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Victoria-based designer and writer. I write about the Canucks and design magazines for a living.

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Morning Buzz: Mini-sticks and sick dangles; recapping All-Star Weekend


That's a wrap on All-Star Weekend, a healthy mix of awkward, entertaining, embarrassing and hilarious, with some memorable moments sprinkled here and there. Mostly, it felt like a victory lap for...

Morning Buzz: Canucks All-Stars happy together; talkin' trade targets; Andy McDonald on Ovechkin


The speculation is over, and the Sedins and Edler will play on the same team for the ASG, along with fellow countrymen Daniel Alfredsson, Henrik Lundqvist and Erik Karlsson. Hank had a great quip...

Morning Buzz: Mark Spector loves the Canucks; Liles re-ups with Leafs; plus an ear in two parts


It's Wayne Gretzky's birthday today, and there are no games scheduled in the NHL. There are, however, a surprising number of links to pass along considering it is now the All-Star break and there...

Morning Buzz: Canucks help launch site to fight mental illness; AO sits out the ASG; hockey rink collapses


If I had limitless time, I would go back and compile a video of all of Dan Hamhuis' (sorry, Han Damhuis') best breakout passes from this season. He's the best on the blueline at it. He's such a...

Morning Buzz: Canucks welcome back Salo; Ovechkin drops mad cash on mansion; plus Tim Thomas


The Canucks host the 29th-place Edmonton Oilers tonight at Rogers Arena, in the last game before the All-Star break. They'll be fully healthy for the first time in ages, as Sami Salo is returning...

Morning Buzz: Hodgson shows SuperSkills vs. Sharks; Luongo sets win record; 3 games for Ference


After a couple weeks of mediocrity, the Canucks really brought their 'A' game 5-on-5 against the Sharks on Saturday, didn't they? With the forwards healthy, hopefully this marks the start of them...

Morning Buzz: Canucks Dice & Ice; the big guns are struggling; and Taylor Hall may play Saturday


I gotta say, a struggling Canucks team like the one we've been watching lately is great for morning news blogs! With only four games in the latter half of January, if the team was ticking along...

Morning Buzz: Officially Tanev Time; the Sedins in shootouts; Bruins fan attacks mascot


I think I've found the solution to the Canucks' "lack of toughness", and it can be solved from within the organization. No trade will be necessary. Make it team policy that anyone who plays for the...

Morning Buzz: Canucks can't match Kings; Crosby's ongoing saga; 30 stitches & 30 thoughts


It's a snow day here in Victoria, with all the schools and many businesses closing shop. If you're one of the lucky few who gets to stay indoors, why not grab a fresh Canadiano (or whichever...

Morning Buzz: George Parros, Kesler vs. AV, Tanev Time, and the return of the KB?


The media machine surrounding the Canucks was churning out an unusual amount of nonsense for an off-day yesterday. We had some attempts to create a coach/player controversy, and Doug MacLean crying...

Morning Buzz: Canucks fail to rock n' roll all nite; Malkin dominates; Ovechkin drops knowledge


The Canucks returned home from a week-long road trip to start a six game homestand last night. Unfortunately, their defensive game and 5-on-5 play which was lost last week on the plane from Boston...

Morning Buzz: Canucks #1 overall, Cammalleri for Bourque, and matching shootout winners


1st in the Northwest, 1st in the West, and 1st overall. For now. The Canucks are tied for the most games played (45) in the league with Ottawa, Calgary, Colorado, and Carolina. They've been playing...

Morning Buzz: Best on the road vs. best at home, Sid starts skating, Phaneuf most overrated


No Canucks game last night. Only two games in the entire NHL, with a combined 4 goals between them. Yawn. So...what'd you have for dinner? I had perogies, and they were delicious. Throw some onions...

Morning Buzz: Canucks ride the Lightning, plus the mystery of the drunken All-Star goalie


It wasn't a Picasso, it wasn't even your 4-year-old niece's pre-school drawing, but the Canucks managed to get it done. You really get the sense this team is running on fumes right now. They need...

