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Wizards impressed by Vesely's play at Eurobasket

Wittman is apparently "beyond pleased" with Vesely's play. Leonsis also noted Vesely's strong play in a recent blog post: Finally, Vesely so far is the tournament leader in rebounds and second in points:

4th best 5 man lineup in NBA

Wall-Beal-Webster-Nene-Okafor. If that starting lineup can maintain that level of play for the remainder of the season then I's say the team is in a better place than any of us could've realistically expected.

The workout between Barnes and Beal wasn’t exactly a fair fight. Beal is a shooting guard, while...

The workout between Barnes and Beal wasn’t exactly a fair fight. Beal is a shooting guard, while Barnes is more of a small forward — although at least one NBA team (the Washington Wizards) believes Barnes could also play shooting guard. That’s a bit surprising, since one of the biggest knocks on Barnes is his inability to handle the basketball. The Wizards, however, love his 6-foot-8 frame and are intrigued by the thought of Barnes playing alongside John Wall.

Why Gee signed with the Spurs

On March 29, Gee gave it all up to sign with the Spurs, agreeing to spend the remainder of the season on the inactive list. With one stroke of his pen, he went from NBA starter to wearing a suit on game nights. Why? "The Spurs were going to the playoffs," Gee said Wednesday from Las Vegas, where he scored 24 points in the Spurs' 89-84 summer-league win over Atlanta. "There's nothing like being with an organization when they're going to the playoffs. It's a whole other level, and I wanted to be a part of it." The Spurs won a mini bidding war with Washington for Gee's services, agreeing to guarantee a small sum for the 2010-11 season as well. And so, Gee sat behind the bench in his Sunday best for the final 20 games of the season, including playoff series against Dallas and Phoenix.

Mike Lee tweets about John Wall

"John Wall is tearing up this practice. Getting to the hoop @ will, tossing lobs to JaVale McGee & hitting Js. Kid's put in work on that J"

The Wiz Will Buy Picks

The Wiz Will Buy Picks: The one thing Wizards fans can take solace in is new owner Ted Leonsis loves draft picks. The Wizards currently hold the #1, the #30 and the #35 picks in the 2010 NBA Draft. Team president Ernie Grunfeld has told more than a few agents he has the green light to move around the draft if he wants to, and buying picks out for cash has already been approved. Sources near the situation say Grunfeld has one more year to get the Wizards moving in the right direction or he'll be replaced next summer. This draft and the impending free agency is important to Ernie's job security and as a result some insiders believe he Wizards could be extremely active on draft night, a role usually played by the Portland Trail Blazers. The Wizards have six players that will likely be under contract next season, meaning they need a minimum of seven players between the draft and free agency. With John Wall being the centerpiece of the Wizards draft plan, surrounding him with a few of his peers in this class looks likely. Sources close to the situation say the Wizards could look to load up Oklahoma City style, in what most experts' belief to be a very deep draft in terms of roster level players that could be available in the bottom of the first round or the early parts of the second. Look for the Wizards to be a bit busier than normal; Ernie Grunfeld's job depends on it.


Which players do you like 15 and below (after lottery)?

  Michael Lee wrote yesterday: Leonsis has made it clear that he would like to get another first-round pick. From what I've been told, the Wizards are eagerly in pursuit of adding a pick that...

Monroe declares for draft

Rook, you're now obligated to do another draft profile!

Differences between Gilbert Arenas and Washington Wizards may be irreconcilable

"If your own franchise, the people you considered family, weren't there for you when you needed them most, would you want to play for them and be around them anymore?" said the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Arenas "was wrong for bringing guns into the locker room, and it's going to mean pleading guilty to a felony. It's serious business. But the way this came out and how Ernie and the organization handled the facts makes you wonder if he will ever play for them again."

TMZ: Gilbert Arenas Wants To Cop A Plea

Editor's Note: We've discussed this in the previous FanShot, but let's move all discussion on this here.

Greg Doyle: "Talk of Arenas lifetime ban is ludicrous"

I can't say I'm much of a Greg Doyle fan normally, but this is definitely one of the most reasonable takes on the situation IMHO.

Grand Jury Bound?

Editor's Note, via Mike: From TMZ, so consider the source, but this is troubling and indicates the tone by which everyone ( enforcement officials and the NBA) is taking with this story.

NBA Payrolls

Feel free to follow the link but here are the goods: NBA payrolls (as of June 30, 7:30 a.m., with trades, signings, these will adjust) 1. New Orleans $77,575,998 2. L.A. Lakers $76,759,733 3. Washington $75,808,291 4. Cleveland $74,493,925 5. Boston $73,376,991 6. Utah 72,049,799 7. San Antonio $71,135,775 8. Dallas $70,394,830 9. New York $70,353,475 10. Miami $69,681,632 11. Denver $68,741,314 12. Orlando $68,065,216 13. Houston $65,392,249 14. Chicago $63,881,972 15. Milwaukee $62,552,327 16. Phoenix $61,222,538 17. Philadelphia $58,468,491 18. Golden State $58,078,605 19. L.A. Clippers $57,984,404 20. Indiana $57,786,131 21. Charlotte $56,575,697 22. New Jersey $54,716,027 23. Sacramento $53,841,550 24. Minnesota $50,867,220 25. Portland $48,675,767 26. Toronto $46,092,020 27. Atlanta $42,799,583 28. Oklahoma City $41,766,515 29. Detroit $39,002,577 30. Memphis $37,719,633

Bucks deal Jefferson to Spurs

I guess this rules out a trade with the Spurs or the Bucks.


a possible trade - my own speculation

Larry Hughes & and the Knicks' 8th for Thomas, James and the 5th I'm throwing it out there as a possibility though I'd like to see Grunfeld get something more interesting this offseason.  We do...

A rumor surfaced this month that the Wizards called the Spurs with an offer for him, and maybe all...

A rumor surfaced this month that the Wizards called the Spurs with an offer for him, and maybe all of this made Ginobili wonder if the ground had shifted. Asked by the Argentine press this week whether he thought he could be traded, he said "impossible" had lost a few letters.

Wizards seek trade for Ginobli?

As the draft approaches, there's an old debate about drafting for need vs. taking the best...

As the draft approaches, there's an old debate about drafting for need vs. taking the best available player. There are strong cases to be made for both. But lately, I've started thinking it depends on the stage of your team's development. My over-riding thought is that in all player acquisition, draft or otherwise, if you can see a path to a title, you take it. Period. Winning draft day, or winning a trade, is nothing compared to winning titles. So, if you run a team that you think can win a title with a speedy point guard like Jeff Teague, then dammit, you take Jeff Teague and don't worry about what anybody else says. I'm sure we have all played gin rummy. In this case, Jeff Teague is that seven you have been waiting for all game. When you get that piece, you lay down all your cards and say "rummy," even if it means discarding an ace. On the other hand, when the cards have just been dealt, who wants a seven? At that stage of the game, you are willing to displace just about any card to accommodate whatever queen, king or ace might stray your way. The point being: If you are a piece or two from a title, just get that piece. But of course, most teams aren't, and I bet they're better off taking the player they believe -- with some clever long-term judgment -- to be the best available.

the least with most?

From a Cavs: The Blog post: You know how everyone always talks about players who get “the most with the least” and usually talk about great athletes who...



I know there are more interesting things to talk about just a day before Arenas's return, but given that we've discussed Jamison's relationship with the young Wizards on numerous occassions this...


another theory on mcgee

OK, so there's Tapscott's explanation:   Players have to earn their time on the court.  If they lack experience and get caught too often out of position, then they're gonna get limited playing...

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