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"This is blood for blood and by the gallon. These are the old days, the bad days, the all-or-nothing days. They’re back! There’s no choice left. And I’m ready for war."

"I’m ready. It doesn’t matter with who or where. On foot or on horseback. With maces or poleaxes. To fight. To first blood or to death. It doesn’t matter, I’m ready to fight. I went hunting. For bears. With a knife. " - Aleksander Emelianenko

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Imagining The Future of the UFC's Expansion

{Introductory note- this post started with an idea that ended up getting bigger and bigger until it grew to a scale that lies far outside my comfort zone and sphere of knowledge.  I recognize that...

Stephen Quadros and Den Henderson talk Strikeforce sale


Nothing to write, just wanted to share this link with y'all, interesting takes from folks who are involved:


Rashad Evans on MMA Live on fighting Jon Jones: "I ain't no punk."

Rashad Evans just said that if he were offered a title shot against Jon Jones, that he would sit down with his team to discuss what to do.  But he said: "Last night, Jon Jones said that he'd fight...


More potential trouble for Bisping: video of The Count ripping body shots to patron of Aussie bar after UFC 127

Well, I'm a bit embarrassed to be posting this, as it will reveal that I was in fact watching a terrible, soul-destroying true 21st Century American guilty pleasure, but this video is just...


Strikeforce HW tourney pushed to JUNE 18- to be held in Texas

Just wanted to share this with my BE bros- I'm sure there will be a front page post soon, but I thought you guys would want to know.  Josh Gross just reported this, here's the link:...


Alistair Overeem: Heavyweight Can Crusher or Prospect?

As the Strikeforce Heavyweight World GP approaches, storylines abound.  How will Fedor respond to the first legitimate loss of his career?  Can Arlovski reclaim his fighting life from the...

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