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Business owner in the IT industry.

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Dolphins in Playoffs


Yeah I know we still have 10 more games but, you have to like the look of this.


We aren't getting Peyton and the sky isn't falling!

I know I will probably get a bunch of hate for this but, hear me out. Peyton has been a great QB I know. I pretty much have to watch him every week as I live about an hour from Lucas Oil. His fans...


Keep Sparano and Stop Crying When We Win!

We all have the right to change our minds and as of lately Sparano has changed my mind. Look we can all ask questions on why didn't Sparano change his coaching style before we were 0-7 and I am...


I can't contain my excitment and neither should you!

Wow I have been a complete idiot like many of you sorry to say. I was depressed with this latest attempt to put a quality team on the field representing the Dolphins. The thought of already looking...


Can we please get some stability?

Anyone else sick  of the "Sparano  Sucks",  "Ireland the idiot", & "Chad the Chump" posts? I swear I have read some of the best posts from great Dolphin fans on this site and at the same time have...


FAQ's on our current situation (Miami Dolphins)

This is my opinion on each of the issue's we currently face in Miami. I list each complaint / question in bold and then my take on it just below. Hopefully this will spark some lively conversation...

Wannstedt Fired


I guess he will take the job at Marino's highschool and see if he can run that program into the ground as well.


I am upset and only the playoffs will atone

I really like Tony Sparano. After having so many idiot coaches his press conferences are great and slightly remind me of Belichick. He isn't Wanstedt, Saban, Cameron and he has promise! He is...


Is Chad Henne Drew Brees? You might be surprised.

Ok I have been a fan of Henne but, have lately found myself doubting him(even agreeing he should be replaced "gasp") and I decided to do some research to see what I could find on Henne. I decided...


Kellen Moore, Chad Henne & More!

Look I have been Henne's biggest fan but, I am sick and tire of having to argue with my brothers and try to convince them that he could be good. They watch a Dolphins game with me and are like...


We don't need Randy Moss or anyone else for that matter!

Why did most of the Dolphin fans jump on the Randy Moss bandwagon? We don't know what the missing pieces are for this team until we see that Randy Moss is going to be released and we then realize...


Can we beat the Steelers?

Ok so here we are with our 6th game of the season and what I feel could be a defining moment. Are we a playoff team or are we still a year away. ESPN has the Steelers listed as #1 in their power...


Should Dolphins try to trade for Steve Slaton?

Long time reader first time post. I see that Steve Slaton is riding the bench in Houston and is a prime candidate for a trade. I think he would be a great fit in Miami as that speedy back that can...

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