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Ohio State Alum born in Warren, OH. Current Pitt law student. Pittsburgh sports fan by family, not choice (thanks mom and dad for being from Pittsburgh though, that worked out well).

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Because everyone should laugh at this/Michigan like me


Someone is selling Denard's game used and signed Cowboy Classic jersey (better known as the night Alabama stampeded Michigan like the scene from Jumanji) on eBay. but the real humor lies in Denard's inscription of "Bama Got Lucky." I appreciate his ability to poke fun at himself and the program by extension. Thank you for having a sense of humor Denard. Also, I made it through this whole FanShot without making a cash for autographs/jerseys joke. Until now.


Ask a Buckeye!

Hello Spartan friends. I'm Jon Ross, a 22 year old Ohio State senior, however, I attended Clarkston High School in Michigan (Idk if you've heard of it, it's exit 89 off 75) so the majority of my...


Because we can only break down the roster so many times before camp: Let's do a 5 favorite albums thread!

The headline pretty much sums it up. Like most of you, I'll debate the merits of a 6th WR vs. an 8th LB on the official 53 any day of the week, but with camp still a few weeks away and only the...


Now I'm spending all day Tuesday with Mike Vrabel and his family, who's going to be cooler? Place your bets.

If you saw my Bo Pelini post you know the drill. If not, check that one out to get an idea of what's going on. Here is a quick refresher: I work at Cedar Point, half of my job is giving VIP tours,...


Spending all day Thursday with Bo Pelini and his family, what should I say?

I work at Cedar point as a marketing intern/VIP tour guide. The Pelini family is taking the VIP tour. I'm their guide aka I have 8 hours to kill with him. What should I ask haha? Taking requests....


Ask A Buckeye!

Good evening friends, and welcome to the Final Four, of course, you need no welcoming from me, as you guys are pretty used to this whole "Final Four" business. Anyway, I'm a junior here at Ohio...


Ask a Buckeye!

My name is Jon Ross, I'm an alcoho-- uh, I mean, a college football addict. Um, yeah, that's it. Anyway, I go to Ohio State and am offering you, the good folks here at Alligator Army, the chance to...


Would you trade anyone for Asante Samuel?

Put on your Kevin Colbert hat for a minuet and play fantasy GM (because lord knows none of us are qualified enough to play real GM). With Philly's signing Nnamdi today, rumor has it that Asante...


Ask a Buckeye!

Editor's note: Now that Bobby Petrino has stepped decisively off the coaching carousel, we can return our attention to the true matter at hand - the Sugar Bowl. And, in a nice stroke of luck for...

this sucks


looks like Starks could be out for the season. Do we move Flozell back to LT?


roy williams (the WR)?



if there was ever an argument for new wingers...

(preface: trading Malkin is incredibly stupid, and i no way am i suggesting that, FWIW)...then this Montreal-Philadelphia series (and really, so was Philly-NJ) is making a strong case. The Flyers...


reaction to the santonio holmes trade: where we go from here

first off, before i talk about whats next for our Steelers, i need to say this; i loved Santonio Holmes,

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