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Anthony rumors shed light on the Bledsoe trade?


Per Sheridan: However, the Clippers also owe the Oklahoma City Thunder a first-round pick that likely will be the worse of their own 2012 picks or Minnesota's 2012 pick).

Hmm - Martin not involved in possible trade for Anthony


Using rumors to try to prove a point: priceless. Depending on one report or another, other players that teams are reportedly hesitating to part with for the Great Carmelo Anthony include: Brook Lopez, Derrick Favors, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Stephen Curry, Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon, etc, etc. Pay Anthony $20M and give up assets for the right to do so, or sign the much more productive Childress for something in the neighborhood of $9M. The choice seems obvious to me, but it might not have left the Clippers enough cap space to sign Brian Cook.

Via Deadspin: Bledsoe might be a big cheater and not that smart


They have Algebra 3 now? It takes kids three semesters to get through algebra? I taught myself algebra on my Speak and Math when I was like four.

Seeking suggestions for a proto-player NBA team


I am looking to fill out a starting line-up of NBA players who might exemplify a sort of hyper-version of their position. I want guys who are truly great at the one thing their position is known for and then really, really bad at something else. They should not be great at no more than two things and hopefully they will be bad at everything they don't do great. I'm also more interested in the reputation or idea of that player than their best season stats or career stats. Right now I'm thinking about: Jason Kidd (+:Assists, Rebounds -:scoring efficiency) Reggie Miller: (+:Scoring efficiency from shooting -:the rest) Corey Maggette: (+:Scoring efficiency from slashing -:the rest) Dennis Rodman (+:Rebounds -:the rest) Marcus Camby(+:Blocks, Rebounds -:the rest) I'm hoping to get better SF suggestions and redirections as when we think of the top SF's we think of guys who could get away with all five positions in a pinch, but please fire away at all positions.

Gordon's non-scoring stats so far in FIBA play


While still a tiny sample size (less than 3 NBA games), I took a look at EJ's possession stats thus far in WC play: Rebounds/36 FIBA - 2.2 NBA - 2.6 Assists/36 FIBA - 0.3 NBA - 3.0 Steals/36 FIBA - 1.6 NBA - 1.1 Blocks/36 FIBA - 0.0 NBA - 0.2 TO/36 FIBA - 1.3 NBA - 2.3

Wages of Wins blog on Team USA


This version is based on Sheridan's estimate of the roster. If Gordon makes the team it probably makes them not better no matter who he bumps. (Is that soft enough?) I think Chandler might do much better than his performance last year would indicate and that will help. I can't believe Rudy Gay has a chance of making this team. Also note that if Love doesn't actually get significant minutes, the team may actually be much worse than their overall profile indicates.


Eric Gordon was below average last season

Alright. Take a deep breath. If you aren't ready to deal with the ideas presented here, for the sake of everyone, just go away. Still here? Then walk with me. Some of this may be remedial...


Summer League Final Game Impressions

I jotted a few notes at the Clippers last summer league game versus the D-League Select team. There is more analysis here and here which I will avoid replicating except where I find it interesting...

Chandler traded to Raptors...whoops Mavs


Interesting strategy. See what Colangelo is about to do then fast follow him. Cuban!

Morrison works out for Clippers, others


Adam Morrison workout getting ready to start. The Bulls, Celtics, Clippers, and Cavaliers are among the teams in the building. - Alex Kennedy via twitter

Nets sign Farmar, 3 years/$12M


Actual youth and potential. Championship pedigree. 37% from deep. Nice pickup.

Bulls extend offer sheet to Redick


Magic will probably match. Still, between Korver and Redick they are recovering nicely from missing out on the Gomes sweepstakes.

Cap Check I have $10.1M left assuming Sofo gets $2M and they would let Warren go if...


Cap Check I have $10.1M left assuming Sofo gets $2M and they would let Warren go if necessary? Anyone else have different maths?

Morrow, how much would you pay?


The Korver vs Miller fanpost has repeated mentions of Anthony Morrow so I thought I would break it out into a fanshot. Keeping in mind that he is a RFA and the Warriors have extended him a QO, how much would you pay to sign him? You have to pay more than the Warriors will be willing to match.

Wages of Wins post-draft analysis


Spoiler Alert: Aminu will probably (but not certainly) be nice, and Babbitt was likely the better pick. The Blazers win again. Bledsoe is probably a bust and a bad move no matter the protection on the pick. Warren too, but that's what second round picks are for: Rolling the dice and feeling good.

Anyone want to make the case for England's football greatness today?


English football is overrated and resting on its laurels. Was that 4 howlers for Germany today? How about that supposedly vaunted defense? 3 goals in 4 matches? This isn't Italia 90 anymore, though hiring an Italian manager might have been a clue to what was in store.

What about Bubblegum Tate?


Sure he is Commander of the Globetrotters AND Senior Lecture of Physics at Globetrotter University making him very important to that team and his people. And SURE he is from a thousand years into the future and another planet. And true, he is a fictional character. But if the Clippers can trade Mardy Collins for him I think they have to do it.

2009-2010 Al Thornton vs Rudy Gay


Look at this and help me figure out why we wanted to dump Al Thornton but will pay $10M or more for Rudy Gay? Rudy Gay is Al Thornton with a green light.


Could the Clippers have traded for CButler and Jamison?

In an earlier thread about trade possibilities I proposed: Camby/Collins/RDavis/Thornton/Smith for Jamison/Butler. I would give the Wizards the option to dump Crittenton for part of the Randolph...

Revisiting the WoW prediction for the 09-10 Clippers


Since someone asked if WoW wasn't adding up, let's see what was predicted for the Clippers this season by Berri himself. I'll keep it to the TLDR version. if the Clippers could somehow get the negative players to be a bit less negative, check if B. Davis and Kaman to return to form. check if age doesn’t keep Camby off the floor or substantially reduce his production, and, check if Griffin can produce as his college numbers suggest, uh-oh big uncheck Even with all that, he predicted the Clippers would likely miss the playoffs. And now with no Griffin...

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