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After spending the most pivotal nine years of my life in Colorado I find my self wandering the earth in search of the community and feeling that was Colorado. Boy sometimes you just miss the mountains. The best memory I have as a Bronco Fan was October 29, 2006. With the Colts in town, A friend of mine got me 50yrd line tickets as a birthday present. During a TV Time out, Darrentt Williams comes over and I ask him for his autograph and we start talking. As soon as he finds out it is my birthday I get pictures, autographs and hand shakes from almost every guy on the team. The memento I will never part with is the hat that was DWill's sideline hat that the whole team autographed for me that day. Even though we lost the Broncos secured their place as my team forever that day. Darrentt you will be missed by so many!

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  • MLB Colorado Rockies
  • NBA Denver Nuggets
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF USC Trojans
  • NCAAB USC Trojans
  • NHL Colorado Avalanche
  • Golf Natalie Gulbis
  • EPL Liverpool
  • MLS Colorado Rapids
User Blog

Roster Projections Pre-Training Camp

Hello friends, it has been almost a year since I have posted anything and thought I would come back with a little debate fodder for you! Below is a picture of my projected roster minus two spots...


For those Bronco Fans Who have served....

Greetings all, I want to take this opportunity to remind us all of something very important. Those of our fellow Bronco Fans who have served. MHR has always been a close knit family and regardless...


Alaska, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos

Those of you who have read this site for a while may know me. For those of you who do not let me give you a little background. I moved to Denver in Summer 1998 and immediately became a Bronco fan!...


Perspectives from the Outside

Greetings all it has been some time since I wrote a post or even a thoughtful comment. There are reasons for that and I will explain but I also have some expectations for the offseason.



This is not an Anti-Tebow post. This is not a Pro-Tebow post. This is not a Tebow post. This is a post that asks a few questions about you as a fan and your expectations. I want to know what you...


Broncos- A Dark Horse

I have just posted my latest article up at Alaska Sports Live. When the season starts, I do a bi-weekly column for the website about the NFL called "Red Zone Review." This week I did an NFL...


The "undrafted stud" Myth

I have read and re-read posts, comments and snide remarks here on MHR talking about Which UDFA or waiver wire guy everyone thinks will be this years "Rod Smith" or the like. First off I think that...


Dear Mr. Bowlen

I know you have been one of the best owner in the NFL over the last few years. Always doing the classy thing and keeping a good relationship with your fans. However sir I must voice a complaint.


Jon Tollerud's Expectations this season

I have listened to everyone's musings on who should start at QB and still don't care. I have also paid attention to the many reports from camp on here and other sites. After much thought and...


A Preliminary Depth Chart With Holes!

After the Jump I will post my preliminary Depth Chart. There are some holes. I also cut some of the people on the roster. This is strictly my opinion and I know I will get beat up for a few of the...


A Roster Breakdown

So I think some people are ready to call it in on our team. We need to sign 600 College Free Agents, and 400 Free Agents on our team now or we will pick #1 in the draft.  Based on earlier...


Mile High Report and The Fans

Recently MHR was given access to interview COO Joe Ellis. As a fan blog that is a huge deal. Some people have wondered why and I am posting to give my thoughts. 


Orton? Tebow? The Broncos? Who Is your choice?

The name of this post may sound incredibly silly to some of you but a lot of comments recently made not only on this site but other Bronco Sites have got me thinking about our fan-base. our great...


The John Fox Effect: Rosters

So I have been doing a little digging and thinking about John Fox and his coaching history. I have come up with a few roster numbers for the MHR Family. Keep in mind this is just based on his past...


B.J. Raji and the power of an impact player

So I was watching the Packers, Bears game and I was mostly watching the impact B.J. Raji was having in the game. I was surprised at the impact he had commanding not just double but triple teams on...


Options for the General Manager and Head Coach of the Denver Broncos

After a lot of time and thought on my part, my opinion is very simple. First off, you must know that I was not a fan of firing Josh McDaniels. That said, it has happened and it is time to move on....


A Break for Passionate fans

Weird title right? For those of you who know me and have read my posts and comments over the last almost four years, you will know I TRY my best to remain sarcastic and up beat. However recently...


MHR University- Extra Credit Options

  Welcome to MHR University, Our resident Professor Steve Nichols aka HoosierTeacher provides you with in-depth analysis of all the formations, running, passing and defense you could ever desire. I...


Jay Cutler, Peyton Hillis, Brandon Marshall, Alphonso Smith and FOOTBALL

Before you glance over my post, this is not about how I want all these guys back and what mistakes we have made. This is about football. Like it or love it there are many parts of professional...

Why didn't we make a play for Trevor Pryce? or did we? the dude is playing for a little more than...


Why didn't we make a play for Trevor Pryce? or did we? the dude is playing for a little more than vet minimum so Coach I gotta ask... WHAT THE *%$#!?!

Who doesn't want to have this guy as a QB?


Who doesn't want to have this guy as a QB?


Broncos will be one of the teams to set the precedent!

Our beloved Denver Broncos may be one of the teams that set the precedent for the rookie wage scale. Pat Bowlen is one of the major players when it comes to the owners side of things in the NFL. We...


Just Because they're gone...

Ok I am starting to get a little upset with a few posts here and there. Here are the things that boil my blood a bit...


Food for thought

There have been some great posts coming up here on MHR which is why I love this place! To be very blunt and straight forward some of it got me thinking! Who fits in our system and who doesn't? Guys...


Thoughts on this years draft...

So in doing my usual research on players I have made some interesting thoughts about certain players and positions when it comes to our Broncos. Just figured I would share them as discussion...


Are we Bronco Fans?

First of I would like to start by saying I love this site, I enjoy the comments the opinions and the back and forth we all bring to the table. I have been very busy of late and injured which has...


While they are still fresh in my mind...

There is a lot to say about our Beloved Broncos this season. 8-8 was not in my head i was a 9-7 guy two historically bad games under coach McDaniels lead to this. I don't play the blame game and...


Brandon Marshall worth the $....

I had the pleasure on Sunday watching the game with FirstFan up here in Alaska and one question I posed to him and figured I would pose to the community at large is are we feeding Brandon Marshall...


All I want for Christmas is a #2 Receiver and......

So I usually don't do a lot of post game thoughts or anything like that because i like to look at an entire body of work before I give my opinion, I like to be a little educated. However I have a...


The NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement: A New Plan of Action

  The NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement: A New Plan of Action                 It's time for a solution to the problem. There are a lot of things going into this but here is my take. I know that...

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