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Used to run Field Gulls. Now I get outside.

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Seahawks fool & overpower Bears; Beastmode returns

Fans and analysts sense that Seattle's offense is on the verge of a breakout. The Seahawks shared that blueprint for success in one unstoppable preseason drive against the Bears.


Four seconds of game clock in the life of Lynch

Imagine you are Marshawn Lynch.


The Five Seasons of the Seattle Seahawks

This is done for fun. My fun, maybe your fun--I think every fan plays out the season, plays out its contingencies, mostly what will go right but maybe sometimes we ideate the bad stuff too, like...


No. 70, Michael Brooks

Hail the third-string that drew blood


Praise for all things Tarvaris Jackson, backup QB

Medical science saved my mom's life on Tuesday. There's a certain common sense Platonic Idealism that nurtures and spreads the embittering assumption that the world is some imperfect expression of...


Preseason Preview Pt1: Words on Christine Michael

(Also, a Digression on Sidney Rice's Contract)


The 11-5 Team: A Muddle

Here's a thirdhand encapsulation of wisdom Admiral Stockdale earned surviving a POW camp: optimists die first.


Consider the All-Star

...or a possible explanation for why the last three weeks of the Blazers season have created an impact event reminiscent of the Chelyabinsk Meteor. This links to an advanced stat page for...

Previously, CTE had been found in 18 of the 19 former NFL players whose brains were examined. The...


Previously, CTE had been found in 18 of the 19 former NFL players whose brains were examined. The 15 new cases in the BU study mean that of the 34 brains of former NFL players that have been examined, 33 had the disease. Linemen made up 40 percent of those cases, supporting research that suggests repetitive head trauma occurring on every play -- not concussions associated with violent collisions -- may be the biggest risk.

http://espn.go.com/espn/otl/story/_/page/OTL%20CTE%20study/boston-university-researchers-discover-28-new-cases-chronic-brain-damage-deceased-football-players When Sidney Rice scored the game winning touchdown it was, well if you're reading this I don't need to tell you what it was. It was. And then the hit came. And Sidney's body collapsed into the end zone stiff and lifeless. Roger Goodell has run a smokescreen. A futile effort to rid the game of this ugly moment. When football's biggest stars grotesquely render the awful cost of football. But it is increasingly clear, however ugly, the immediate aftereffects of concussion mislead too. They suggest a momentary, containable and fixable problem. If only we could eliminate helmet-to-helmet contact...if only we could rid telecasts of that ugly rigor-mortis like posture of the concussed...if only we could make the brain-deadening truth about football removed enough to be ignored. Nevermind that every play, at every level destroys men. Tackle by tackle. Block by block. I won't be watching next Sunday. I long shrugged off that hasty analogy: gladiator sport. Football is a gladiator sport: sensationalist crap. People work. And work wears you down. Wrist, knees, back: you sacrifice body for food, family, shelter, life. I didn't see gladiators in pads. I saw workers. And now i know those workers are sacrificing something as sacred as life--sanity, family, a life after work--for my entertainment. And I'm done.

Thank you Field Gulls


It's been fun.

Super Bowl Thread

"The word 'terrible' is a gooood thing." O vengeful God, loose thy fury on Pittsburgh and Gomorrah.

Super Bowl Pregame Thread


Alanya and I eat out at Hawthorne Fish House. It has gluten free fish and chips, which is the draw for us, but the fish houses are also Packers meccas, as the site so proudly pronounces: The Fish...

Hall of Fame Selection Thread


Selections to be announced at 4 pm Pacific. Finalists are: Jerome Bettis, Tim Brown, Cris Carter, Dermontti Dawson, Richard Dent, Chris Doleman, Marshall Faulk, Charles Haley, Curtis Martin, Andre...

The Bad Bodied Athlete


Someone topped two party hats with a snowman. Someone has no respect for our strict yet delicate rules of prototype and aesthetics and normal. Someone done made this goofy looking brother, head as...

Chris Clemons and Blitz Sacks


Patches pal nailed it: I don't like this scheme. Seattle isn't the first team to try and resurrect Seifert's elephant. Mike Nolan attempted the trick in 2006. The problem then, as I would argue the...

Assessing Need: Leo End


We will run with the assumption that Seattle sticks with a strong side and a weak side end. Seattle's two primary Leo ends combined for 23 sacks and 48 hits in the regular and postseason. That's...

Free Agent Sean Locklear


Well this is confusing. Probably hard to clink that link, laughing so hard at the headline as you no doubt are. Riotous, uproarious laughter. Laughter reserved for absurd propositions that are...

Offense Versus Defense and the Seahawks Future


Bill Walsh believed you could scheme an offense to greatness. Walsh could. The defense needed talent, no way around it. Since Walsh's time though, defenses have become ever more complex. Every team...

Greg Jennings


In 124 targets, he has four drops. Four. 11 defended. One caught out of bounds. 124 targets, 76 receptions, 64 combined touchdowns and first downs, 1,265 yards -- the stat line of a superstar. The...

Free Agent Junior Siavii


Seattle signed Junior Siavii September 5, 2010. It was one of the lesser in a rash of last second moves. The most prominent, of course, was the sudden retirement of Alex Gibbs. For all intents and...

2010 Season Retrospective: Golden Tate


Highlights Seahawks at Broncos Golden Tate rumbles, bumbles and stumbles for 63. Seahawks take the ball. . . . Tate breaks a weak jam attempt by Andre' Goodman. Eight yards into his route, he opens...


Tez and the Hall

Cortez Kennedy is once again a finalist for induction in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Mike Sando has a look at why he thinks Kennedy merits the honor. Check it out, it's great work from one of...

From Dan Quinn to Todd Wash


Dan Quinn was destined for a short stay in Seattle. Not like Jim Mora was destined for a short stay in Seattle, but more like Greg Oden was destined for a short stay at Ohio State. Quinn was the...

Assessing Need: Tight End


Well this is easy. Receiving/Move tight end Starter: John Carlson Backup: Cameron Morrah John Carlson is Zach Miller. Zach Miller is John Carlson. You would be hard pressed to find a better...

On Carson Palmer, Final


Filling holes is a time honored tradition. Every team, every draft season, fills holes. What comprises a hole is subjective, but, basically, it means a position manned by an inadequate starter that...

Assessing Need: Backfield


Might as well work through the whole roster. Feature Back Starter: Marshawn Lynch Backup: One amazing, historic, awesome in the literal sense run has caused a seismic shift in many Seahawks fans'...

Charlie Whitehurst, Jeremy Bates, Tom Cable, Darrell Bevell and Pat Devlin


Even staunch defenders of Charlie Whitehurst defend him mostly on grounds of principle. He didn't play enough to fail fully, but did fail when he played and more importantly, failed to unseat Matt...

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