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B1G 2011 // Purdue Point/Counterpoint


A 6-6 record gets Danny Hope to the postseason, the ultimate benchmark for a struggling program.

B1G 2011 // Indiana 4th and 3


It's 4th and 3 with 1:00 to play in the Fourth Quarter and Indiana is on the opponent's 20 yard line down by 5. What play do they run and why?

B1G 2011 // IU Cocktail Party Preview


Although Wilson lacks college head coaching experience and a defensive pedigree, he does have excellent ties to the Midwest (having coached at Miami, Ohio and Northwestern on Randy Walker's staff)...

Is It Time for Jim Tressel to Go?


Less than a few miles from the floor of the Rose Bowl, where fifteen short months ago I watched Tressel and the Buckeyes celebrate in a sea of confetti after a surprising defeat of Oregon, I had an...

Dear Nebraska, Welcome to the Big Ten...From Ohio State


Dear Cornhuskers. Welcome aboard. We're pleased to have you.

Will Either Division Dominate the Big Ten in 2011?


Like it or not it looks on paper like the Big Ten will benefit from a fairly balanced divisional lineup in 2011

Memorable Milestones - The Bowls


Here is the biggest game, best win, worst loss and greatest moment of the 2010 bowl season.

Memorable Milestones - November


If October separates the men from the boys, November defines bragging rights for a full calender year. It's the month where rivalries live.Here is the biggest game, best win, worst loss and...

It's all right, that's okay, you can work for him someday...


For the second time in as many weeks it's my privilege to welcome a new member to our editorial team. Chadnudj is a Northwestern alum who studied law at Virginia and works in Chicago as a plaintiff's class action attorney. Most of you already know him as a regular on the site, but if you've ever traveled to Ryan Field you're probably familiar with another of his pursuits. Since 2009, he's been the stadium DJ for Northwestern football games. As he describes the gig: "In exchange for a parking spot near the stadium for post-game tailgates with me and my friends, I've been up in the press box, playing music and (most notably) being the guy that plays the 'growl growl' sound as frequently as possible whenever the Wildcats do something well." In other words, he's every Iowa fan's worst nightmare. Chad's addition means we officially have a stronger CV than ESPN. Please welcome him to the club!

2010 Memorable Milestones - October


Here is October's biggest game, best win, worst loss and greatest moment.

2010 Memorable Milestones - September


Last year, we profiled the biggest games, best wins, worse losses and biggest moments of the Big Ten season, month by month. In that spirit, let's travel back to September 1st.

Our Backfield Just Got a Little Bit Deeper...


If Wisconsin football taught us anything in 2010, it's why have one awesome running back when you can have multiple bruisers. In that spirit, we introduce you to the newest member of the Off Tackle Empire editorial team: Ricardo Efendi. Ricardo is a native Wisconsinite who worships at the altar of smashmouth football. He recently founded Errant Pass Downfield, a "eclectic" blog covering Wisconsin college and pro sports. We were impressed enough with his work that we invited him to join our community as a second Badger authority. Ricardo is a third-generation UW alumnus, and is currently in grad school at Michigan. Please give him a warm Midwestern welcome!

Better late than never, the final results for the 2010 edition of the Obligatory Predictions...


