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2,015 Questions: Will the Knicks defend the arc?


Derek Fisher knows a thing or two about three-pointers. Might that actually help the Knicks focus on guarding the arc this season?

Camp Pablo: Teaching sneakiness to young Knicks


How do you say "school is in session" in Argentinian?

The Knicks' (non-existent) guard problem

Are the Knicks too heavy at the wing? Not if history is any judge.

The Tim Hardaway Summer League experience


Tim Hardaway likes to shoot. So far, he's loving Vegas.

Can the Knicks steal Pat Riley's black magic?


Pat Riley is pure evil. I wish the Knicks could be more like him.

The pragmatist's guide to the Derek Fisher hiring


Derek Fisher is getting paid way too much money to coach the much should you not care?

A history of the Knicks-Bucks series, pt. 1


The Knicks and Bucks played one of the most bizarre series of sports games ever. P&T and Brew Hoop look back.

The Knicks' rookie paradox


They hate rookies. They excel at finding quality rookies. It's a Knicks thing.

Knicks and their mythological counterparts


If you make yourself more than just a man...if you dedicate yourself to losing and poor will become a Knick legend.

Knicks can finally hold a mature coaching search


Steve Kerr spurned them, so now it's time to act like adults.

Tyson Chandler and the bygone era of trade assets


The Knicks' front office is finally joining the modern era...and they might not like what they find.

The Pablo Prigioni app > the LeBron app


The future is now! Excelsior!

The H8ERZ guide to the Eastern Conference playoffs


Knicks fans don't even know you, but we hate your guts. We hope all the bad things in life happen to you, and nobody but you.

Let's get J.R. Smith all the three-point records


For the Knicks, the playoffs start now! (And by "playoffs," I mean letting J.R. take every shot imaginable).

The divine right of James Dolan


Madison Square Garden is not a democracy.

Mike Woodson sucks at puzzles.


This puzzle might have too many big pieces.

J.R. Smith's quiet renaissance


Love him or hate him (and right now, you probably hate him), J.R. is starting to resemble the J.R. of old.

Three steps to make the Knicks watchable


Forget winning...let's try to make these losses palatable.

Mike Woodson and the breaking of the Knicks


We're all rats in Woodson's maze.

Knicks vs. Bucks: Defend the arc!


Milwaukee has some quality three-point shooters. It might be nice if they weren't left open, for a change.

Why the Knicks need a defensive big to help Amar'e


There is a good chance Amar'e will play before Kenyon Martin. That could be a problem.

Knicktion: Captain Clyde, The Untold Story


Clyde didn't back down in Game 7 in the Boston Garden, so why would he back down from a gang of Somali pirates?

Preseason Recap: Raptors 100, Knicks 91


Josh Powell played too much and the Knicks lost ... I see a correlation here.

Preseason Final Score: Raptors 100, Knicks 91


The Knicks' scrubs coughed up the lead in a fairly forgettable preseason game.

Can the new Knicks keep up the three-point pace?


We take a look at three new shooters who can help keep the Knicks on top of the three-point heap.

Three Week: Shoot threes, Andrea!


Bargnani hasn't shot well in nearly four years...and that's not even his biggest problem.

Three Week: Can the returning shooters keep it up?


The Knicks return five three-point shooters from last year's record-breaking squad. Do they still have the magic?

Three Week: Secrets of last year's 3-point success


This week we'll be looking at the Knicks' success behind the arc: why it works, and how they can sustain it in 2013-14

Don't fear Bargnani; don't fear the big frontcourt


Melo at the 3? Melo at the 4? It's all good.

Metta World Peace's Knicks bona fides


He hasn't played for a New York team since St. John's, so why does it feel like he never left?

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