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So much for the Bills being at 100%


Kyle Williams' back locked up....whatever that means????

Peyton Hillis released by Bucs


So Bills fans, who else thinks Hillis would be an upgrade over Summers? Go get'em Dougie.

Mario gets Pettine in hot water


Can't believe people want to equate saying "kill em" or "hurt em" to bounty gate. If this is how it works, Rex Ryan must be the most sexually active coach in the NFL with the number of F bombs he's said

Praise for Manuel & criticism of Smith mounts post draft


Looks like Smith didn't impress in his interviews

Who is the #2 QB in this draft?


Geno is the given the title of the best of a bad QB class.....whooohooooooo.....I guess.


My Lack of Character Mock Draft

I said I wasn’t going to put together a mock draft until after free agency was over……I lied….chalk it up to poor character on my part. I’m sure my draft stock has dropped a few rounds on Poz’s big...


Fiesta Bowl Open Thread

Well, it is almost kick off and I did not see anyone else with an open thread for this game....soooooooooo here it is. We should be in for a real offensive treat....and as I type that, Oregon...


Music City Bowl Open Thread

Seems like a lot of Rumblers are watching this game. So, I thought it might be a good idea to keep all the comments on this game under one roof. Enjoy. Have to get to 75 words. QB Mike...


The Charge Of Chix Brigade

by Joe P., Buffalo Rumblings Mar 19 2012, 3:39p

With the Bills likely done signing players in free agency, I figured it was time to put together a mock draft. Maybe it is just me, but scouting reports seem like they are tougher to come by. I...

NFL’s global dream doesn’t include Toronto


This is good news for the Bills. They will either remain the Buffalo Bills or go the way of the Cleveland not them....the other Cleveland Browns.


The Mods Pick'em....Does Anyone Care?

I have always like the weekly Mods Pick'em, and I appreciate WABillsfan taking the time and effort to put it together every week.  When it first started, the Mods Pick'em was much more popular and...


Rumblers Mock Central

I have a suspicion that many a final mock will be posted in the next twenty-four hours.  I thought it might be a good idea to put them all under one roof.  We all know the players pretty well by...

Bye Bye Bowers


Bowers knee still has issues. I think this puts an "end" to the Bills taking him at #3

Kaepernick out to dispel doubters


Chris Brown's latest piece on Kaepernick. By the way, Brown says Kaep scored a 37 on the Wonderlic. I hope CHIX don't screw around and gamble on him sliping to the 3rd round....just take him at #34.


NFL Armageddon....Is it time to Kill the Golden Goose?

I am getting fed up with the NFL and the players union.  Tickets cost to much, players salaries are way to high, stadiums cost owners to much to build on their own and taxpayers understandably...

Grading the QBs


excellent piece on the QBs


Time to Drop the Hammer on Cam Newton

I can see why some people are high on this kid.  If you don’t look past his big arm and a big smile, you might think he was to good to pass up.  Too bad it takes more than a big arm and quick feet...


Another piece of the QB puzzle

After reading Der Jeager’s post , I wanted to see in what years the current starting QBs were taken,  and how long...


Bizzaro Joe P.'s Mock Draft

Since the Senior Bowl has passed, I figured it was time to get a mock together.  Round one - QB, Round two - OT...Right?  Nope....and nobody was more surprised than me.  Here is what I would do if...

Mayock talks about Locker and Dalton


Mayock not ready to drop Locker out of the first round yet.


I have cracked CHIX draft code…..Maybe????

The Spiller pick……I could never figure the logic of it.  Then this week,  I happen to hear Eric Mangini on Mike and Mike in the morning.

McDaniels fired......


Ex Bills RB coach Eric Studesville is going to be the Denver Broncos' interim head coach.


Charter Members of the Fitz bandwagon

Everyone is jumping on the Fitz bandwagon.  I came across this article by Brian penned in June.  Interesting to say the leasth...


Bills vs Indy on NFL Network

Bills vs Indy on NFL Network For those of us who are out of town and will not be able to see the game live. It will be aired at 11pm EDT

Whitner interview...Well done Donte


In an effort to be fair, I think Whitner should get an "At a boy" for giving a pretty good interview.


Memorial Day Weekend

What are you going to do this Memorial Day Weekend?  Perhaps someone has asked you that question recently.....I know I have answered and asked that same question many times this week already.  Most...

AFC East Draft Grades on NFL Network


CHIX lovers are not going to like this.


WARNING.....NOT FOOTBALL RELATED!!!! But worth your time

Had to share this. "A palindrome reads the same backwards as forward. This video reads the exact opposite backwards as forward. Not only does it read the opposite, the meaning is the exact...

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