Better late than never, the final results for the 2010 edition of the Obligatory Predictions Competition are up on the scoreboard. Please congratulate the first ever wire-to-wire champion, our very own Bama Hawkeye. While Bama updates his resume and signature line to include this prestigious accomplishment, here are a few interesting tidbits from post season play: - Golden Opportunity: Only two people (Ted Glover, talonk) correctly picked Tulsa to upset No. 25 Hawaii. - Talk about confidence: Everyone but Dandarc picked the Broncos to beat Utah in the MAACO Bowl. - Apparently we're already homers for conference member-elect Nebraska. Not a single contestant picked against the Cornhuskers. Not a single one of us got that game right. - Everyone else liked the over: PaternosGrandaughter was the only person to guess that less points would be scored in the BCS National Championship Game (37) than actually were (41). Not surprisingly, she was the closest to guessing the actual total correctly. Sadly, she picked Oregon to win it all. Among the people most shocked by the defensive battle that developed in Glendale was Running Bears Fan who predicted a whooping 105 points would be scored. Hope you're not a betting man... And for those of you looking for the Bowl Season Standings only, here's how they shake up: T-1 williamfleitch (25)* T-1 cbrett42 (25) T-3 Running Bears Fan (23) T-3 Erik_t (23) T-3 Graham Filler (23) T-3 lakeeriemonstar (23) T-3 Hoya Goon (23) T- 8 Bama Hawkeye (22) T- 8 LosiBoiler (22) T- 8 Estrada (22) T- 8 Jonathan Franz (22) T- 8 Ted Glover (22) T-13 Findlay Buckeye (21) T-13 Hawkeyed Frog (21) T-15 Hilary Lee (20) T-15 talonk (20) T-15 BustedStuff22 (20) T-15 minnebadger (20) T-15 StudBucket (20) T-20 SpartanDan (19) T-20 jolly rancher (19) T-20 cjkanski (19) T-20 Not Marv Cook (19) T-20 nuftw (19) T-20 jeepnut (19) T-20 Bama Hawk Girl (19) T-20 cubs2k8isnxtyear (19) T-28 buckyor (18) T-28 John Veldhuis (18) T-30 Spartan D (17) T-30 OBrienSchofieldismyHero (17) T-32 psuwxman (16) T-32 PaternosGranddaughter (16) T-32 dandarc (16) 35 Yabbs (12) Because of the BCS National Championship Game total points tiebreaker williamfleitch is our overall Bowl Edition winner. Thanks for another wonderful year! The Obligatory Predictions Competition will return in September.

Looks Like We're Stuck With Legends and Leaders...


What do you know, I was wrong again. The Big Ten announced this morning that it will stick with the much maligned "Legends" and "Leaders" divisional cues through at least the 2011 season. And if you're wondering what ever happened with that "sustainability" survey, Big Ten chief communications officer Diane Dietz explains "We can't test them until we play a season...We can't know until we use them." You mean we can't make a change that 90 percent of fans within the conference footprint want until 100 percent of fans outside the conference footprint have an entire year to make fun of us? Awesome. Here's what I don't get. If the conference "never planned to change [the names] before the 2011 season," as the article suggests, why did Jim Delaney bother to tell WGN-Radio in Chicago that they could be re-evaluated after Jan. 1st? Why not just say after one season? Or better yet. Say nothing at all. Minnesota AD Joel Maturi found that out when he promised to make a "Tubby Smith-type hire," and ended up with Jerry Kill. Something tells me Jim Delaney is about to learn that lesson the hard way.

So we beat on...


We're not going anywhere, and we hope you don't either.

Southern Comfort - A Buckeye Goes to the Big Easy


I've been fortunate to follow the Buckeyes to a number of postseason destinations, but despite three trips to Phoenix (2005 & 2008 Fiesta Bowls, 2006 BCS National Championship Game), and two...

OPC - Bowl Edition Scoring Update Don't get too excited. I know I promised to post regular...

OPC - Bowl Edition Scoring Update Don't get too excited. I know I promised to post regular scoring updates throughout bowl season -- and I fully intended to make good on that promise. But then the holidays happened, and somewhere in between flying to California to look for a new place, spending Christmas with my wife's family in Santa Cruz, and traveling to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl, my schedule collapsed. I'm currently in Mobile, Alabama for the bowl, and won't be back home until tomorrow night. With a deadline on a big project at work and cross-country move looming, I probably won't be able to visit the competition until a day or two after the BCS National Championship Game. The good news is that you will get your results, and we will crown a 2010 Obligatory Predictions Champion. The bad news is you just have to wait a few more days... Thanks, as always, for being patient. - Your Humble Servant

Takin' Care of Business - Illinois Bests Baylor in Texas Bowl


If what's to come looks anything like these first two outings, you've got to like the league's chances of delivering a second-consecutive winning bowl season.

Unlikely Heroes - Iowa's Defense Steps Up Big in Insight Bowl Win


The Big Ten has slayed another Top 15 post-season dragon and improves to 1-0 in the postseason.

2011 Ticket City Bowl - Where Have We Heard This Before?


The deck is certainly stacked against the Wildcats, but that hasn't prevented them from delivering some of the most entertaining post-season performances in the last two seasons. Will they finally...

