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Anyone know where to get game film for screenshots?

I want to make an informative post about Murray, but I'm having trouble finding film to screenshot. Any help?

Jeff Sullivan caption

I was cracking up at this caption by Jeff Sullivan. I would also go read his story about Ichiro. It's very good.

Some comic relief. lol.


Some comic relief. lol.


My open letter to Jeremy Lin

Hey Jeremy, How's it going? I know you're probably happy that whole situation is over with, and you got paid. Good for you buddy. But on my end things aren't so bright. On a personal note I decided...


Hating on Alex Rodriguez is so Pre-2009

As I walked out of the recently hopeful, but then deflated Yankee Stadium yesterday, I found myself hearing some of the most ludicrous statements about Alex Rodriguez. There was an older gentlemen,...


Which Knicks Jersey Should I Buy?

I don't currently own a Knicks jersey, and there's a good reason for that. That's because the team rarely stays the same long enough for me to buy a jersey that will be able to be worn in public in...


Ramon Sessions is a Mike Woodson Player

With all the Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Jeremy Lin, and Raymond Felton talk we've kinda limited our options. Yea, those are the most realistic options according to reports. If reports report actual...

SBNation Ranks Teams CB's

You'd like where we're at. I'm very happy from probably being the 20th, or worse CB team to being in the top ten.

Ray Allen vs. J.R. Smith : Who Would Be More Valuable To The Knicks?

I'm the new guy at Buckets Over Broadway. Here's my initiation post.


Story lines and Topics having to do with the NBA Finals Thread

I get pretty bored during the day, and I want to talk basketball, but mostly the NBA Finals. Here is a bunch of stuff we can discuss! Would you rather be a Cavs or Sonics fan watching this series? I...

Early Season Prediction Thread

I had everyone do their Finals predictions in the preseason. Some of us were right about the Finals match up.


A Turning Point for a Career, a Season

On the night of June 5th the Miami Heat went down 3-2 to the Boston Celtics. Most fans, and media members believed that LeBron James and the Heat were once again finished. Meaning they would once...


Players who could have been Knicks, but aren't...Who's your preference?

This isn't one of my postings to prove player A is better than player B, this is a post on preference and reasoning. I guess reasoning could be that player A is better than player B, but let's find...


Basketball Sneaker Open Thread

I'm a fanatic. I own many pairs of kicks, sneakers, j's, etc. Call them what you wan, but this thread is for those who wish to share their opinions, and even pictures of their kicks with P&T. I'll...


Pau Gasol Rumors Flying : Why Not Us?

SBNation LA has reported Gasol to the Bulls rumors are circulating. Now I don't believe the Lakers will get a steal like Deng for Gasol. Instead they'll probably get Boozer and some other "asset."...

Steinbrenners selling?

Hope this is just a rumor, or pure speculation.

Where should LeBron rank All-Time?

I wrote this up in honor of LeBron's 3rd MVP award. Let me know what you think.


LeBron is taking his game to the next level

And this post has nothing to do with his ability on the court. Set some mood music for me! -I Don't Like - Kanye West Remix Take the jump to understand me PiM.


DRob the Putz

On Wednesday, May 9th, David Robertson was asked to hold the Rays to one run in the bottom of the 9th inning of a 1-0 game in NY. How did he do? He allowed four runs. What happened next? The Y...

Morris Claiborne wants to play some WR too.

This is exciting, but do we want him to risk injury?


Not sure if I want Amar'e back next season.

I might just be the only one, but I'm sick of how this guy takes care of himself. He's consistently banged up, and I can't understand why he would basically do something so idiotic to hurt himself....


A few draft day words of advice.

The first round of the NFL Draft is perhaps the most exciting non football action event in the NFL. I've become a draft junky since joining SBNation and specifically the BTB community. As a team,...

Romo vs. Schaub

I think we know who wins this one. But check it out anyway. Oh and comment! Please, comment.

Writing Position Open for Basketball Blog

Seth gave me the okay to post this. Onto the information. It's a non paying position, but after the site takes off there possibly can be. Can't guarantee anything right now though. Anyway you'll have to write 2-3 times a week and that's it. Player comparisons, Lists, and analysis are welcome. We suggest no game recaps because really big sites already do that. I also want to tell you that you'll get some nice exposure. Sports-Kings has been getting a ton of hits lately. So it's a good move. Email me here with a sample writing piece. Good luck to those who apply.

No. Trading Romo, signing Peyton.

Trading Romo does help the Cowboys future. Great drafts and free agencies do.


Did it enter your mind?

When Peyton Manning was released by the Colts the other day I bet a few of you thought about the Cowboys possibly offering him a contract to become Big D's next great quarterback. Come on now it's...


Cowboys Off-Season Planner

People basically explained a ton of aspects to each free agent so far, but I'd like to point out some great possible combinations of players we can go after in this year's draft and free agency....

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