Morning Buzz: Falling flat in Florida, more Brad Marchand, some Tebowing, and delicious pancakes!


Well, it's not every day that the Canucks shoot a blank on the "Jump to Conclusions" mat. It's also not often that the Sedins have a game that is flat out bad, but both those things occurred...

Morning Buzz: Canucks/Bruins aftermath, Arniel on the outs, more grounded Pens


What a great weekend. On Friday I saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which ended up being a great movie. Then on Saturday morning, I got to watch the sequel. The animation on the primates wearing...

Morning Buzz: It's all about the Bruins, baby


It's a down day for the Canucks, as they prepare to take on the giant trollfaces in Boston tomorrow. We still don't know who's starting in goal (it's gotta be Lou), or how close guys like Aaron...

Morning Buzz: Flaunting our twins, the plight of Krys Barch, and the Eric Francis column


I took a self-inflicted night off of Canucks hockey last night, only watching a few minutes of the game. Between the World Juniors and the Canucks busy schedule, there have been a lot of games...

Morning Buzz: Canucks close to claiming comrades, the Rangers are a contender, and the Seattle Coyotes?


While the country mourns another disappointing World Junior result, remember this: that Russian team had two players on the Lokomotiv plane that crashed in September — the biggest tragedy in hockey...

Morning Buzz: Back to the grind! Shootouts, salutes, and suspensions


Well, the holidays are officially over. It's back to work for me today after being off since the 22nd. The letdown of knowing you have to go to work in the morning is almost as big as watching a...

Afternoon Espresso: Winter Classic Intermission Edition


Happy New Year! Hope you're enjoying the Winter Classic and Kent's open thread. I got thrown off my routine a bit this morning with the holiday and the time change on the Classic. Here's a shot of...

Morning Buzz: Canucks force-feed Ducks fowl milk hotdogs


Welp, that's officially the dumbest blog title I've ever written. Deal with it. In what had all the makings of a classic "trap game", the Canucks came out and played a sound road game early. It's...

Morning Buzz: Canucks tranquilize Sharks, Jagr returns to Pittsburgh


As Canucks fans, we've been treated to some of the best games of the season the last couple weeks. There was the game in Toronto, with its end-to-end action. There was the game against Minnesota,...

Afternoon Espresso: Canucks visit new rivals, plus biggest stories of 2011


Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, or is still enjoying them if you're fortunate enough to have the week off. I've been away visiting family, and then fell victim to a pretty deadly stomach bug...

Morning Buzz Holiday Edition: Drink and Be Merry!


Trying out a new banner, hope you like! This is the last Buzz before Christmas (at least until you start getting into the rum and egg nog), and I don't know about you, but nothing would get me in...

Morning Buzz: Canucks/Wings far from child's play, Santa Claude comes early


Last night was a great example of the complete Canucks package: speed, skill, physicality, tight checking, outstanding goaltending, and if you ask Damien Cox, borderline dirty plays. It was all on...

Morning Buzz: Canucks with another forward on the Bublé


The Canucks continue to look for that perfect compliment to their 4th line, as they signed singer Michael Bublé to a contract yesterday. Shockingly, both halves of that sentence are true, but...

Morning Buzz: Sedinery, suspensions, and well, just lots of Sedinery


Last night was one of those classic "Sedins dominating a Northwest Division opponent" nights. I hope LA, San Jose, Anaheim, and Phoenix are taking notes for next year, because this is what the...

Morning Buzz: NM goes national, Canucks rake Leafs, plus more from a busy weekend


What a weekend! The Canucks beat the Leafs, Nucks Misconduct got some national exposure, there was a coach fired, a coach hired, one trade, another head injury, and one dead dictator. But most...

Morning Buzz: Carolina drama, Hank hits 700, Pronger done for the season


Welp, the Canucks did something last night we haven't seen much of over the past couple seasons: they blew a lead. At least, it doesn't feel like we've seen it very often. Usually the Canucks are...

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