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Rainout Refunds 8/16 and 10/1 Has anyone received their refund from the 8/16 game? Mostly...


Rainout Refunds 8/16 and 10/1 Has anyone received their refund from the 8/16 game? Mostly interested in hearing from non season ticket holders who sent in their tickets and asked for a check refund. Your comments may also help inform those who are applying for a refund for last night's game. (No official info on procedures posted yet on


Rosenthal: Furcal to sign with Braves

Rafael Furcal, according to Ken Rosenthal, will sign with the Braves today. Why does this deserve a FanPost? I’m not sure that it does, but it could have tangential influence on the Cubs’...


Will the OF Market Get Started Already?

Is it strange that the Winter Meetings are just about done and none of the various FA OFs that have been discussed (Abreu, Bradley, Dunn, Ibanez) have been signed yet?    And none of the...

OT: A Curious Form of Baseball


For those who enjoy baseball history, here is a new article on a mutant strain of baseball that is played in only three cities in England and Wales. It’s not baseball as we know it, but they have called it baseball since the late 19th century, possibly cashing in on the notoriety of visiting tours by American teams like the White Stockings in the 1870s and 1890s, but also harking back to much older terminology (references to "base ball" have been found in published sources in England as far back as the mid-1600s). Also for those who enjoy curious modern anomalies. It’s kind of like the "Gulla" dialect surviving on those islands off the coast of South Carolina…


Playoff Ticket Draw: No VWR has the scoop on playoff tickets for the first two rounds. In order to be fair, they are having a drawing with everyone's name and address registered online. Presumably, proof of address...

Pat Hughes Calls Daryle Ward's Home Run


By popular demand - an astonished Pat Hughes calls the game winning home run by Daryle Ward in the ninth inning of the Cubs game against the Marlins on August 15th, on WGN 720.


Trade Deadline is Tomorrow

Do you expect the team to stand pat? Do you want them to make a certain move? The Cubs have really been pretty quiet on the trade front all month, but I can’t believe that Hendry isn’t in full...

Soriano's Return


I wrote a lengthy FanPost accompanying this, but the online editor ate it. So I'm just gonna post this quick link here about Soriano saying he may play rookie ball when the Cubs are in Arizona next week.


Rotation Optimization

Lou says  with the three Mondays off in a row, he "may" juggle the rotation to give the team’s best starters more starts, and he names Z, Dempster and Lilly as ones he’d like to get 7 starts each...

Rocking the clubhouse in '03? Or shilling for Gibson guitars? Either way, I always liked this picture.


Rocking the clubhouse in '03? Or shilling for Gibson guitars? Either way, I always liked this picture.


Tribune to sell Cubs, Wrigley in first half 2008

News today that Sam Zell, new owner of the Tribune, plans to sell the team and the park in the first half of 2008. They need to sell assets to help pay down debt as advertising revenue and...


2nd Half Radio Highlights

I enjoyed listening to this on the pre-game today - a collection of Cub highlights as called by Pat Hughes and Ron Santo on WGN.In praise of Ron Santo:  while he can bug the heck out of me during...


For Your Listening Pleasure (Walk-Off Calls x 3)

Just thought I'd cut and paste these from MLB Audio and the WGN post game feed - the walk off home run calls by Len Kasper and Bob Brenly, Pat Hughes and Ron Santo, and Bob Uecker doing the...


Grissom, Sosa, etc.

No one else posted links to these somewhat interesting stories this morning, so I will.1) Marquis Grissom will apparently be offered a minor-league contract by the Cubs. Not a huge deal, but could...


Cubs submit offer for Jones

OK, so it has been mentioned in theory, but now a Chicago media outlet has confirmed that the Cubs have made an offer to Jacques Jones.I disagree with those that say Patterson would be just as good...


Mobile BCB?

As the hot stove gets warmer, I find access to BCB only on the PC is not enough. I want to check for updates on my mobile phone - but the site is not viewable as the "page is too large."Is there...


Who Needs Three?

Who needs three?Unfortunately, I won't be making a planned trip to Chicago next week, so I'm stuck with tickets bought in February for the June 8th day game against the Blue Jays. If any BCB reader...


Fantasies Don't Come True

Which Cubs are on your fantasy team? Are you sorry you picked them? I was out of town when my league had its in-person draft in March. I had to have a friend pick my team (don't ever let that...

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