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The Depth of the 2014 Draft.


Could the depth at certain positions direct the Titans decision on draft day?

Guess The Titans Schedule


The NFL schedule gets released soon. Can you guess the Titans?

Should Nate Washington Be a Titan in 2014?


Nate Washington offers the Titans instant cap room for free agency, but would the move be worth it?

David Stewart and the Titans Salary Cap


Continuing this year's series on the Titans salary cap and important players in relation to it.

Corrections and Clarifications on CJ's Contract


I recently posted an article on Chris Johnson in relation to the 2014 salary cap that had some misinformation in it. Here are the corrections.

Chris Johnson and the Titans 2014 Salary Cap


The Tennessee Titans gave Chris Johnson his mega deal in 2011. With the off season looming let's look at whether or not it makes sense for the Titans to keep him.

Completion Percentage and QB Accuracy


Debunking the mythological correlation between QB accuracy and completion percentage.

Whisenhunt to call offensive plays


Tennessee Titans new head coach Ken Whisenhunt says he will call the plays from the sidelines.

Whisenhunt Good For Locker?


The Titans wooed Ken Whisenhunt to Nashville out form under the Detroit Lions. Will the move be good for Jake Locker, or will he want to go in a new direction?

Misled fans, Manning, and the Red Zone channel


There's a lot of talk during the season about the new NFL and the way the game is changing. The playoffs seem to buck that trend however when you look at the teams still standing.

Titans Playing Musical Chairs


Will the Titans continue to be patient while their coveted team to emulate advances in the playoffs?

Why The Titans Should Look at Greg Roman


Greg Roman could be a perfect fit in Tennessee. The ground work has already been laid for him to continue the progression.

Munchak, Webster, and a (Not So) New Direction


The Titans are moving on and cleaning house. However, the overhaul may not be as groundbreaking as many fans want.

On Locker's Leadership


David Boclair and Paul Kuharsky both question Jake Lockers leadership on the last day of the season. I question their judgment on this one.

Are NFL Teams Reacting Too Quickly?


The NFL is increasingly becoming a win now or else league for both quarterbacks and head coaches alike. Are franchises beginning to react too quickly?

Is Schwenke the weak spot in the line?


Brian Schwenke had a not so great game against the Jaguars and has shown up on tape too often in his rookie campaign in a negative way.

Can they do it again?


The Titans finally played the way Munchak envisioned on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Now they'll try and do the same against the Texans.

Naughty or Nice?


In the spirit of Christmas, let's see who should get presents this year and who should get a lump of coal.

I Had A Blast


A look through the eyes of a nostalgic fan in a cold empty stadium.

Silver Linings - Cardinals


Here's this weeks silver linings from the latest Titans loss.

On the Benching of Hunter/Williams


Munchak went to battle without at least one of his top weapons against the Arizona Cardinals. Did he do the right thing?

Should Titans Fans Want Jay Cutler?


Is Cutler the answer that could put the Titans into the playoffs?

The Titans and the National Media


As fans of a small market team, Titans' fans are prone to complaining about their lack of media coverage and/or the attention to detail when they actually get some. The "news" from Sunday morning makes me think this is a good thing.



It's time again for this weeks questions from the Titans latest match-up.

Mother Nature Laughing at Titans


The Titans haven't fared well in cold weather games. Especially against good opponents. This weekend has the makings of proverbial beat down.



Questions from the Titans and Colts game on Sunday.

Fitzpatrick somehow worse than Luck


The Titans were the better team on Sunday, but still managed to give a winnable game to their division rival.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due


While Ryan Fitzpatrick's play is partly to blame for the Titans losses earlier in the season, his performance has been much improved.



Here's this weeks questions from the Titans-Raiders game.

Why Munchak Should Stay


It seems that a large number of Titans fans are ready to bail on Mike Munchak. I say not so fast.

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