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I am a husband, teacher, football coach and all around sports fanatic. I really enjoy writing and am glad to be doing so for such a great blog.

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Vinsane in the MEMbrane: Carter's Grizzly Impact


Yes, finally, a positive addition to a roster that sorely needed it. Now that Vince Carter is a Grizzly, how does he upgrade from Mike Miller and impact the Grizzlies roster?

Summer League & Free Agency on New GBBLive Podcast


J-Bo, Beno's return, Miller's exit? Summer League wins and Free Agency losses are topics on the latest GBBLive with Host Joe Mullinax, Chris Faulkner, BluesCityJoe and RockyTopTalk's Patrick Edwards! Find how to listen here.

Mullinax Talks Calathes, Free Agency on "The Phil Naessens Show"


I had the opportunity to go on with Phil Naessens to talk Grizzlies basketball, in particular Nick Calathes and Free Agency, on "The Phil Naessens Show." Nick is looking at big time money in Europe, and names like Paul Pierce are being floated around as possible Grizzly targets in free agency. Those topics and much more are covered on the show! Thanks to Phil as always for having me on.

GBBLive Talks Summer League, J-Bo at 7 PM CT!


The Grizzlies may be quiet when it comes to moves at the moment, but GBBLive is making moves of its own! Host Joe Mullinax welcomes Chris Faulkner, GBB Writer BluesCityJoe and Rocky Top Talk's KidBourbon to talk Summer League, Jarnell Stokes and more

GBBLive Podcast with JMay of 3SOB Available Now!


What a show, what a show! Find out how to listen to the latest installment of the ever-growing GBBLive talking offseason goodness with Host Joe Mullinax, Producer Chris Faulkner and guest Jonathan May of 3 Shades of Blue here!

The Clock is Ticking for the Memphis Grizzlies


Former GBB front man Kevin Lipe said in a piece today the Memphis Grizzlies as constructed are not in a position to improve upon the successes of the past. He is exactly right.

GBBLive with May of 3SOB Thursday Night at 7 CT!


A crazy, news filled week will be recapped on the latest episode of Grizzly Bear Blues Live! Find how to listen here.

Griz Make Ed Davis an UFA...Like a Boss.


Ed Davis' time in Memphis was likely coming to an end after the moves made by the Grizzlies this past week. Today, that came to fruition.

J-Bo's Arrival: How Stokes Impacts the Grizzlies


There were lots of happy Memphians on draft night when Memphis got the draft rights to hometown boy Jarnell Stokes from the Utah Jazz at the 35th pick. How will Jarnell help the Bears of Beale Street? The answer lies in a player already on the roster

Griz take Jordan Adams at #22: Rapid Reaction


Well, that did not go as expected.

Draft Preview/Z-Bo Saga GBBLive Podcast Available!


On a GBB-centric episode of GBBLive, Host Joe Mullinax was joined by three of GBB's finest to talk about Z-Bo's extension issues & preview the NBA Draft. Matt Hrdlicka, Andrew Ford and Chip Williams all appear on the show that you can listen to here.

GBBLive's Draft Preview Airs Wednesday at 7 PM CT!


A Wednesday night delight coming your way! Chris Faulkner, Andrew Ford and Chip Williams all join Host Joe Mullinax to preview the upcoming NBA Draft on the latest installment of GBBLive at 7 CT!

Love Griz or List Griz: Appraising Z-Bo's Value


It's hard to list a home for sale. Good times and memories can cloud your judgment as to what your roof and four walls is actually worth. Using this philosophy with a player like Z-Bo, what is his value, and what's overpaying for his services?

GBB Community Mock Draft: Timberwolves make a pick


After trading Kevin Love and J.J. Barea, the Timberwolves, GM'ed by DontKillJohn have netted Goran Dragic, Markieff Morris, Courtney Lee and the rights to Janis Timma. Who do they choose to put into the fold with the 26th pick?

GBBLive Podcast with Lipe & Draft Audio Available!


