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Old school Hog fan, writing about the Razorbacks from the distant outpost of Berkeley, CA.

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Arkansas and Oversigning


Oversigning - the practice of a team signing more than its NCAA-allotted 25 scholarships and then releasing the underperforming players, often for somewhat shady reasons, has been a hot-button...

NFL Draft: Ryan Mallett to New England


After a painfully long wait, Ryan Mallett went to the New England Patriots with the 73rd pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. We wish him luck.

NFL Draft, Day 2: Mallettwatch Continues


There's not much to be said at this point about the general absurdity of the NFL Draft that hasn't already been discussed, but I have to admit being pretty mind-boggled at the idea that Jake Locker...

NFL Draft: Where Will Ryan Mallett Go?


After months of analysis and overanalysis, the NFL Draft is almost upon us, and Ryan Mallett remains possibly the most controversial figure in the entire process. Although some are still picking...

Two Pre-Draft Features from ESPN


Ryan Mallett and D.J. Williams are now officially former Hogs, but we're still paying close attention to their doings. With the NFL Draft coming up later this week, it's a good time to check out a...

D.J. Williams: Sport Science


As part of his campaign to conquer the world and eventually become Governor of Arkansas, D.J. Williams recently appeared on a segment of ESPN's Sport Science. It's excellent stuff - the best part...

Oliver Miller Arrested for Assault


The Big O solidified his standing as one of the least likable former Hogs by pistol-whipping a guy at a barbeque Tuesday morning. More details at AS360.

Bobby Petrino: X's and O's


Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that we typically go pretty light on X's and O's talk...our top-secret formula is more like "reference to classic Hog game/player from years past +...

Breaking: Hogs Score Bid to 2012 NCAA Tournament


In a major coup for Mike Anderson, the Razorbacks have already scored a bid to the 2012 NCAA Tournament, courtesy of Joe Lundari's bracket breakdown. Can the 10th seeded Hogs upset Xavier, and if so how will they fare against Syracuse in the 2nd round? Is a 10 seed too low, or should we just be happy to be there? These and many other questions to be answered in about 11 months.

Wrapping Up the Red-White Game


Setting aside the initial cognitive dissonance of "nice spring day + Arkansas football on national TV", Saturday's Red-White game was particularly awesome for two reasons: 1. Football in the...

Broderick Green Out for 2011 With Torn ACL

This obviously sucks for the big guy. Any thoughts on who will replace him in goal line and short yardage situations? More Knile Davis, anyone?

*Quick Blog Update*


A bit of good news on the Arkansas Expats, Inc front: I'm very happy to report that longtime commenter and contributor Drew Fleming, aka dxf04, has been promoted to an official author on the site, with all the glamour and glory that entails. He'll be covering the Diamond Hogs as our baseball correspondent, but may branch out into other topics as well. Please wish him well, and let's all hope that his imminent worldwide fame doesn't go to his head.

Thursday Hodge Podge


A few good links to tide you over while you decide rather to pull for Red or White this weekend: * With a top 10 recruiting class waiting for him, Mike Anderson really couldn't have walked into a...

Ryan Mallett NFL Draft Update


It's been awhile since we checked in on Ryan Mallett...what's our favorite 6'7" gunslinging ex-Razorback QB been up to these days? Well, like a lot of former college students he's testing the job...

Checking in on the Wide Receivers


As you may have heard, the Razorbacks are stocked ridiculously loaded at the WR position. Here's a quick look at what's been happening with Childs, Adams, Wright, Hamilton and company: * ESPN's...

On Mike Anderson and the Razorback Basketball Brand


The Mike Anderson hire is great for the Arkansas Razorbacks basketball brand. We explain what that means.

40 Minutes of Hell: The Origin Story


Ever wondered exactly where the term "40 Minutes of Hell" came from? This very interesting post from our fellow SB Nation site Swish Appeal has the scoop.

As Twitter Turns: The Mike Anderson Story


Anyone interested in a case study of how social media is affecting modern sports journalism need look no further than the curious case of the Arkansas basketball coaching search. Although Mike...

Arkansas Coaching Search Update: Mike Anderson and Some Other Guys


A quick report from around the interwebs as the rumors both heat up and become increasingly absurd: * Mike Anderson continues to be the hot name, with Chris Lincoln of KTUL in Tulsa reporting...

Checking in on the Coaching Search


Hey, the Hogs need a basketball coach! Since Dana Altman is presumably unavailable, here's a quick look at where things stand with the other possibilities: * The Razorbloggers weigh in with an...

Quick Arkansas Basketball Coaching Search Update


In Day 4 of the Post-Pelphrey Era, here's a quick look at where things stand: * earlier rumors about Tubby Smith being a top candidate seem to be off base. * Mike Anderson name is getting mentioned...

Are You Ready for Some (Spring) Football?


The first step towards the very intriguing 2011 football season begins today, with spring practice officially kicking off in Fayetteville (and culminating with the nationally televised Red-White...

A Bad Start to a Big Weekend for John Pelphrey


John Pelphrey has a big task ahead of him this weekend: lead the Hogs to four straight wins and an SEC Tournament title or be subject to *a lot* of serious discussion about his future at Arkansas....

This Is Just Getting Weird


The surreal process that is Ryan Mallett's up and down NFL draft evaluation took another odd twist today, with multimedia sensation/celebrity drug casualty Charlie Sheen calling into Dan Patrick's...

Happy Pro Day, Everyone


Today is the University of Arkansas Pro Day, meaning for one day only the top players will get to pretend they go to Auburn and get paid like pros former Razorbacks with NFL aspirations can show...

NFL Draft Report: Ryan Mallett, D.J. Williams and DeMarcus Love Do Their Thing at the Combine


How did former Razorbacks Ryan Mallett, D.J. Williams and DeMarcus Love do at the NFL Draft Combine? The Arkansas Expats have a report.

NCAA to Look Into Auburn's Recruiting in Arkansas?


If you're not already sitting down, you may want to do so before reading any further. You will be shocked - SHOCKED - to hear this, but it seems that some crazy individuals believe that something...

Powell on Rift with Pelphrey: "No Comment"


In the latest chapter of the slow moving train wreck that is Razorback basketball, Marshawn Powell upped the interpersonal drama level a bit by giving a rousing "no comment" answer when asked if...

Making Their Case for the NFL: Ryan Mallett, D.J. Williams and DeMarcus Love at the Draft Combine


What do Ryan Mallett, D.J. Williams and DeMarcus Love need to do at the NFL Draft Combine? We break it down.

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