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#LHVMYASS: Frandsen elects free agency

Kevin Frandsen has declined his option to Lehigh Valley, forfeited his $900,000 salary and declared himself a free agent.

Catz Corner: Step off the ledge!

I'm taking a break from sabbatical to talk some sense into you negative Nellies. Well, maybe not sense, but can we at least wait for the season to staryt to get too wrapped up in the nasty?

Catz Corner: Cold November Reign

A somewhat Dystopian Rant on Wetzler, the offseason, and the most important upcoming season in decades.

Catz corner: Phillies looking for a few good nerds

The words "Analytics" and 'Department" were used in the same sentence, and the Phillies are hiring interns for that department. Who knows. Maybe YOU can be a part of the solution.

Arbitration figures exchanged for Revere, Bastardo

Jim Salisbury has the arbitration figures for Ben Revere and Antonio Bastardo and the gaps are wide enough to think the Phillies may go to hearing for the first time since 2008 with one, if not both players.

Catz Corner: Sabermetrics, Hope, and 2014

Win, lose or draw, baseball starts soon. You have a choice to get on the bus, and enjoy the ride, who's with me?

TINSTAPP: Watson and Morgan to miss most of 2014

Huge blow to the Pharm, as the Phillies announced that both Shane Watson and Adam Morgan will miss most of 2014 as they recover from Shoulder surgeries.

Catz corner: Why Signing Roberto Hernandez is BIG

It wasn't a big signing, it might not mean much in the short term, but one comment from Ruben Amaro yesterday may be a very BIG bright spot for this organization. Not because of who they signed, but because of how they decided on him.

Chase Utley Saves Christmas

Is there really an explanation needed here? Its about Christmas. And Chase Utley.

Catz Corner: Olney on Rollins

Buster Olney reports that the Phillies are open to trading Jimmy Rollins. Here's why it won't happen, Why it shouldn't happen, and why hoping it does is extremely short sighted.

Are the Phillies getting younger by getting older?

Much has been made recently about the age of the Phillies free agent acquisitions. But a close look at salary commitments and unmoveable contracts may give reason to believe the team is actually rebuilding by getting older.

Catz Corner: Long term deals are tradable

There's a new market inefficiency out there and the Phillies would be wise to open up the wallet and use it to their advantage.

Phillies 40 man decisions due by midnight.

The Phillies face some difficult decisions with the 40 man roster today. Who will stay and who will go?

Your 2014 Sillies: SBN winter simulation recap

We didn't sign Marlon Byrd but we did trade for Matt Kemp! How'd the staff do putting together their version of the 2014 Philllies in the SBN winter simulation?

Phillies 2014 SB nation winter simulation tracker

Keep up with all the wheeling and dealing in the SB nation sim right here!

2014 SB Nation simulated GM meetings

It's back! The good folks at Royals review are sponsoring the 2014 SB Nation simulated GM meetings and The Good Phight has assembled a crack staff to create this years Phake Phillies

Hot Stove Primer: Did they trade for Stanton yet?

It's the most wonderful time of the year again! The Hot Stove is burning, and we bring you a primer of all the key dates you'll need to remember.

Phillies' Most Tradeable Assets - Survey Results

The offseason's coming, so you better bring your (tradeable) ass(ets). The results of the TGP staff and reader poll are revealed here in a handy top 10 list.

We want you to rank the Phillies' tradeable assets

We want the Good Readers to help the Good Phight staff rank the Phillies' top ten tradeable assets. Lets go people! Get ranking!

Catz Corner: Ryan Howard and the biggest piece

Forget about the contract. Ryan Howard is still the Big Piece. But the biggest piece of it all is finding out how to use him properly.

Roster and Coaching moves: Old habits die hard

The Phillies rehired Wally Joyner and Juan Samuel outrighted four players and ARE YOU F%^&*$%G Serious!!!

#Philliesideas: Matt Kemp and David Price

The innagural #philliesideas column tackles the idea of trades for Matt Kemp and David Price

This week in Dumb offseason ideas: Robinson Ca-NO!

The first installment of my weekly offseason "are you kidding me with this stupid idea" column. Up First: Andy Martino, Larry Bowa, and Robinson Cano.

Bowa on the Bowa Rumors

Jim Salisbury is reporting that Larry Bowa is close to returning to the Phillies as the bench coach for 2014. As a Phillies blogger I can't wait for the plethora of source material.

Catz corner: Lucky number 7: Protected Pick Secure

The Phillies secured the 7th pick in the 2014 draft today, and if history is any indication thats a pretty big deal.

Catz corner: protected pick, one last prediction

The Phillies are dangerously close to doing something right this season, and find themselves just one loss away from a protected draft pick. Fear not, there's still plenty of time and plenty of ways to screw it up, which they most likely will do.

Catz Corner: Can Brown save us from Howard?

The Phillies will be faced with some interesting off season decisions. And if someone is willing to trade for Ryan Howard, no one should be untouchable. Not even Dom Brown.

Catz Corner: Obsessed with Ruf and Martin

I'm obsessed with Darin Ruf and Ethan Martin. I said it. Its how I cope. You should be obsessed with someone too.

Ethan Martin moved to the bullpen

The Phillies today announced Tyler Cloyd would be taking Ethan Martin's spot in the rotation, and Martin would be moving to the bullpen effective immediately.

ROYCAP: Roy Halladay to start today after marathon

LAst nights 18 inning marathon "Forces" Roy Halladay to start today

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