunday


Finally coming around...

From Ask Vic today: Scott from Honolulu, HI I am a very proud father-in-law today, Vic. Today, you answered a post by my son-in-law. The great part is that although he’s a big Jags fan, up...


Response to John Clayton's list

  John Clayton throws around the “elite” label way too much, but then again, our world is one of hyperbole and lists. When it comes to elite quarterbacks, I can only think of maybe 5 or 6....

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