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Five Myths About Doug Baldwin

via This is how Doug Baldwin reacted to this post. In my mind. 1. Doug Baldwin is not a mammal. Fact: Doug Baldwin is a ninja. Fact: Ninjas are memmals. Therefore, Doug...


Johnny Slick's Playoff Picks The Wild Card Round And Is Using The Word Picks As A Verb In This Case Which Doesn't Explain The Use of the Possessive But Stop Talking About That

It's time for my PICKSTRAVAGANZA, peoples! I know what that word means because I just made it up. You might think that it is a portmanteau of "pick" and "extravaganza" but what you do not know is...


Help a new Pacers fan out!

So... I am a Seattle native, and that right there should probably tell you all that you need to know about why I stopped following the NBA 5 years ago. That was rough, especially given that the...


Johnny Slick's Wild Card Picks!

With all due respect to Kenneth Arthur and Jacson and all the other Seahawks fans who put together weekly predictions, it has come to my attention that there is in fact one aspect of pick-dom which...


FG-Centric Black Monday Thread So You Don't Have To Talk To Eagles Fans To Discuss Andy Reid

Brief recap: Romeo Crennel (Chiefs) is out the door but GM Scott Pioli stays for some reason (at least for now). Lovie Smith is gone. Stupid, stupid. In a SHOCKING twist, Norv Turner is out of...


Your 2014 Seattle Mariners! A Fanboyish, Hyper-Optimistic Outlook

I think it's clear by now that the team is not really going to compete for the 2013 AL West title. I, for one, am fairly okay with that; Texas is really, really good, and Oakland and Anaheim are...

Home field advantage the past 2 weeks: +8


In case you needed more evidence than your own two eyes as to how horrible the refs have been...


Heckles: Regular Season Week One: Seattle at Arizona

It's time for some regular season heckles! Stun your opponent (if you happen to be a Seahawks fan)! Get people to look at you funny (if you use these at all)!


Seahawks Heckles: Preseason Edition: Week (One): Tennessee Titans

In honor of our first preseason game, a new round of anti-Seahawks opponents' heckles!


The OT Thread - Top 10 Animals of All Time That Are Not Extinct

I feel I needed the caveat there, as otherwise you NERDS would be all "NO DUBMASS THE CORRECT ANSWER IS TIKTALIK" and then we'd get into arguments involving Latin names for creatures nobody has...


Demeaning Nicknames and Potential Heckles for Seahawks

So with the recent EXPLOSION, nay, SEXPLOSION of witty names involving Tarvaris Jackson ("T-Joke", "T-Suck", "T-Jokesuck"), I think it's high time and only fair to come up with some for our other S...

Seahawks beat the Ravens, Ravens beat the 49ers. This is INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE that Seattle is...


Seahawks beat the Ravens, Ravens beat the 49ers. This is INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE that Seattle is better than San Francisco. IN DIS PU TA BLE.

Baldwin #1 WR, Marshawn Lynch #5 RB in DVOA


See also: Charlie Whitehurst being ranked ahead of TJax despite having fewer yards and a lower completion percentage. Small sample size, but it looks like the sacks did it.

OT: Top things I have ever read on message boards

  1. If the Gaints dont make the playoffs or a l
  2. Hinske is a bust there ear.
  3. Nobody said anything about a car waash
  4. (okay, I could only think of three things and one of them is obscure)
  5. (please add your own)

Funk Sunking for Lunk Part I

I admit I had to replace a couple of consonants in the title to get across what I really wanted to say. I am seeing a lot of people extolling the supposed virtues of tanking the year in order to...


Grading Aaron Curry

So, how good should we have expected Aaron Curry to be? Just for the heck of it, I took a look at all linebackers picked between the #2 and #6 picks in the NFL draft from 1991 to 2004. 2004 was so...

Remember, Hawks fans! Things could always get worse!


You just can't make this stuff up. Not only did the Rrrrrrraidas draft the Perfect Rrrrrrrraida in Terrelle Pryor, they overpaid to get him (a 3rd round pick!). What's the over-under on him ending his career with more completions than JaMarcus Russell?


Kevin Kolb and QB stats

I'm seeing a LOT of citations of QB rating lately. Guys, look. I get that it's one number you can look at to get an idea of a player's passing ability. I like that aspect of it, don't get me wrong....


Nolan Ryan and BABIP

First I want to make clear that I think that Nolan Ryan was a good baseball player. I don’t like to pass out terms like “great” or “best” lightly and so won’t use them to describe him, but at the...


An idea I have for looking at historical QBs

If I ever get the time / find a point in the future where I need to complete a report for class but get a major case of the procrastinations, I'll see if I can do this with all Seahawk quarterbacks...

Voros McCracken, 11 years later


I remember reading his stuff back in the day on At one point he looked like he was going to parley DIPS into a major league career. Too bad.

For some reason, this has gone from being the most annoying commercial on the NFL Network to my...


For some reason, this has gone from being the most annoying commercial on the NFL Network to my favorite of all time.


Best play in Seahawks history?

Feel free to explain your non-MARSHAWN LYNCH favorites below. I'm going to go ahead and say that this was probably my favorite play ever in Seahawks' history. My reasoning: - It was the greatest...

Geoff Baker - "I Like To Smoke Crack"


Okay, that's not literally in the article, but in this article he posts that if the Mariners hadn't traded for Erik Bedard, the M's would have been a .500 ballclub. Um... huh? George Sherrill would have magically caused Richie Sexson and Jose Vidro to not suck? Not pressured by the presence of Kam Mickiolo in the minors, JJ Putz wouldn't have gotten hurt? Adam Jones would have been an improvement over Brad Wilkerson in the outfield but in fairness the M's cut bait on Wilk pretty quickly.


Top 5 Baseball Deaths

So I have a fascination with history in general, baseball history in particular, and also a morbid curiousity with strange deaths. In yesterday's postgame page I made a quick note about one of the...

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