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Lifelong baseball fan that loves the endless possibilities that exist in analyzing this beautiful game.

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Saber-friendly baseball crossword puzzle


Already not knowing what to do with yourself now that the offseason is upon us? Relax and test your sabermetrics and baseball IQ with this fun crossword puzzle.

Basic 2013 PITCHf/x velocity park effects


Calculating basic PITCHf/x velocity park effects and discussing the sources of error that are inherent in the numbers.

Strikeout pitch sequences, by location


We take another look at the most common pitch sequences to lead to strikeouts, but this time from the perspective of the pitch locations.

A strike zone formula and plate discipline stats


Can we derive a formula that accurately describes the MLB strike zone? We make an attempt, and then investigate how plate discipline stats based on this definition look compared to other common...

Strikeout Pitch Sequences


Have you ever wondered what sequence of pitches is the most common to lead to a strikeout? We take a look around the league and at individual pitchers in 2013.

When Starters Face the Same Team Twice in a Row


Does the opposing offense gain an advantage when seeing a starting pitcher twice in short succession? Does the pitcher change his game plan in the second meeting?

Investigating the "Lefty Strike"


The strike zone is called differently depending on the handedness of the hitter in the box. We examine the area furthest off the plate called regularly for strikes to see how left-handed hitters...

How and When does Velocity Change During a Start?


Taking a look at fastball velocity trends of starting pitchers over the course of a typical game.

What Starters Throw as the Game Progresses


A look at pitch selection for starting pitchers as they face the same hitters multiple times in the same game.

AL East Pitching Coach Philosophies


Sampling pitching coach philosophies around the American League East and examining how well teams are executing to date in 2013.

Derek Holland's Changeup


The Rangers' southpaw arrived in the big leagues with scouting reports touting his changeup as his best offspeed pitch. We examine the decline of its success at the major league level and a...

Pitch Quality Measure: Location and now Velocity!


If we look only at pitch characteristics like type, location, velocity and movement, can be build a measure of a pitcher that correlates well with actual performance? The quest continues, as we add...

2013 Closers: Pitch Location vs Velocity


Building on the strike zone pitch location quality metric introduced last week, we look at how 2013 closers fare in locating their pitches in combination with pitch velocity.

What makes a good pitch within the strike zone?


What makes a pitch within the strike zone successful? We attempt to examine this question by looking at one characteristic of a pitch - its location within the zone.

Pitchers who move or drop down based on the batter


Taking a look at a group of major league pitchers who shift on the mound or change their arms slots depending on which side of the plate the batter is standing.

Is adding extra oomph on a fastball dangerous?


Examining how pitchers behave as the strikes mount in a plate appearance and whether this behavior could make them more susceptible to injury.

Pitch F/X Park Effects Case Study: Tampa Bay Rays


Raw Pitch F/X pitch type classifications suggest vastly different types of fastballs used in Rays games played at home versus on the road in 2012. We dive in to investigate the matter, looking at...

Basic Pitch F/X Park Effects


Pitch F/X reports velocity, movement and release point information for every pitch thrown in a major league game. If the same pitch is thrown in Tampa Bay and Seattle, will the recorded pitch...

Tommy John Surgery and Pitch Movement, Part I


A look at the pitch movement achieved by pitchers in the years immediately preceding Tommy John as compared to the league average pitcher.

Cleveland Indians: Practicing Patience


The Cleveland Indians have a core of young, up-the-middle players that have led their offensive attack over the past two seasons. We examine swing rate characteristics of three of these players in...

Tim Lincecum and Working the Edges


Keeping the ball away from the middle of the strike zone is clearly a desirable trait for a pitcher. Just how much can hitting the edges of the plate mean to a pitcher?

Older, but faster?


Often speed is a tool that peaks at an earlier age than other baseball tools. We examine those players who broke the mold and hit their stolen base stride in their 30s.

Pirates: Running Game Trade-Off Analysis


The Pirates organization decided to place an emphasis on pitch quality and location in potential stolen base situations at the expense of effective control of the running game. We take a look at...

Baseball and Christmas Carols Game


This time of year, you're bound to hear Christmas carols playing everywhere. At the mall, on the radio, in the elevator, you can't escape it. Whether you enjoy them or not, here is a fun...

Revisiting Dan Duquette and the Cutter


Back in August, Baltimore Orioles' Dan Duquette created a buzz when he professed his distaste for the cutter, or cut fastball. He stated several reasons for his position: but could there be one...

Proof that saber-leaning teams use linear weights?


A look at the Rays' pitching staff since the arrival of Jim Hickey, changes in pitch usage over that time, and a league-wide comparison of pitch type linear weights and pitch usage.

L is for LOB%: A Sabermetrics Alphabet Leaderboard


Most of you will either remember reading alphabet books as kids, or are now reading them to your kids like me. Here is a sabermetrics alphabet leaderboard from 2012 for the kid in you.

Does how far a batter hits the ball predict HRs?


Can we make use of how far batters hit the ball to predict future power production?

What can be expected from Alexi Ogando in 2013?


Alexi Ogando is another talented Texas Rangers pitcher that has seen his pitching role oscillate between the rotation and the bullpen. Having been told he will be a starting pitcher in 2013, what...

How does changing leagues affect K% for batters?


Between trading and free agency, every year there are a number of hitters who find themselves playing on a new team in a new league. Does changing leagues have any noticeable impact on their...

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