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Joe has been a blogger for over fifteen years. Starting back in 1994 he and his best friend formed a website Techography.com.His friend obviously had no clue what he was doing by giving Joe a keyboard because its been down hill ever since. In 2009 he branched off in to his own website Registered Evil.

Joel and Will have suffered his antics at Rocky Top Talk since 2008, for which Joe is extremely appreciative of. One day he intends to buy them cold adult beverages at a undisclosed location in Knoxville.

Joe has a degree in Business, a Bachelors in Management, and is currently perusing his Masters in Project Management at Missouri State University while studying for his PMP. He has attended college at North Metro Technical Institute, University of Tennessee, University of Phoenix, and (currently) Missouri State University.

He served in the United States Army for almost 10 years before being honorably discharged, a tradition that as a first generation America (his family is from Ireland) he chose to continue.

He currently works as an IT Project Manager for a Fortune 500 retail company, does volunteer work for Storm Prediction Center in the Midwest and contributes to Rocky Top Talk in his spare time.

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Baltimore Ravens
  • NCAAF Tennessee Volunteers
  • NCAAB Tennessee Volunteers
  • NASCAR Bill Elliot
  • MLS Ireland
  • General Missouri State University
  • FIFA Republic of Ireland
  • Golf Roy McIlroy
  • Soccer Ireland
User Blog

Tyler Bray SEC Freshman of the Week


Is anyone surprised by this at all? And in other shocking news a ship considered unsinkable went down in the Atlantic :)

Cam Newton Being Investigated


The Rumor is he may be receiving extra benefits and the NCAA is moving to act. Details are still emerging. Anything to do with us? Not in the least. However it IS News

Tyler Bray moved to No. 1 on Depth Chart


Change coming. More details at presser this am. Seeing several tweets reporting this but it seems Tyler will be our starting QB, at least on paper

FB Cooper Suspended for Academics


And the hits just keep on coming this season "Tennessee senior fullback Kevin Cooper won’t be available when the Vols travel to South Carolina on Saturday. According to Derek Dooley, Cooper has been suspended for one game — at least — for academic reasons. "Everybody’s on the same academic accountability policy," Dooley said. "Team hurts, team suffers.""

Scotty Hopson Makes Coaches All SEC Team


"The Southeastern Conference unveiled its seventh annual men’s basketball coaches’ preseason All-SEC teams Wednesday, and Tennessee junior Scotty Hopson earned first-team honors. Earlier this month, Hopson earned second-team inclusion on the media’s preseason All-SEC Team."

Dooley not happy following Practice


"Derek Dooley walked over to a group of reporters after Tuesday's practice with his head down. A joke about his World War II-themed tangent at Monday's news conference brought a brief smile to the Tennessee coach's face, but he quickly retreated toward his displeased aura that came as a result of a lackluster two hours of practice. "It's not something that's unique to these guys," Dooley said. "It's human nature not to be able to wake up every day and bring your best." Apparently Dooley is starting to wear on some folks regarding his criticism of players publicly. Ya'lls thoughts?

Simms: No Fan of Sharing


"First-year University of Tennessee football coach Derek Dooley said Sunday night that "it's too early in the week" to decide whether true freshman quarterback would again rotate in for junior starter Matt Simms at South Carolina. At least one person -- Simms -- hopes that's not the plan."

Vols at D-Day


Dooley during the presser today compared the current Vols to the Germans at D-Day, waiting for the enemy and looking for a leader. Complete breakdown still incoming but the analogy seems to work

New UT President to be named


"The new University of Tennessee president is due to be named Friday afternoon by the board of trustees. A news conference to introduce the president is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. in the Hollingsworth Auditorium of the UT Agricultural Campus" I know we have talked several times in various forums regarding Hamiltons job and the lack of a President. Any of you think this new President will have an effect on our current sports programs, or no?

Palardy: A Triple Threat


"Eric Russell has tried it before and had to pull the plug. The Tennessee special teams coach also worked with an eventual professional who couldn't pull it off. But Russell might now have a guy who can give him something he's never had - a specialist capable of handling every boot in the book. And in true freshman Michael Palardy, the Vols also have somebody who appears intent on doing it as well."

Your very own BCS "Computer"


I linked to this along time ago from my site, I thought you guys may like it here as well. very informative in a maddening, hair pulling, teeth gnashing sort of way. Spreadsheet is available for download from the site as well. "The principle PR problem with the various BCS computer ratings (Sagarin, Massey, et al) is that the average fan has no idea where they spring from, let alone what's happening inside the various black boxes. The truth is that they really aren't that complicated. The rest of this post is my attempt to pull back the curtain on the how most BCS computer ratings are estimated for the casual fan. Don't fret, only a very modest amount of math is necessary. The rest of this post illustrates -- step by step -- how you can faithfully recreate the current BCS ratings via a downloadable Excel spreadsheet. I'll start with a simple intuitive example, then apply it to NCAA Division I-A games through October 31. Consider this your own free personal BCS computer. Got the curiosity and a half hour? Let's go."

