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User Blog Lobcast | Episode 2 |


This is an Eric Patten, Isaac Lowenkron interview with LA Times beat writer Brad Turner. I liked it a lot.

Forbes: The NBA Billionaires


The new Forbes Magazine team $ evaluations are up. Team values have risen an average of 30% this last year. That labor lockout last winter? I guess that went well for the NBA owners.

Welcome to the New NBA: The Griz Give In


Memphis weakens roster in order to keep their big three.

Thursday Night Second Half Double Feature Thread!


Clips bag a win in Minny and now the Lakers go up against the Heat in Staples. Stick around and discuss Kobe versus Lebron.

Sam Amick on Eric Bledsoe


Sam Amick notices Eric Bledsoe and likes what he sees.

Chris Paul Out Tonight


Chris Paul out for Rockets game.

Howard says Lakers 'have to play like we like each other'


We've all heard this quote by now, but this is the source. Ramona Shelburne's article features her interview with DH. I guess I'm stubbornly trying to keep fanshots alive. Even way down here under all the flotsam and jetsam.

Arnovitz on the Clippers' Defense


We love it when Kevin Arnovitz writes about the Clips. This is classic KA on precisely WHY the team has improved so much on defense this year.

The NY Times on the Strange Case of Eric Bledsoe


Even Beckley Mason provides no new information, it's nice to get noticed by the NY Times... even if it's because our junior point guard is playing in a lackluster fashion.

KA on the Seventeenth


There's a nugget about why Caron Butler hit all those threes last night. I miss KA's daily X and O's. "In the pick-and-roll sets, initially [Utah] was blitzing Chris [Paul] and Blake [Griffin] was getting the ball," Butler said. "[Utah] was sending a man off the top or from the baseline, and that's what made me so wide open on the weakside."

Nice Article on Clips in the New York Times


Interesting that the team pretty much admits that Chris Paul was the fourth member of front office this summer.

Paul and Griffin Bust Kings for an Even Dozen

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin Break Down Kings for Twelve in a Row

Zach Lowe on Clipper Trade Possibilities


Zach Lowe at Grantland looks at some possible trade scenarios involving the Clippers.


Stein's Power Rankings: Clips at Number Two...

They're here (I guess this means even I am abandoning the fanshots, they're on the wrong side of the page and I have to fight through too much stuff to get there... and no one seems to go down...

Paul and Griffin conserving energy - Markazi


Laker fan Arash Markazi put up this pretty interesting post about CP3 and Big Red sitting out fourth quarters.

Clippers looking for a better outcome on this four-game trip -


Lisa Dillman on the impending road trip. Nice to see reallisa back on the scene.

Clips smother Kings, 116-81

I mean smother. They put a pillow over the Kings collective head and that was that.

Nets Give Clips Black Eye on Black Friday


Clippers visit Nets in Brooklyn for the very first time and get a black eye on black Friday.

Clips Hit the Road... Going Where?


The LA Clippers are about to leave on on a brief but tough road trip. Where will we be a week from now?

McMillan to Lakers as Assistant?


If this happens I will be really annoyed. They'd have McMillan's scowl and defensive mind and D'Antoni's player-friendly vibe and offensive skills on one team. Of course they're still stuck with the same thin roster, but...

Phil Jackson's Return from the Grave


Clipper fans live in a Laker World.

Lakers Show Mike Brown the Door...


LA Lakers dump Mike Brown. D'Antoni rumors.

Final Score: Clips Smoke Blazers, 103-90

Clippers beat down Blazers with their deep bench in first game away from Staples Center. 103-90

Final Score: Dubs Drub Clips, 113-110


The Clippers suffered a disappointing home loss at the hands of the Golden State Warriors on Saturday night. Steph Curry and Carl Landry each had 23 for the Warriors while Caron Bultler led the...

Clips cut Travis Leslie


Clips let go of Travis Leslie, a second-year, second round draft pick. Roster stands at fourteen.

Clips win-loss predictions. What's yours?


Where will the Clippers finish this year. A fan's prediction.

Grant Hill to Miss at Least Two Weeks


Grant Hill to Miss at Least Two Weeks with bone bruise. Two many players not enough minutes. A problem vanishes before it appears.

Woike on Chris Paul's Thumb


He wears a brace in practice. He's not all there yet.

Elliott on Crawford: Working on his shot


Helene Elliott checks in with this small bit on Jamal Crawford coming in early, working on his shot, for the first time ever. In regard to this Clipper team Crawford says, the sky's the limit.

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