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Josh Bowe likes the Dallas Mavericks. A lot. In between editing, writing and throwing TV remotes for Mavs Moneyball, Josh freelances for other publications in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He also enjoys the other major DFW sports teams and gaming. And Batman. Never forget Batman.

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  • MLB Texas Rangers
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Fisher signs with the Thunder, Mavs not delighted

The Mavericks gave Fisher a ticket back into the NBA earlier this season, only from him to ask for his release. Now he's latching onto the Thunder and the Mavs front office isn't happy.

Burning second half questions for the Mavericks

Dallas starts its post-All Star break schedule tonight against Orlando. Here are some of the more pressing questions as the season winds down, including what to do with Darren Collison and O.J. Mayo.

Michael Jordan says Dirk could play in his era

Michael Jordan turns 50 on Sunday, which has warranted an excellent profile on the man from ESPN. In it, His Airness gives some mighty praise to Dirk Nowitzki.

A counterpoint: Brandon Jennings is the worst


Brandon Jennings is bad and you should feel bad about hoping the Mavericks acquire the guard who can't shoot.

It's time for the old Dirk to come back

Due to both his health and adapting to his teammates, Dirk Nowitzki has been reduced to a spot-up decoy in the Mavericks offense for most of this season. After his performance against the Hawks on Tuesday, it appears time for the old Dirk to return.

GAME THREAD: Atlanta Hawks at Dallas Mavericks

WHO: The Dallas Mavericks host the Atlanta Hawks WHAT: A battle between two teams that desperately need a win. The Hawks have lost 3 of 4 and the Mavericks need to back up ground on the 8th...

Carlisle tells Carter he won't be traded

From reports, the Mavericks coach has told the Mavs sixth-man that he isn't going to be traded.

The Mavs bad drafts are killing them

Not-so-secretly, the Mavericks haven't had a good draft in over a decade. The lack of a quality first-rounder is once again dooming the Mavs.

The Dirk Knight returns: Nowitzki back against OKC

The Mavericks forward returns after missing the last two games with an injured thigh muscle.

Another heart breaker: Warriors beat Mavs, 100-97

Dallas could have rolled over without Dirk...actually, never mind. This team isn't really good and lost to a team that is pretty good in another close and gut-wrenching fashion on Thursday night.

The Mavs are losers until they prove otherwise

Last night's heartbreaker in Portland just affirmed what Josh Bowe should have known all season: The Mavericks aren't winners, anymore.

Darren Collison, Mike James and making a choice

The Mavericks point guard situation has been inconsistent at best, eye-gouge worthy at worst. Through it all, Darren Collison has continually improved and it's time he gets the role he deserves.

All-Star starters announced: no Mavs

The 2013 NBA All-Star starters were announced Thursday night, with the typical names appearing.

Let's make a deal, MAVERICKS STYLE!

Mark Cuban has been pretty vocal about willing to deal before this February's trade-deadline. With that in mind, let's look at some trade machine concoctions that Josh Bowe has devised. WARNING: these trades are heavily biased toward the Mavs. Deal w

VIDEO: Dirk has fun with Sacramento security guy

Dirk Nowitzki is just the best. There's already mounds of evidence that suggests this. Here's a bit more, with Dirk messing around during the Mavs win against the Kings last week.

Mavs crown Kings 117-112 for first OT win


It wasn't pretty. In fact, it was pretty ugly. Both teams played up (or down?) to their respective records but the Mavericks managed to string together a few stops late and grab their first overtime win of the season.

Mavs crown Kings 117-112 for first OT win

It wasn't pretty. In fact, it was pretty ugly. Both teams played up (or down?) to their respective records but the Mavericks managed to string together a few stops late and grab their first overtime win of the season.

Mavs meltdown: Jazz own fourth, win 100-94

Same song, different tune. Dallas played well for three and a half quarter, but give up a disgusting 13-0 run to the Jazz and drop another close one.

Game 32: Mavs/Heat Part Duex

Miami blew Dallas out over a week ago...but now the Mavericks have a win! This isn't your poppa's six-game losing streak Mavs! Sadly, the Heat are still really, really, really good. The Mavericks will need a perfect game to win Wednesday night.

GAME THREAD: Mavs at Wizards

Need a cure for that New Years Eve hangover? Why, by golly, it's Dallas Mavericks basketball. Wait, don't throw up! Damn it.

Bowe: The Mavericks are bad and I feel bad

The Mavericks recent disgusting play in the last week or so has left Josh Bowe feeling a bit gloomy (and a pinch of doomy) about the Mavericks chances this season.

Preview: Tonight, the Mavs play a meaningless game

The Mavs and Raptors play basketball tonight.

Rick Carlisle's still looking for the right lineup

The Mavericks head coach has already more than a handful of starting lineups after 20 games due to the inconsistencies of his players and their lack of two-way play.

Zach Lowe of Grantland on Vince Carter


I've been on the "Vince Carter is good for Dallas" bandwagon for at least a year now. Zach Lowe of Grantland has been a passenger with me, it seems.

The Mavericks point guards have hit rock bottom

The failures of Darren Collison, Dominique Jones and Rodrigue Beaubois have led the Mavericks to sign Derek Fisher. Bad drafts and poor results from trades have led us to this point.

Mavs knock off Knicks

It was wild, it was crazy and sometimes maddening, but the Mavericks knocked off the league's hottest team on Wednesday night behind some great shooting from Vince Carter, O.J. Mayo and Jae Crowder.

Keep calm: Dirk's rehab is perfectly normal


Nowitzki spoke on the Fox Sports Southwest telecast of the Minnesota game on Monday night and explained his frustrations with rehab...but just to be clear he has had NO SETBACKS.

The Mavericks have youth and hope

The Dirk Nowitzki-era Mavericks have never had a roster that shows so much promise -- or despair -- until now.

The Mavericks offense is wonderfully efficient


It's early, but Dallas has been attacking from proper places on the court (at the rim, behind the arc) and showing signs of a much improved offense from the previous season.

It's official: Mavericks waive Delonte West

A sad and surprising turn of events has finally led to something we've all known was coming for days: the end of Delonte West in Dallas.

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