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Josh Bowe likes the Dallas Mavericks. A lot. In between editing, writing and throwing TV remotes for Mavs Moneyball, Josh freelances for other publications in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He also enjoys the other major DFW sports teams and gaming. And Batman. Never forget Batman.

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  • MLB Texas Rangers
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User Blog

Felton suspended four games for gun charge


The new Mavs point guard will have to sit out the first four games of the season thanks to his guilty plea to gun charges earlier in the year.

An ode to Jason Terry


Jason Terry wasn't always beloved by the Mavericks fanbase -- but the 2011 Championship run changed that for good.

How Parsons became a Mav, as told by Twitter


For three agonizing days, the MMB staff, fellow DFW media and fans all had to sweat out Chandler Parsons restricted free agency.

The Mavs will never learn


Another summer, another big free agent meeting and another public perception disaster for the Mavericks is on the horizon.


Dirk, Nash and what could have been

During Grantland's video series on Steve Nash's comeback, the series shifted toward a meetup of the former teammates as they talk their own careers and what could have happened if Nash stayed in...

Mavs lose Game 5 109-103, down 3-2 in series


Dallas looked like regular season Dallas and San Antonio looked like regular season San Antonio. Typically, that would mean a blood bath. But the Mavericks battled all night and just fell short...


VIDEO: Watch Vince Carter's redemption

Vince Carter nailed the game-winner on Saturday afternoon that made us all delirious. It also echoed a past failure from Carter that's represented well in this cool video.

How to fix Dirk before Game Three


The Mavericks have tied the Spurs in their first round playoff series but make no mistake -- the Mavs will not keeping winning if they continue to get the Dirk they've been getting so far.

Should Crowder have played more in Game 1?


Jae Crowder only played 12 minutes in the Mavericks Game 1 loss to the Spurs on Sunday. In those 12 minutes, some magical things happened, making me wonder if he should have seen more time.

Mavs-Spurs makes us go crazy


The Mavericks and Spurs have a rivalry that shaped how I watch basketball right now. It turns us into crazy, deranged lunatics and also makes us happier then we can ever imagine.

Loving, hating and appreciating Monta Ellis

Monta Ellis is the most infuriating player I've ever watched on the Dallas Mavericks. In the end, I probably wouldn't have it any other way.

Mavericks survive Kings 93-91

Dallas didn't look great at really any point during a late-afternoon game against the Kings. Luckily, the Mavs held on to help tighten their playoff hold.

Dirk goes missing; Mavs fall to Nets in OT

Jose Calderon left the game early and the Mavericks offense slowly puttered away against the Nets on Sunday night. It didn't help that Dirk had one of the worst games in his career.

Recap: Mavs squeak by Celtics 94-89

It wasn't pretty. It was pretty ugly. Disgusting, at some points. But the Mavs hung on and took care of business against a weaker Celtics team.

Mavericks dominate Thunder, 109-86

OKC was without Westbrook but Dallas hammered the Thunder with a decisive road win. The 11-game losing streak to OKC is over.

Final score: Spurs hold off Mavs 112-106

Same song, different tune: Spurs offense just runs circles around Mavs and Dallas can't get enough consecutive stops in the fourth quarter.

Devin, Monta and the future

The Mavericks are fighting a battle against themselves with the Calderon, Ellis backcourt pairing. How is Harris helping and what does that mean for Ellis' future in Dallas?

Mavs take care of business; beat Celtics 102-91

It looked like the Celtics had roped the Mavs into an ugly Eastern Conference-style game. But then the Mavs woke up in the second half and cruised to an easy win.

RECAP: Mavs beat Pistons 116-106

The Mavericks offense kept the pressure on the Pistons all night and thanks to some stellar bench play, the Mavs were able to relatively cruise to the win.

A harsh reminder about a Dirk-less truth

Wednesday night brought a rush of reality about the eventual retirement of Dirk Nowitzki that some have been blocking out for some time.

Mavs meltdowns: A discussion

Josh and Andy took some time to vent their rage about the Mavs recent fourth quarter catastrophes in the last few weeks.

GAME THREAD: Dallas Mavericks at Phoenix Suns

The Mavericks try to regroup after the devastating loss to the Clippers.

Dirk scores 40, Mavs beat Pelicans again

Playing in their fourth game in five nights, the Mavericks found a way to pull out a win against a depleted Pelicans squad. Something about that Dirk fella scoring lots of points.

Dalembert, Carlisle and the lineup question

The Mavericks once again find themselves without a set starting lineup. Dallas was crushed my Sacramento on Monday night and Samuel Dalembert was no where to be found. What's going on?

Mavericks 123, Rockets 120: Basketball is fun

The Dallas Mavericks played a basketball game against the Houston Rockets. It was nerve-wracking, frustrating and glorious.

Carlisle calls out Dalembert

Well, it didn't take long for one of the new Mavericks to feel the scorn of Rick Carlisle. Carlisle called out Dalembert after Monday's preseason game for not being in shape.


Dirk Nowitzki posted a picture to his Twitter account earlier this week. It was strange. Let's discuss.

A quick rant on the Mavs offseason haters

I've been driven to insanity by some of the remarks about the Mavs offseason.

What Blair brings to the Mavs

The 4-year big man was productive for most of his time in San Antonio. Now in Dallas, let's take a look Blair's game and what he'll add to the Mavericks.

Wright back to Dallas for 2-years, $10 million

The bouncy backup big (alliteration!) will return to Dallas after posting back-to-back seasons of a 21+ PER

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