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Not actually a snarling Japanese man with a cross painted on my left eye. Unfortunately.

Weekly recapper and perennial fill-in for Jewels From the Crown.

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  • MLB Toronto Blue Jays
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Jewelcast Three: #HereCometheOilers


In the first of our Pacific Division preview series, we discuss the Edmonton Oilers with a special guest.

Jewelcast Two: Oh god, this again already?


Episode two was even longer than the first one. How is that even possible.

Jewelcast One: Holy crap a podcast!


Listen live! Call in if you want! It's like a party except not!

Champions. Again.


This is a thing that really just happened.

2014 Stanley Cup Final Preview: The Head Coaches


Some notes, analysis, and history on the two head coaches, Darryl Sutter and Alain Vigneault, whose teams will compete for Lord Stanley's hardware.

Game Two Recap: Kings Win, Tie Series


Fun fact: I thought this game was over in the second period. Additional fun fact: I am stupid.


Kings @ Blackhawks Game 2: Gamethread

Better late than never.

Have the Kings Finally Closed San Jose's Window?


Sharks GM Doug Wilson made his first candid remarks about his plans for the future since the Kings' historic 0-3 comeback, and uh, they were something. Let's talk about it.


Ducks @ Kings Game 6: Gamethread

Just win.

Game 5 Postgame Poll: Ugh.


Everything sucks.

Game 2 Postgame Poll: Sexy Sixth


Actually, it wasn't a particularly sexy win. But you know, they all count blah blah let's do a poll.

Kings-Ducks Series Preview: Anaheim Defensemen


This is Part 2 of a two-part series breaking down Anaheim's skaters by their possession metrics, this time focusing on the defensemen.

Kings-Ducks Playoff Preview: Anaheim Forwards


A detailed breakdown on the performance of Anaheim's forwards in several key possession metrics.

Game 6 Postgame Poll: AHHHHHHHHHHHH


oh my god oh my god oh my god

Game 4 Postgame Poll: #REVERSESWEEP


who wasn't swept? WE WEREN'T SWEPT


Kings @ Sharks Game 1: Gamethread

Someone forgot to turn our lights on, too.

This Week in Kings (4/16/14)


The Regular Season is Dead. Long Live the Regular Season.

This Week in Kings (4/7/14)


I could get used to this "pointless last few weeks of a season" thing.

Game Day #78: Kings-Sharks Preview


What to do when the games go from "mostly meaningless" to "almost 100% meaningless?". Just relax, I guess. And troll. Can't forget troll.

The Noon Number: 53.7%


The Kings are the only team in the entire NHL to do something .What is that something? Well, obviously read on to find out.

This Week in Kings (3/31/14)


Literally nothing to complain about. Except the Sharks, I guess.

This Week in Kings (3/25/14)


A day late because I was busy being a fanboy. *squeals for Jeff Carter*

This Week in Kings (3/17/14)


When did they bring back ties?

This Week in Kings (3/10/14)


Regression is the master of our lives. Let's all get back to the mean!

This Week in Kings (3/3/14)


Win-ning str-eak?

Recap: Kings Defeat Hurricanes 3-1


Some games are just easy to get up for.

Recap: Surprise! Team Jeff Carter Wins Gold


I guess there were some other guys involved too. Here's a recap of both the Canada-Sweden game and the LA Olympics as a whole.

Pacific Break: Seven team roundtable


How are the fans and devoted followers of all seven Pacific Division teams feeling about their play up to the Olympic break and their chances going forward? Well, let's ask them!

This Week in Kings (2/10/14)


Robyn Regehr scoring a game-winning OT goal is pretty much the perfect way for this strange and stupid Kings team to head into the Olympic break.

This Week in Kings (2/3/14)


At least we won a game.

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