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Totti Tuesday: The Doll


A draw! A draw! My kingdom for a draw!

Totti Tuesday: The River


Transfer talk, river rumors, dreaming of Dembele and banking on Batman to save the day.

Totti Tuesday


Flashbacks, raving priests and the beauty of Taddei. They should concern us all. Why? Find out on this week's brand new Totti Tuesday!

Totti Tuesday


About Rolex watches, GTA V and Kate Upton's Rocky Moutains.

Totti Tuesday


Will JonAS make the ultimate sacrifice? Will his Nokia survive WO III? Will Beethoven admit Roma's musical dominance? All this and more in this week's brand new Totti Tuesday!

Totti Tuesday


Unstoppable like a train, smooth like Hank Moody, graceful like a butterfly, unpredictable like Miley Cyrus. Roma.

Totti Tuesday


Seven's the charm. Roma marches on while we take a look at Emma Watson, Megan Fox and Giuly trying to launch his NBA career.

Totti Tuesday


This week: the rules of a catwalk, how to unlock a door with your private parts and surprising your girlfriends with, ehrrrr... something shiny and hard.

Totti Tuesday


Name me one average British 80s group? Is it a good idea to mix one's balls in spaghetti? And why are girls soaking wet after dates at the cinema? This week's Totti Tuesday offers all the coverage...

Womé Wednesday


Ethanol or water? Do you know any African love songs? Why do you ALWAYS need condoms when at college parties? And can you keep your hands out of your pants after reading this week's JonAS Roma...

Wilhelmsson Wednesday


Who is gonna be Roma's Nick Fury? Does Taddei possess any superhero powers? How to dodge the dullness in your relationship? And are camels more awesome than wolfs in a club's crest? Read your...

Wahab Wednesday


Who the hell is Wahab? Why marry Totti? Will NSA shut down Chiesa di Totti after today? And can Florenzi play the slutty or shy ex? Maybe both? Find all the answers in this week's Totti Tue......

Totti Tuesday


Star Trekkin', saying Voldemort out loud,why Roma desperately need Jack Nicholson at Trigoria and the truth about mothers and your manlihood.

Totti Tuesday: 'Confessions of a Romaholic'


Running around naked, exploring mines, explaining racism towards Belgians and talking about rules in Church. Your annual, insane season preview and proper guide on 'how to act as a Giallorosso' by...

Totti Tuesday: 'Turbulence, Men in Black & yogurt’


Did Benatia really go to jail in America? Could JonAS Roma be Borriello's love interest? What is Simplicio cooking in the kitchen? You want answers? Find them in this week's Totti Tuesday!

Totti Tuesday


Pallota's Queen addiction, keepers exchanging tears, the main reason why one should evade the city of Livorno, nasty 1D-concerts and much more. Check out this week's Totti Tuesday!

Totti Tuesday


Does JonAS Roma need to go in rehab? Will the phone number of Lopez' dentist help? Can Sabatini walk on water? And is it AS Boston or Roma Celtics? Find out on this week's Totti Tuesday!

Totti Tuesday


An ode to Roma's youngsters, discovering to the origins of the Rolling Stones, asking Spongebob for assists AND a quick guide to the Kangaroo Song. Check out this week's Totti Tuesday people!

Totti Tuesday


Pop quiz! Come on in and win a shiny prize! The winner gets his very own limelight in one of the next Totti Tuesdays! ... Ow yeah and we also have some Rudi Garcia and mercato news, nothing important.

Totti Tuesday: ‘Star Wars, GameBoy & Cupid’


Why are women so attracted to Ryan Gosling? Can the president of Napoli afford a GameBoy? Will Jeremy Clarkson obey speed limits in Rome? And who is marrying JonAS Roma? All the answers and much...

Totti Tuesday


A complete and honest review of each and every squad member of the 'glorious' season 2012-2013. JonAS Roma promises no swearing, cursing or insulting. No really. Just a little bit of girl talk,...

Totti Tuesday


Will you survive Jim Carrey on lsd? Is Obama too afraid to support Roma? Who is gonna pay JonAS Roma's neighbors for the damage caused after the derby? And does Tachtsidis secretly wear a cape?...

Totti Tuesday


Why did JonAS Roma have a bad youth? Is Taddei welcome at Berlusconi's parties? Are you excited about a possible Loria return as well? And what is Roma's plan B against Snorlax? Totti Tuesday has...

Totti Tuesday


Can Barbie ride a pony? Is... this.... SPARTAAAAA?! What's the link between Kim Kardashian and Palermo's butt? And why can't Taylor Swift write happy songs? Find out all the answers and more on...

Marco Motta Monday


Is it possible to stay only one night in Paris? What's the relationship between Ashton Kutcher and Fiorentina? And more importantly, where has Totti Tuesday gone? Find the answers on this week's...

Totti Tuesday


Is there something going on between Lobont and Catwoman? Are U2 and R.E.M. good juju for Roma's Olimpico? Will Florenzi be cast in the next Terminator movie? And who needs Lewandowski when you have...

Totti Tuesday


Who can match Zeman's smoking record? Does a sextape of Marilyn Manson even exist? Will anyone find out about JonAS Roma's secret stash of grid girls? And of course, some football-related stuff as...

Totti Tuesday


Why is the Roman derby unique? Can Totti afford a cane? What's the link between Emma Watson and Andreazzoli? When will AS Roma give the Joker a contract? Totti Tuesday gives you all the answers and...

Totti Tuesday


What's the link between sour cream and Berlusconi? Can Roma make the Expendables cry? And why does Lobont feature in The Da Vinci Code? Totti Tuesday gives you all the answers AND more!

Totti Tuesday


Due to international break, it has been a rather quiet week for Giallorossi wordwide. Expect for JonAS Roma, who's celebrating one year of Totti Tuesday alongside Batman, Chuck Norris and of...

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