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2012-2013 Clipper Player Previews: Lamar Odom


Lamar Odom originally came to the LA Clippers as a first round pick in the 1999 draft. Clipper fans were delighted by this charming, flexible big man with the Elvis grin. But, after 4 years, injuries, and a drug suspension, Elvis left the building...

2012-2013 Clipper Player Previews: Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes began his NBA career as a Clipper, but has spent the last two seasons playing for the enemy. He returns to the Clippers this season, but can he win back the hearts of Clipper fans?

The New SB Nation Format... Can we handle it?


Okay, after five days of the new site, let's evaluate: The old site was great wasn't it? Wasn't it? I mean, I knew where everything was and I could navigate it in my bare feet! It was perfect. So...

Clips Make More Front Office Moves


Following up on their recent hire of Gerald Madkins, the Clippers have made three more front office moves.

No Brainer: Clips exercise Bledsoe's fourth year

In a move that surprised no one, the Los Angeles Clippers exercised their fourth year option for point guard Eric Bledsoe. Drafted in 2010, Bledsoe came on strong at the end of last season and in the playoffs after returning from a knee injury.

Adam Morrison to Blazers as Clips Opt for Barnes


Neil Olshey, the Clippers former GM picked up Adam Morrison for the Trail Blazers. Should the Clippers have ignored AmMo, who played so well for them at the Vegas Summer League?

Matt Barnes: Enemy No Longer


The Clippers have signed former Clipper and recent Laker Matt Barnes. Barnes is the 15th contract for the Clippers, the maximum allowed, meaning that this is almost certainly the roster with which the Clippers will begin the season.

Businessweek: Smartest Spenders in Sports


Just something interesting to look at over the Labor Day Weekend. I was going to try and craft a story based on this interactive chart posted by Businessweek... but honestly I can barely figure it out and I'm not at all sure what conclusions it might lead to about the state of pro sports spending vs. success. It is fun, though to check and uncheck the league boxes and look at the pretty colors. For those of you only interested in the critical bits. In the NBA the data finds the Lakers as the "smartest spender". The Clips are at 21, and the TWolves at 30 (Yeah, somehow the Wolves are worse than the Knicks at 29). Of course, the data is only interested in the last five years. It would be interesting to isolate last year or look at the last ten or twenty years as well.

Markazi and USA Today: Blake Griffin feels 'like I'm at 100%' –


These are basically rehashes of Brad Turner's LA Times article but there are a couple of new tidbits... and, as far as USA today, it's good to see the Clips get some national press. Markazi's ESPN-LA article is here. From USA Today:"We laid the foundation," Griffin said. "This year we want to take a step forward and I think the pieces that we've added, the guys we have returning and the work guys have put in this offseason has been tremendous. We look to take that next step as a franchise."

Top 20 Los Angeles sports figures -


I can't decide if this is insulting or stupid. The LA Times has Kobe Bryant at number one (okay, I guess), Dwight Howard at number 3 (this is supposed to be about Los Angeles athletes, Howard has not yet even put on an LA uni). Chris Paul is at 8, and Blake Griffin is at 10. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just a big Clipper fan and can't see the forest for the trees. But Matt Barkely is number 2. Really? On a team that wasn't eligible for post-season play the last two years. Beckham's 4, Kemp is 5, Pujols is 6, Serena Williams is 7 (I'm serious, Serena Williams), Venus is in the teens somewhere), Mike Trout is 9. Let me repeat that, Mike Trout is 9... in front of Blake Griffin. Look, I know the Lakers are big. And I understand it's baseball season, and David Beckham has international cache'... but this is supposed to be an article on Los Angeles Sports figures. Maybe it's just me, but I don't associate Serena or Venus as LA athletes. I'm simply blown away by the bias and randomness of this article... is the Los Angeles Times even slightly relevant anymore? And, oh yeah, it's a slideshow, so feel free to ignore.

Chris Paul to Clips. Best. Trade. Ever.


Hey, hold it right there. Chris Paul to the Clips. Best. Trade. Ever.