Tyler Bray to Play 1st Half against Alabama


I can't get the actual Presser, however I'm seeing numerous tweets regarding this saying it is so.

Pearl Ready to Go


Take a deep breath. Let the Panic subside. Then read the article. Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl was glad to talk basketball. After weeks of fielding questions over the NCAA investigation involving his basketball program, the head man is excited to get the season rolling. "As you guys know, it’s my favorite time of the year - the opportunity to put a team together, combining all the different pieces that you anticipate having, both from recruiting to the offseason workouts and the development of the players individually and the challenge of putting them all together and seeing if you can become a competitive, championship basketball team," Pearl said." See? Wasn't what you though eh?

UT’s Pearl Will Face The Press Today


"Today is basketball media day at Tennessee and Bruce Pearl will go before the press to talk about his NCAA issues, his team, his NCAA issues, his style of play, his NCAA issues, his new players, his NCAA issues. And his NCAA issues."

UT "evaluating" while off


"It’s a perfect time for first-year coach Derek Dooley to sit back, reassess the first half of the season and make major changes going forward. That very well might happen, the coach said. "You always have to start with some basic objectives that you want to get accomplished in a bye week," Dooley said. "It certainly starts with us evaluating our personnel and our players and our schemes, to see if we’re coaching the right guys and where we want to head down the stretch." "

Vols not resting, Practicing Hard


"The Vols will hold their first of two "hardcore camp practices" this afternoon, Coach Derek Dooley said. The players will have to survive the next two days before they can even think about enjoying the benefits of a weekend off during the grueling 13-week stretch that is the college football season."

Highlights from Dooley speech at QB Club


"Dooley went for a solid 30 minutes, talking for 10 and answering questions for 20. Not much was said that we haven't already heard or reported, but there were a few highlights."

Volunteers 2010: The Junction Boys


If you have ever seen the ESPN movie The Junction Boys, or read the history of the even, or even the book, then you probably already have an idea of where I am heading with this. If not, then let me try to lay it, fellow fans, out because this has been on my mind all morning.

New Uniforms for Alabama Game


"On Monday, adidas and Tennessee unveiled a new, TECHFIT compression jersey that will debut when the Vols host No. 8 Alabama in Neyland Stadium on Oct. 23....According to adidas, the TECHFIT jersey is a "complete reconstruction" of its football uniform. Using a streamlined fit, new fabric, reduced seams and an "ultra lightweight" name and numbering system, the new jersey weighs 30 percent less than traditional jerseys. "

Not enough hits, Too many errors


John Adams gives his rendition of the Vols Saturday performance against Georgia. Among his points? "...the line would read: not enough runs, two brutal hits by safety Janzen Jackson and too many errors to mention."

Because I think it fits dang it.


Because I think it fits dang it.

New Turf for Neyand Thomspn


The old turf in Neyland-Thompson is now up and the new will start to be put down today. Via Mike Hamilton

Pollsters saying Vols have no Bowl Bid in 2010


Vis Josh Ward 72% of voters have Vols missing out on a bowl this year Ya'lls thoughts?

When I did my first video yesterday I wasn’t really satisfied with it. While I am far from being...


When I did my first video yesterday I wasn’t really satisfied with it. While I am far from being the Ridley Scott of Internet video’s, I do take some pride in my work, and I want it to be at least semi enjoyable to watch. It is hard to come up with video’s however when most of your clips are having to be used over and over. Contrary to popular belief there is not a wealth of footage thats usable. Once you convert it loses some of the image, when when it gets converted again it loses so more, and it doesn’t take long to become a blur instead of a nice crisp video. That said, I felt I had to do a better job on the video. The first one, just was not up to par with what I wanted. So here is the new video, and I hope a good improvement upon the last.

Tennessee vs Georgia 2010!


Tennessee vs Georgia 2010!

Brown was Home Sick; Never fit in


"Bryce Brown is still trying to get out of his scholarship at the University of Tennessee. Now the former Vols running back is doing it by claiming he never fit in there. According to a letter and sworn affidavits from Brown’s lawyer Gregory Isaacs delivered to a handful of administrators at UT and obtained by the News Sentinel on Thursday, the No. 1 recruit in the nation a year ago cited depression, health concerns for his family and being uncomfortable with some off-field issues last season in his latest attempt to be released by the program."

Look out Dawg!...Comin' Through!


Look out Dawg!...Comin' Through!

Where Les Miles Happens


The best part? Watch the Media Manager in the background at the end of the clip during the presser. Heh!

History in the Making: Dog Fight


"104 years. That’s how long it’s been since these two former SEC Goliath’s have faced each other with both teams holding losing records. The last time was in 1906. " A intro article for Civil War week, and why I think this game will be the biggest we have seen in a long while.

Return of the Orange Pants?


"Will Tennessee wear orange pants in Athens Saturday? That's the question of the day for inquiring minds."

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