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GoErie story on Philbin, O'Keefe


Hey fellas. Pats fan, here -- thought you guys might appreciate this story on two of your new coaches. It's funny, but the title doesn't quite match up with the content -- at least based on most people's reaction to Hard Knocks. Good luck this year.

Jets Guard Matt Slauson: We'll be calling plays to Mark's strengths: handing off. I love not...


Jets Guard Matt Slauson: We'll be calling plays to Mark's strengths: handing off. I love not being a Jets fan. LOVE it.

From ESPN New York

"Tom Brady would eat his young for another Super Bowl."

Trevor price on the Jim Rome show talking about TFB. "I would rather stab you in the face than talk to you right now." If only he played safety, too.

Tom Brady? He’ll kill ya. If he catches you half asleep, he’ll punch you right in the face with the...


Tom Brady? He’ll kill ya. If he catches you half asleep, he’ll punch you right in the face with the stretch—he’ll hand the ball to Woodhead, or Green-Ellis, or Ridley, or Faulk. Guys aren’t ready. They’re not ready. He’ll do it five plays in a row, on national TV, in front of the world. And he loves nothing more than humiliating you. Because I know this: he humiliated me. It’s a hell of a system they have, and he is the greatest trigger of our lifetime. Look at him! He’s snapping these plays off before the Jets are ready. You can be as multiple as you want on defense, but, when you play Tom Brady, he regulates you. He turns you into [whispered] trash.

John Gruden, talking about THIS guy in the New Yorker: Monday Night Lights.

It is what it is, Big Vince version

“In my stance, I kind of smelt some boo boo." Not what you want to hear, ever.  Less so if you're a Dallas tailback, I guess.

History of a Courtship: Favorite Patriot Teams


History of a Courtship: One fan's favorite Patriot teams.

Belichick on Big Vince: "I thought Vince did a terrific job for us last night. He was out there for...


Belichick on Big Vince: "I thought Vince did a terrific job for us last night. He was out there for a lot of plays. I thought he played hard. He really had an outstanding game. They had a lot of attention directed at him, which is understandable. They had a bunch of double-teams and slides on the protection coming his way, and those type of things. He really played hard and played well and did a lot of things to help us win. I thought it was outstanding, probably one of the best games he's played. And he's played a lot of good ones."

From Mike Reiss, "Acknowledging error with Wilfork," reassessing his "3 up, 3 down" after fan comments and a review of the game tape.

Louis Leonard: Newest Patriot

As reported by The National Football Post: The New England Patriots have agreed to terms with veteran free agent defensive tackle Louis Leonard, according to a league source with knowledge of...


Catch Up.

Bill Belichick is touted as a defensive genius. After the last three years, its time to call him an offensive genius as well.



Before the game, I wrote a bit about the Patriots' youth movement, particularly on defense.  While the comments degenerated (elevated?) into a discussion on the lingo of cricket, the general...


Week 13 Jets vs Patriots: Old Guard? Upstart? Who's Who?

A real look at Monday's game.

Vintage Branch begets Vintage Bill


"He got open and caught some balls. Let's not make it too complicated."


Monday Night Electronic BBQ

Hey all.  Don't feel like I have the juice to throw up a front page marker any time I feel like it any more, but I thought I'd make a parking lot for anyone who wants to hang out, pop a few...


I hate the Jets.

I may have mentioned this. In any case, given that hatred, I must say this pleases me to no end.  It's utterly tasteless, just so you can't say I didn't warn you.


Kissing Cousins?

Hollis Thomas? Wonder if he's related to Adalius Thomas... From The Onion: In an effort to avoid physical exertion, strenuous activity, and standing up, slothful free agent Hollis Thomas told...

MNF: Tennessee v. Houston. They don't like each other.

The last time the Pats played the Saints, New England escaped with a 24-17 victory in Foxboro.  This highlight vid from NFL films features a lot of old friends who aren't around anymore: Branch,...


Pats v. Jets: some unconnected thoughts.

Pats v. Jets: some unconnected thoughts.


Wednesday Re-focus: I Hate the Jets

These two original AFL franchises will meet for the 101st time this week, with the Jest holding a 50-49 advantage; there has been one tie.  The Patriots have played the Jets more than any other...

The New England Kinevals? American Patriators?


Sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone. Pats Helmet concept re-design an Easy Ride to illness.

Time capsule: Plunkett to Vataha keys victory over Colts, December 19, 1971


Patriots-Colts Rewind: Plunkett tops Unitas, first Pats win over the old NFL, December 1971.


Dan Shaughnessy, Randy Moss and the Dangers of Tenure

The Globe's Dan Shaughnessy can't resist taking shots at Randy Moss even as he praises his play. Thank goodness Dan's such an upright citizen or he might look like churlish.

Colts Hobbled? Old Foe Indianapolis has a full infirmary


The Indianapolis Colts will play host to the New England Patriots this Sunday with many key defends out with injury.

Hidden Inches


Hidden Inches: Stephen Gostkowski made the key play in the New England Patriots' 27-17 victory over the Miami Dolphins.

Week 9: Patriots 27 Dolphins 17, Postgame/Late Games Thread


Patriots 27 Dolphins 17: Post-game thread and recap.

GAME THREAD: New England Patriots v. Miami Dolphins, Foxboro, MA, Sunday November 8, 2009, 1:00pm


It's a balmy 66 degrees and sunny at Gillette Stadium today, as your 5-2 New England Patriots prepare to host the 3-4 Miami Dolphins, a fierce intra-division rival who is playing better than its...

Sunday Fish Fry Part 2: Man the Longboats! Patriots offense v. Dolphin D


Sunday Fish Fry Part II: Patriots Offense v. Miami D.

Sunday Fish Fry, Part I: This Chowda not "Dolphin Safe," but pulling in the nets no easy task


The New England Patriots host the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. The Wildcat comes to town and Sunday Fish Fry, Part I rates New England's chances on defense.

Cole: Why are there so many bad teams around the league this year? Belichick: Here’s the only t...

Cole: Why are there so many bad teams around the league this year? Belichick: Here’s the only thing I’ll say: I think to have a really good team in this league, you have to make a lot, a lot of good decisions. You have to have a lot of good people, players, coaches, whatever. You need a lot of those. Conversely, to not be competitive, you would have to have a lot of bad decisions. One bad decision is not going to do it, one bad player is not going to do it, one bad coach is not going to do it. You’re going to have to collectively, over a cumulative period of time, make a long series of bad decisions and accumulate a lot of players who are substandard for their position. There have to be a multitude of things that go wrong. Cole: Because you can keep yourself average for a long time? Belichick: That’s the system. If you don’t have good players, you have money to spend on players. If you have a bunch of good players, you eventually run out of money and you can’t keep them all and somebody else gets them. That’s the system, it keeps everybody average. We’ve seen teams be really good just on coaching. We’ve seen teams be competitive with just a few good players. Q&A with the Hoodie. An excellent interview with Yahoo!'s Jason Cole, the kind of peek under the hoodie that makes you hope he writes it all down at some point. The media are going to focus on the juice, things in here like "everybody is available at the right price." But even the context of that quote reveals the complexity of managing a roster. Comedic.sans had some excellent points about this in comments the other day, and they were borne out perfectly in the quote above. There's more -- what makes a quarterback, what makes a team, competition, priorities. It's a jam-packed quick-shot -- go forth and read it. Mad props to bforce3, whose fanshot scooped this and I failed to see it. Well done, Pulpiteer.

Pryor Experience: Rookie Myron Pryor logging time, clogging the line


Rookie Myron Pryor will have to assume a bigger share of the load for the New England Patriots.

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