Voulgaris, Kang on CP3, Stats, Gambling on Basketball


This is a Grantland podcast interview with Haralabos Voulgaris by Jay Caspian Kang at Voulgaris is a pro basketball gambler and poker player. There's a number of Clipper references in this one, including an analysis of Chris Paul (around 20 minutes in) but the whole interview is very cool. A must for stat geeks. (It's third podcast down the page.)

Battle for LA: Clippers vs. Lakers! (Part 2)


Clips vs. Lakers on paper in a totally meaningless comparison! Who's the best team in LA? You think you know?

Battle for LA: Clippers vs. Lakers! (Part 1)


The Battle for Los Angeles! Clips vs. Lakers in a head to head comparison! Meaningless! Absolutely! Fun? Absolutely!

USA Squeezes Spain 107-100 for Gold Medal


Chris Paul and King James pound down Spain in the fourth securing gold for the U.S.

USA vs. Spain - Gold Medal Game Thread


Here it is!! Sorry I didn't get this up quicker, but we know these two teams pretty well by now. And the game's on NBC! The game's on NBC! (It's US-59,Spain-58 at halftime. You still have time! Go...

Dwight Howard to Lakers - Deal Finalized


How will the Lakers acquisition affect the Clippers?

Tom Ziller: Dwight Howard, And The Renewal Of The Lakers Dynasty


I like this, because it was written twenty days ago and is filled with cool data. Ziller actually feels that the acquisition of Steve Nash will have more impact on the Lakers than Howard. But there's things he doesn't factor in... like the Lakers massive... and growing payroll. Like the fact that Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard might not be a good mix... or that Howard and Kobe Bryant, who both want the ball, might be a disaster. And what about that Laker bench? And then there's the salary situation. Do you have to trade Gasol after this season? Or are you going to suffer the luxury tax next year... when it starts to strangle your profitability?

Erik O Counts Donald Sterling's Beans...


Clipsnation's stats expert and super-bean counter does a casual analysis of the Clippers finances... and likes what he sees.

Nicolas Batum And Justice For Floppers: Why The NBA Needs To Be Proactive -


You were wondering why Fearless Leader wasn't blogging much on ClipsNation... it's because he's blogging on the Mothership. This is classic Steve.

Clipper Fans and the Generation Gap


Clipper fans and the generation gap. What long time Clipper fans have seen before and never want to see again.

Zach Lowe: Offseason has left number of potential contenders at risk of disappointment


Don't read this if you're sensitive to criticism. Don't read it if you think the "three-headed-monster" should be held in unquestioned awe. Zach Lowe, always good, looks at the Clippers offseason and calls it as he sees it. Hat tip to Citizen tsee who posted this in the threads. Learn how to fanshot and I'll bump it to the front page if it's suitable.

Game Thread: USA vs. Lithuania (USA 99 - Lithuania 94)


Join the conversation as the USA crushes another Olympic opponent.

Coaching Jealousy.... Eddie Jordan likely to join Laker's staff


Eddie Jordan, a proponent of the Adelman-style "Princeton" office seems about to join the Lakers coaching staff. I hate this. Hate, hate, hate, because I hate the Lakers but I like Jordan. Mike Woodson Brown running the defense and Jordan running the offense is, IMO, a great pairing. Why can't the Clippers bring in solid defensive coach to go with, you know... Vinny's... uh... great offensive schemes? (Is it because the Clippers don't believe in GM's or coaching? Right, they just need Chris Paul.) The only question regarding the Lakers and the Princeton offense is how will Steve Nash fit in an offense that is not particularly reliant on a point guard. Oh yeah, Nash can penetrate and shoot too. It might help their bench as well.

US Downs France 98-71


USA Beats France in First Game

Men's Basketball Olympics Preview: USA vs. France


USA vs. France Olympic Preview Clips name Bob Ociepka Assistant Coach


Bob Ociepka is 63, served as an assistant with the Clips under Bob Weiss and Bill Fitch. He also worked under VDN in Chicago and under Nate McMillan at Portland and a lot of others.

The Occasional Offseason Clipper!


Clipper Clippings for a slow and lonely offseason.

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