2010 Sugar Bowl - Buckeyes Aim to Run, Run as Fast as They Can


Buckeye fans are bullish about the team's ability to run all over Willy Robinson's 68th ranked rushing defense -- which measures in the bottom half of rushing defenses the Bucks faced in the Big Ten.

The final regular season results for The Obligatory Predictions Competition are up on the...


The final regular season results for The Obligatory Predictions Competition are up on the scoreboard. Please congratulate the regular season champion, our very own Bama Hawkeye. Finishing first over 100 competitors is no small feat. But there's still 35 bowl games to go, and plenty of time before we crown the 2010 Obligatory Predictions Competition Champion. I'll be posting periodic updates to the scoreboard throughout bowl season so stay tuned.

Commish Having Second Thoughts on Division Names


You can call the Big Ten powers that be a lot of things, but inaccessible isn't one of them. In a surprising turn of events, Commissioner Jim Delaney admitted during an interview with WGN Chicago that the division names released Monday "didn't connect" with "90 percent" of Big Ten fans, and that the conference might need to re-evaluate its decision in light of the negative response. Delaney says the conference will "revisit" the issue the first of the year after the dust has settled, and will assess at that time whether the Legends and Leaders names are "sustainable." They aren't. And although fans have every right to question how the conference ended up so far in the woods, give credit to our leaders for being willing to listen. As John Maxwell said, "A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them." This is the second time in the past six months the Commissioner's Office has been flooded with complaints -- the first was when Gene Smith and Dave Brandon hinted that the Ohio State/Michigan Game might be moved up to October -- and in both cases the administration has shown it can be reasonable. If you want my 10 cents on how to fix the problem, have Big Ten fans and alumni vote on the top 3 or 4 ideas for division names like we did a few days ago on this site. The conference can control which names end up on the ballot, and stage a runoff if there's no majority after the first round of voting. That way, no matter what, the new names will be accepted by most of the fans.

Leaders and Legends - The Big Ten Just Made a Big Mistake


After overseeing a brilliant twelve month campaign that saw the Big Ten expand from eleven to twelve teams, divide into divisions, and schedule a much overdue championship game, Commissioner Jim...

Ranking the Big Ten Bowls by Difficulty


Let's take a look at how all eight bowls stack up against each other in degree of difficulty (easiest to hardest), and the likelihood of a Big Ten win in each one.

The Obligatory Predictions Competition - Week 14


Sure, this is the last week of regular season predictions, but we're going to run the competition continuously through the BCS National Championship. Get your picks in by 11:00 EST Saturday, and...

You probably weren't holding your breath, but The Obligatory Predictions Competition Scoreboard is...


You probably weren't holding your breath, but The Obligatory Predictions Competition Scoreboard is finally up to date. I audited the Week 11 Competition, and added the Week 12 scores, so you're looking at the results as they existed before we took a week off. Please feel free to double check your own scores. I do the best I can to keep the totals accurate, but (as this season as proven) I do make mistakes. Please note any discrepancies in the comments section of this Fan Post and I'll be happy to make changes. We'll have a fresh round of picks up in the morning.



Sure, there's plenty to celebrate in East Lansing -- where the Spartans can call themselves Big Ten champions for the first time since 1990, and Madison, where the post game fireworks looked...

OPC PROGRAMMING UPDATE: Hey gang. Let me apologize for the delay both scoring and posting this...

OPC PROGRAMMING UPDATE: Hey gang. Let me apologize for the delay both scoring and posting this week's predictions for the OPC. I've been busy with work and the Thanksgiving holiday. Because the majority of the weekend's best action is taking place today, and because a Friday afternoon post wouldn't give you guys a fair chance to get picks in before the deadline, we're going to make this a bye week. The Obligatory Predictions Competition will return next week in time for the championship games, and will run continuously through the bowls. In other words, there's still a lot to play for. I understand that there were several discrepancies in the Week 11 scores, and appreciate the readers who e-mailed me updated versions of the standings. I will audit the scoreboard early next week and will have it up to date by next week's post. Thanks for your patience. In the meantime enjoy what promises to be an amazing weekend of football! Best Wishes, Jon
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