The latest GBBLive had plenty of Draft, Free Agency and Z-Bo talk to get you through the long week ahead. Check out how to listen to the program here.

GBBLive with Lipe & Pre-Draft Audio at 7 PM CT!


The second episode of the second season is packed with offseason goodness! Join us for the live airing of the show featuring Kevin Lipe of the Memphis Flyer's Beyond-the-Arc Blog and audio from Chip Williams' trip to the Grizzlies' pre-draft workouts

GBB Community Mock Draft: Memphis Grizzlies, #22


So, Memphis has gotten their scoring wing in Doug McDermott. At pick #22, the MulliGM is a man of his word and takes the best available player on his board.

GBB Community Mock Draft: Toronto's Choice at #20


We chug along here in the GBB Community Mock Draft. Up next, the Toronto Raptors.

The Grizzlies' Energy-Filled Future


Why are so many folks in Grizz Nation excited about the new single-affiliation relationship with the Iowa Energy? It opens up a world of possibility for both the Energy and Grizzlies alike, developing key role players for future success.

NBA Mock Draft Roundup 4.0: Young, Early to MEM?


Multiple mock roundups, even more possibilities. This collection has two players who could not be more different; James Young, who is full of potential but very young, and Cleanthony Early who is ready-made but perhaps too old to grow.

GBBLive Podcast w/ GM of the Iowa Energy Available


The Season Premiere of GBBLive was a strong effort, and you can find how to listen to Host Joe Mullinax and his guests Chris Faulkner and Chris Makris of the Iowa Energy here.

GBBLive Returns with Chris Makris-Iowa Energy GM


Host Joe Mullinax and GBBLive are back on the BlogTalkRadio airwaves for the season two premiere Thursday night at 7 CT. We will talk free agency, the draft & be joined by Chris Makris, the General Manager of Grizzlies D-League affiliate Iowa Energy!

GBB NBA Mock Draft Pick #14: Memphis Makes a Move


With the activity of the past 48 hours, the ArmChair GM saw an opportunity and pounced. One trade later, the Grizzlies are freed up at Shooting Guard, solidified at the Point and welcoming the best pure scorer in the draft to Memphis at pick #14

Ballin on a Budget Part II: On a Wing and a Prayer


Part one of our "Ballin' on a Budget" series focused on possible roster needs for the Memphis Grizzlies, i.e. a back-up PG and 4th big man. Part two looks at 6 players who fill a known hole on the wing in a variety of ways.

Ballin' on a Budget: Top 4 Grizzlies' Needs in FA


The Grizzlies will more than likely not be able to bring in a big named free agent to help with the NBA title cause. However, there are names in areas of need on the free agent market who could improve this Memphis roster without breaking the bank.

NBA Draft Mock 3.0: Grizzlies Take Napier & Others


Just as panic subsides after an intense several days for Grizz Nation, the prospects of the looming NBA Draft and all the directions Memphis can go can send you back into a crazed state. Another Mock roundup has Memphis taking 3 different prospects.

ArmChair GM: Finding the Fourth "Grizzly King"


Reports make it sound likely that Z-Bo will be back and the "Three Grizzly Kings" will be together for at least one more year. The roster as constructed could use a shot of life, however. Who can be brought in to be the Fourth "Grizzly King?"

Grading the 2013-2014 Grizzlies: Zach Randolph


The man known as Z-Bo had quite a year in 2013-2014. The steadying presence of his headband was very comforting during the darkest days of this past season. How does the big fella improve upon a very solid season?

The Keys to the Grizzly Kingdom: Who Should Be GM?


With a new chapter in Grizztory beginning to unfold, Robert Pera is now in the market for a new steward of the Memphis Grizzlies. How he finds someone to take his vision and execute will ultimately decide the direction of the franchise moving forward

Draft Mock 2.0: Griz Take Robinson III, Hairston


GBB continues to prepare you for the upcoming NBA Draft with a look at 3 new mocks that have the Grizzlies focusing on offensive production out on the wing.

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