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Providing packet-popping pixel power every day in Portland, Jomo is the chief technologist for Mungai Media. When not working, or spending time with his family and friends, you can catch him on Xbox Live attempting to improve his pathetic gamerscore.

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TrueHoop TV: Trade deadline ideas


Henry Abbott says here's an idea from left field: Sell high on LaMarcus Aldridge and start the rebuild process now. I have mixed feelings because how much I love & respect LA's game...but one of the knocks often thrown by his haters is his lack of leadership...and I'm beginning to wonder if they are right. If anyone is able to sway the team into a potential mutiny on his watch, on his team...what does that say?

2011-2012 NBA Schedules (csv or iCal)


Download 2011-2012 NBA Schedules into Outlook, iCal, or Google Calendar. Right click on csv or iCal icon, Save to computer, Import into calendar. Note: Didn't check them for accuracy.


Make our (their) voice heard.

We all know that the lockout is affecting workers...bars...the everyman.  Much has been said on the topic about how this goes beyond just fans wanting to see the games.  I really want to highlight...

Blazers have one of the top 10 five-man units in the NBA


Blazers have one of the top 10 five-man units in the NBA (minimum of 200 minutes played; 68 lineups total). Other teams represented in the top 10: Dallas, Boston, Indiana, Lakers, Spurs, Miami

Sports fans aren't the best spellers...much less linguists. Here is the proof.


JRW & Dave's Fraternizing with the Enemy posts were a great read. After reading them I spent some time over at Pounding the Rock and found that they have their own lexicon. Classic. Made me wonder if Bedge has its own lexicon posted somewhere...and who would belong in the offical Blazersedge Lexicon Hall of Fame. Nominations below:


The most telling stats from last nights win over Miami...

...other than the "W" itself, is in minutes played per player (Trail Blazers vs Heat boxscore).When I noticed this, it really got me excited about our future:

Bill Simmons got this part right...for once.


Used to be a big fan of Bill Simmons...but lately he tends to rub me the wrong way. But he's right here about the NFL ownership. Dunno how much of a risk he's taking with this piece...but someone needed to say this.


What's the best current frontcourt configuration for the new post-trade-deadline Blazers?

First-time posting a FanPost...long time reader...big Blazer fan.  So I'm following the the trades and find out the news and I'm getting excited watching Gerald Wallace finish plays on Youtube.  I...

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