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TMZ report: Lamar Odom has had a drug problem for the last two years


If true, and who knows, maybe explains the poor play. Although he wasn't bad for a junkie last season.

New Blue 3rd Jersey


These are the so-called "Winter League" alternate jerseys that will apparently be worn for home weekend games during the second half of the season. I thought we always wear white at home, but I think it'll look good. Found it in this blog post: http://theknickswall.com/2012/07/24/jerseys-horizon/


NBA To Add Ads to Jerseys

From ESPN: NBA approves jersey ads, replay additions Stern met with the media after the Board of Governors held their annual summer meeting, and said the league is looking to add possibly $100...



I just thought I'd take our temperature right now regarding Del Negro. The Clips have won 12 of the last 14 including some impressive wins like last night against Oklahoma City. I'm particularly...

ESPN: Kaman off the trading block


Either they can't find a suitor, or they realize they need all the help they can get.

LAT: Clippers Have a Craftsman in Chris Paul


Key quote: "He gets his hands on a lot of balls." Good thing we traded Kaman.

Best Simmons Piece Ever


I think we all should read this. He's full of shit most of the time, but this kind of gave me a lump in the throat.

Nice words from Kaman


A short interview with Kaman on Hoopsworld. Dude seems like a good guy. I wish him all the best.

Aldridge: CP3 To Clips Hung Up In Standoff


The latest according to David Aldridge in case anyone hasn't seen it. I guess the Hornets are saying they're in no hurry, which is funny to me.

Interesting Heisler article


Anyone read this in the Times? I found his Iguodala comments interesting. He's mostly referring to the Lakers, of course, but it could also connect to the recent Clippers stuff. there's a question of how much anyone wanted Odom, as opposed to agent Rob Pelinka trying to get his clients, Iguodala and Derrick Williams, to the Lakers. In a rare show of exasperation after a week of seeing his players' names in headlines, Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak zinged an unnamed agent, whose identity was obvious. "A lot of the stuff you read the last three or four days was agent-driven," said Kupchak. "A lot of times agents these days think the way to consummate a trade is to suggest publicly ideas that they come up with and I think that's part of the problem, as well."

Interesting Q&A With Olshey


This was part of a Lakers-Clippers game preview. This part got my attention: "I think the unsung hero is Vinny Del Negro. I really do. I think that Vinny came into a situation where we had lost for four years. Based on injuries, at one point, he had a starting lineup younger than half the ACC. He knew the organization wanted him to play younger guys. He was open to that, even though most coaches trend towards playing veterans. He's the one that absorbed the losses and a lot of the heat at 1-13, and now that you've got Baron back and you've got the veterans playing again, you can see the contributions that a Farouq [Aminu] and an Eric Bledsoe are able to make in a big-time game in a high-level environment. And I don't think they would have done that if Vinny had just done that back in November when things were going poorly."

Brian Skinner signed?


Ramona's reporting we signed Brian Skinner. Doesn't exactly make me leap out of my seat with joy, but he's pretty decent for the veteran's minimum.

Josh Powell waived


No more Josh Powell, which is too bad. Looks like another signing is coming up. Elson? Skinner?

ATIII on Baron


From the tone of this piece, it makes it sound like Baron could have decided to come to L.A. on his own. Editor: Art Thompson III, erstwhile Clippers beat writer for the OCR, chimes in with a nice piece on Baron. Seems like the dual shackles of newsprint and the OC may have been holding AT3 back a bit, because he's brings it for this story. Hat tip to Citizen Jonee for finding this.

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