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ROYCAP: Roy Halladay to start today after marathon


LAst nights 18 inning marathon "Forces" Roy Halladay to start today

Catz corner: On Charlie, Ruben and integrity


Integrity: adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

What's up (with) Doc: Why the rush with Halladay?


Roy Halladay made his first rehab start and may be back in Philadelphia by August 25th. Why the Rush? is there a DEADLINE.......

Catz Corner: Fire Amaro or Don't hire Amaro again?


As the disappointing season comes to a close, the attention i turning towards Ruben Amaro's future. But is it enough to expect "Fire Amaro" to be enough to turn a backwards franchise around?

Breaking Down Chase Utley's new deal


The scoop on Utley's new deal, and a glimpse into the rarest of baseball contracts, one that works for everyone involved.

Listen up Nerds: Phils 2 Cubs 5 UTLEY FOREVER!!


Chase Utley provides a guest recap of tonights game.

Who's to blame for the Phillies dead deadline


Fingers need to point. Heads need to roll. So what are we waiting for? Lets point and roll!

Phillies trade deadline recap


a full recap of the days events.

Michael Young willing to waive no trade to yankees


Sources confirming Young willing to waive to Yankees or Red Sox too. A deal could go down quickly.

Deadline day morning round up


While you were sleeping Cliff Lee did not get traded and Michael Young is still wearing a Phillies Uniform.

I can't fathom a Cliff Lee trade: Rea-Lee-ty sucks


Sometimes even the most rational of fans can get caught up in being a fan. And I'm a fan of Cliff Lee. And I'm having a hard time rationalizing the idea of trading him. For anyone. And I don't know...

Catz Corner: Phillies Deadline isn't July 31st


Don't expect the Pjhillies to be as active as you think before the non waiver deadline. A look at August reveals some reality to the situation.

Run differential and the trade deadline


Is run differential really an accurate indicator to determine whether the Phillies should buy or sell?

Catz Corner: enjoy this (we're not selling)


If you're not enjoying this right now (I know some of you aren't) then priorites are out of whack. Honest truth Catz style: You won't like it probably, but that's life. We ain't selling, but not...

Chasing Time: Phillies 3 Pirates 1


Chase Utley made a play that saved the game. We've seen it a thousand times, but tonight for some reason it felt more real than ever before.

Catz Corner: Deadline Dilemma!


The Phillies could be faced with a deadline dilemma if the Braves don't start winning and they don't start losing. Don't worry. I have a plan.

Catz Corner: Delmon, Hunter, Nate and the PLAN


Delmon Young has sucked. Hard. But so have a lot of the "better options" on the Market this offseason. It could have been worse, and still can be, if the Phillies don't have a plan as the deadline...

He Has Risen Part 6: Utley to Begin Rehab Today


Enough of this lollygagging no run support crap. I'm back, I'm ready, and I'm gonna break heads. Dig it? Good. Now excuse me while I go fix some S*&t.

Always Funny in Colorado: Phillies 8 Rockies 7


Improbable. Impossible, and I'm still not quite sure that actually happened.

Phillies select Andrew Knapp in the second round


Univerity of California Catcher Andrew Knapp is the Phillies 2nd round selection.

Time to Cut ties with Delmon Young


Delmon Young is about to start getting expensive. John Mayberry is playing today. Could Delmon go bye bye before the weekend? His Contract escalators might make that so.

A Reluctant Thank You to Ruben Amaro: You Dom Good


Ruben Amaro has done a lot of crappy things and made a lot of crappy decisions. But in the end, there's one thing that defines someone, and for Ruben, it won't be the crappy stuff. It will be...

Michael Young Back, Still ain't Michael Jack


Michael Young returns from the bereavement list and everyone's favorite scapegoat Michael Martinez is gone. In other news, Phillies still trying to replace Mike Schmidt at 3B, 20 years later.

One Less Hanging Chad: Durbin Released


In the least shocking move of the season, Chad Durbin has been released. Somewhere, in Alaska, a Phrozen fan jumps for joy.



11 home runs in May and no walks. Should you be concerned about Dom Browns lack of free passes? I say no. Embrace the evolution!

MiniMart called up: Roster Meeting Transcript


The Phillies called up Michael Martinez and everyone wants to know why. TGP obtained the exclusive transcript from inside Rubens office word for word as the decision happened!! And it all makes...

RIBS: Chase Utley Death Watch 2013


Chase Utleys annual stint to the DL looks imminent, as he's headed for a date with an MRI tube tomorrow.

Catz Corner: Time to get Old School with Trades.


A phone call with my Dad prompts an interesting idea. Maybe the Phillies need to retool, not restock.

Phillies To Call Up Tyler Cloyd To Start Friday


The Phillies opt for the safe (and correct) call and will recall Tyler Cloyd to start Friday.

Catz Corner: Royplacement Options


The Phillies need a starter. A look at the options.

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