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Opening Day at the Park and Shopping with Jane Mitchell


Opening Day at the Park and Shopping with Jane Mitchell


Game Thread: 8/31, Padres vs. Diamondbacks

Just got an emergency call from Dex!  "Jonny Dub!  I won't be home in time and your the only one who can save us!  You are the Padres only hope." Ironic... So here I am saving our team from...

Gaslamp Ball Interview: Dave Winfield


Interview: Dave Winfield

Chargers Training Camp: Jonny Dub Takes Pictures


BFTB reader went to San Diego Chargers practice and snapped some shots.

The Q back in the day


The Q back in the day


Open Thread, 6/29/2010: Padres vs Rockies

  Just got an emergency call from Dex asking me to post the Open Thread.  I'm trying to get my ass out the door to meet up with Jbox and get down to the game.  I don't know anything about...


Open Thread, 6/1/2010: Padres vs Mets

Jonny Dub here exercising emergency powers.  Jbox and Dex have been captured, so I'm here to save the day! Padres send Wade to the hill to take care of the Mets and continue the winning ways.

Padres clawed to death by Marlins, 10-1


  Well, I hope everybody here isn't superstitious.  But let's face it, if you are a baseball fan than you've got to be superstitious.  That sure doesn't fair well for Gaslamp Ball's very own cats. ...


Game Thread, 4/26: Pads vs Fish

Dex and Jbox had their run.  I for one was a bit disappointed at yesterday's loss.  The Pads blew a lead, and the rain didn't show up early enough.  For whatever reason I kept thinking there is no...

Tomlinson: "I’m just happy to be here"


As LT signs with the Jets (BOOOO!) I thought it would be interesting to take a look back on that monumental day in 2001. I also dig how simple was.


Build it for SPEED

  This Saturday at Friar Fest we had the pleasure of chatting with Tom as we stood in line for catching pop-fly's.  We stood there in the blistering heat along the warning track in front of the...


LT on XX 1090

LT XX 1090 LT reflects on this season, including that final game last week.  He talks of his future with or without the Bolts, and how disappointed he is in his role with the Chargers over the...





Lombardi Trophy

 From today's Union-Trib...

Full Color Football


This past fall Shotime put out a 5 part mini series on the AFL called Full Color Football. Starting last week the NFL Network has been playing the series on Thursday nights. You can catch Episode 1 and 2 tonight. I'm really a sucker for all this historical stuff and I loved the first episode last week.

2009 Chargers Season Predictions


Let's take a look back..... "So this brings there record to 14-2… give the Chargers a mulligan and you’ve got 13-3 with a week off before the playoffs start."

NFL Replay Chargers- Bengals


NFL Replay will re-air the San Diego Chargers' 27-24 win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Wednesday, Dec. 23 at 9:30 p.m. ET. Watch it again, or DVR it while you're out shopping... 6:30 local.

Chargers Blood Drive


Just a reminder the Chargers Blood Drive is today. It’s a great cause and a good chance to meet some players. I’ve got an appointment around 1pm to try and redeem myself from crowning the Bolts too early.



  I may be getting ahead of myself... but what the hell.  2009 WEST CHAMPS!


Jack O Rivers

I know I can't compete with jodes0405, but I carved this pumpkin yesterday to fend off any would be Raider trick-or-treaters tonight.  My Jack-O-Rivers looks pretty possessed as he'll be doing...


Best Sportsbook in Vegas?

So I'm headed out to Vegas for the weekend.  I figure I'll plant myself in a sportsbook for the majority of Sunday (I won't have to worry about a San Diego blackout either!)  So I wanted to get...

Wednesday Night Practice at Qualcomm Stadium


Photos from the San Diego Chargers open practice at Qualcomm Stadium on August 5th.

The Two Hundred Mile An Hour Fastball


So I was watching "The Forty Year Old Virgin" on USA this morning while eating breakfast. During one of the scenes the theme song from "The Greatest American Hero" is played. This got me thinking about how I loved that show as a kid and especially the episode where the main dude has to become a major league pitcher to save the world. I can't find it online, besides buying it from itunes. This link is just the beginning. If you can find the entire episode post it!


WBC at Petco Park

WBC at Petco Park - Japan vs. Cuba

Padres fans to see lower prices


I still think we're getting ripped off!

Jay Cutler Throws Int in Final Minutes of Pro Bowl


Not that it matters at all, just brought a smile to my face. "The AFC had a chance to take the lead late, but Julius Peppers got in the way. Down by six, the AFC started its drive on its 20 with 4:03 remaining and got to midfield. Peppers then swatted a pass by Jay Cutler with his left hand and came up with the interception that led to Carney's 48-yard field goal."


LT's Saturday Night

Great fight Saturday night at Staples Center.  Big upset, with Shane Mosley knocking out Margarito in the ninth round.  But my favorite part was when Mosley entered the ring with LT and Cuba Jr. ...

What If?


So it’s the Cardinals and Steelers.  After watching yesterday’s Championship Games I realized a few things.  The Bolts would have beaten the Ravens and earned a second trip to the Super Bowl.  I...

LT to be Traded?


The rumor s have been going around and I have discounted them to just that. Rumors.  But now it seems more and more of a possibility.  The Chargers front office is looking into dealing our star...

Hell of a Season!


This is not  the way we wanted our season to end, but these last six weeks leading up to today have been the most exciting six weeks of football I can recall.  We rode the highest of highs after...

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