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Potential Outfield Threesomes

Just curious. Would people prefer the outfield we have now: Kirk, Duda, and Hariston (not even going to include Torres, still hoping Terry comes to his senses on that one) Or a different, less...


Some Thoughts

We were an offensive powerhouse, now we will be an offensive juggernaught. If CP3 comes to MSG. That was Thought #1.


Running Backs

So far this season, I've been set at running back on my fantasy team with Fred Jackson, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Michael Bush. I trade Bush away, Jackson is out for the season, and Bradshaw is going to...

NY Post Mets Notes


Some interesting stuff. Alderson's projected rotation and Alderson on Murph's positionallessness.


AAOP: JoeyBall

I just saw Moneyball and it was almost as good as the book, so I'm gonna use some Moneyball techniques to build a playoff Met team. Front office-wise, I've hired Jonah Hill, I've fired Terry...

10 Best Minor League Deals of the Year


Brydak and Isringhausen with honorable mentions.


If I were in charge of the Mets (Part Two)

I wouldn't be a Wilpon.


Jose: Stats, a Story, and a bit of Persuasion

8th RBIs 327 7th HRs 67 6th Hits 979 1st SB 299 5th wOBA .344 4th WAR 22.9 3rd Fld 10.1 5th Runs 554 5th Singles 672 12th BB% 7.3 6th K% 11.7 11th BABIP .307 8th AVG .286 11th OBP .339 7th SLG .437 ...

Gee To Get One More Start


Blargh. Come on Mr. Collins. Show some respect. This 24 year old kid just threw your best start of the season the only thing you can promise him is one more start. Now maybe I'm overreacting, but its not like the Mets are a cesspool of pitching right now... They're just a cesspool! Of pure disgustingness! And the one bright spot (granted there's more than one bright spot: Reyes, Healthy Beltran, Beato etc) is some young kid with supposedly limited potential just threw a gem! And you're going to kick him out for some crusty old-journeyman with a misleading last name. Well that just ain't fair. How about you keep your consistent (consistently good) pitchers and find something else for your bad ones to do besides taking up rotation spots! Bah Humbug.


Our First Win In A While Analysis

  First of all, I just want to say, I told you so. Dillon Gee’s mom and I were so right! I’d tell you guys to jump on the bandwagon, but I don’t want you! (Or rather Mrs. Gee doesn’t feel like...

And thus, from our Lord's loins, did Van Allen burst...


VA Dickey. Nice name. 9 pounds, 21 inches. But enough about Dickey size... How big was the baby?

Carmelo Coach Karl wants Knick trade


Nuggets coach George Karl wants Melo to be traded to Knicks. shrugs


Fantasy Baseball Journal

With pitchers and catchers already reporting, the fantasy baseball season is right around the corner. My question is: Are there any good fantasy baseball journals/guides/magazines out there? I'm...


Fantasy Baseball Journal

I know this is going to be kind of short for a FanPost, but people haven't posted FanShots here in months and no one comments on them so I figured it wouldn't get looked at if it was a FanShot. A...

BASEBALL! 3 more days. Oh how I've missed it.


BASEBALL! 3 more days. Oh how I've missed it.




Happy Birthday Endy.


Happy Birthday Endy.

Rich Donnelly to Manage the Cyclones


Backman to possibly manage AA Binghampton.

RA Dickey to Recieve Award for Awesomeness


Well, its really called the You Gotta Have Heart Award, but same thing.


Arizona to AL?

Its an off-topic question, but would you guys mind going to the AL? Its a hypothetical question that I was wondering about for a FanPost I'm writing for another site. I was wondering what the fans...

A Death in the Family


A brilliant article by our friend Joe Pos. Makes me love Joe Pos and hate the Tuscon killer even more.

ESPN's Jim Caple ranks ranks MLB teams using his Misery Index


The Mets are twelth overall. Caple takes shots at both the Yanks and the Phils so he's cool.

Hoffman retires


This really came out of left field...or sould I say the bullpen.

More Christmas spirit! More MS Paint! This time around, you've got your holiday favorites: Sandy...


More Christmas spirit! More MS Paint! This time around, you've got your holiday favorites: Sandy Claus and his friends at Puppy Avenue, Omar the Grinch, and the nutcrackers! Also, past heroes Rusty the Snowman and Wally the Elf!

In the spirit of Christmas, MS Painting, and Lucas Duda I have created this image of our lord, RA...


In the spirit of Christmas, MS Painting, and Lucas Duda I have created this image of our lord, RA Dickey's, birth. Why are David Wright and Jose Reyes sheep, you may ask? I'm not sure...Do you know?

Endy signs with Rangers, Jacobs with Rockies


Both were minor league deals. I wish them good luck

Yankees to sign Russell Martin


After failing to sign Cliff Lee, the Yankees second choice is a backup catcher. Way to go Brian Cashman. Who will be next? A middle reliever?

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