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I have zero patience for stupidity and awe for folks who can think on their own.

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Home of the Mock Drafts

First and foremost, Happy Resurrection of Christ Day to everyone. Or for you non-religious heathens, Happy Easter. (and for the record, I fit into the second category far more than I do the first) ...


Let's Talk about The Mac.

As anyone on Twitter who follows any of the Eagles bloggers, BGN regulars or Jim Irsay can tell you, rumors and speculation right now are swirling ferociously around whether or not Jeremy Maclin is...


How To Play a 5 Technique DE In A 34 Defense

Well hello folks, I hope all is well and you are enjoying the NFL’s extended answer to Christmas morning; Free Agency. (And I don’t mean that fugazi Free Agency from several days ago where the...

Joey Jo Jo Flacco Gets Paid

Reportedly AAV of $20.1M for 6 years, highest paid QB ever.


An In-Depth Analysis of Our QBs and (More Importantly) the Franchise’s Future Commitment to Each

As Eagles fan(atic)s, we tend to get stuck looking at our team in a hyper zoomed-in perspective at times; we get stuck staring at the proverbial tree as opposed to looking at the forest. In my...


A Collection of Reactions To Vick's ... Return? Non-Departure?

I am going to steal the premise of the Linc Jason puts up every morning and post some articles that regard the Eagles and Vick re-structuring his former top end QB contract into a team-friendlier...


Prioritizing Eagles Off-Season Needs

As a follow up to my version of "Who stays? Who goes?", I thought it may be a worthwhile exercise to take the players who are going to be here next year and fit them in to my vision of what the...

Is Bill Davis Chip Kelly's Jim Johnson?

Fantastic article comparing and contrasting Chip Kelly's hiring of Bill Davis to Andy Reid's hiring of Jim Johnson. Must read material from Philly's Inferno.


Who stays and who goes on the Eagles defense?

So I was listening to 97.5 this morning as I was doing stuff around the house and the late morning show was going through the roster with their callers and asking “Stay or Go.” Even though...


Would Like To Hear DBN's Opinions of Billy Davis

Hello DBN, my name is Reddgie. I am a diehard Eagles fan and aspiring contributor for Bleeding Green Nation and I am here to ask for your assistance. As you may know, it is being reported that...


DeMeco Ryans And Why He Should Be Traded This Off-Season.

For all intents and purposes, the trade for DeMeco Ryans in the 2012 off-season was an astounding success for Howie and the Eagles. However, it is my contention that Howie should seriously explore...


The Age Old Draft Question; Quality or Quantity?

As a follow up to my last FanPost, (by the way, if you go read it, please do me a favor and promise to ignore my comments. I still feel like an asshole), I thought it might be a fun exercise...


History shows there will be buyers for trade down

History shows that if the Eagles want to trade down, there will be no shortage of buyers for that pick.


Monday Afternoon Observations: Simple Jack-assery now settling in on Coverage of Eagles HC search

I have always been rather indifferent towards La Canfora, never been a fan or detractor of his, always thought of him as just another NFL reporter. And then I read his ridiculous article this...


The Best Question I Have Heard About Moving Forward

It's wonderful when someone phrases a question in a way that absolutely captures the reality of the situation. Helmet tap to Sheil @ for this article. Here is the question he poses: ...

NFC East Rookie Snap Counts

In the words of my Great GrandFather; Great Googily Moogily. I knew we had a lot of rook's getting burn, but goddamn that is just slightly ridiculous. If you are a looking-forward kind of fool, I would think that this is greatly encouraging.

"Obviously the coach is the one that’s going to take the fall, but I’ve seen a lot of things that...

"Obviously the coach is the one that’s going to take the fall, but I’ve seen a lot of things that disgust me when you turn on the film in terms of players, cornerbacks and what not, not wanting to stick their face in there, not hustling to the football, and when you have that on a team that’s a cancer. You can’t get past that."

John Lynch on Mike and Mike. Maybe Big Red isn't as much to blame for this mess as we all think he is. On second thought, yes he is.

The Very First Question That Needs To Be Answered

I am pretty sure that everyone in Eagles nation, even the ones who are drunk on Eagles Green Kool Aid and wearing their Eagles tinted sunglasses, agree that Big Red is certainly gone as soon as the...


2011 Draft vs 2012 Draft: Going From Ashy To Classy

When was the last time you looked at the draft class from 2011? There is the link, but before you click on it, make sure nothing of value that can be thrown or slammed to the ground is in the...

Here's a 'suggestion' for Panther Cam Newton: Stop throwing people under the bus

For those of us who think it couldn't be worse, well, at least our QB isn't an asshole who the only thing he seems to be able to avoid is accountability.


Are we approaching the end of an era?

This may not come across in the exact tone I want it to, especially given my FP from last week about how there is a logical position between both extremes of Eagles fans (the Negadelphians and the...


Are there shades of Green between the Negadelphians and the Kool-Aid Drinkers?

I have read it in several places so far this week; it doesn't have to be an "only black or white" discussion with this team. And everyone who has typed this in respect to this team is absolutely...


Point of No Return - Take Two

In the summer of 2011, I penned a little FanPost that had to do with when the NFLPA Lockout would proceed past your point of no return. Well, I have found that we are in a similar situation right...

Reid Explains Run/Pass Discrepancy (Again)

"We probably could have done a little bit more of that early," Reid said. "We had a couple fumbles early and got away from it. I thought as it’s all said and done, we probably could have run a little bit more early." Bullshit. Shady had 1 fumble last year in 321 attempts. He lays the 1st carry on the ground and now all of a sudden he is a fumble risk and you go away from the running game. Yeah, okay. "We thought we saw some things there for the pass game. They were giving us some coverages that we thought we could take advantage of. We hit the one before the half and thought we could come back and get them again there." Bullshit again FatMan. You had thrown the ball almost 30 times at that point and only run it 8 times, so don't use that one throw at the end of the half as the reason you threw it so much. I understand that reporters have to ask these questions, but they don't have to swallow the bullshit that he spews as an acceptable answer. The fact is that you and Minionwheg are smug and arrogant, and you are going to try to do it your way no matter what, even when your opponent is obviously weak against the run.

Eagles Sign Edwards Through 2013

Wow. Didn't see this coming. I wonder if it has anything to do with the Eagles having cap space this year versus not having as much next year and extending him helps with 2013's cap space. I know he and Foles are close also. This may also have something to do with his development and maturation and they see Edwards as helping Foles progress as an NFL QB and want him around next year too.


Watch Out Folks!

So, I am perusing the Philly Sports equivalent of the Monkey Cage at the Zoo, where one can commonly find shit being thrown around all day long and I came across this gem from Marcus Hayes, who has...


The 53 thread

Alright BGNers, let's do this. I will put my 53 below, I expect some of you to agree, some of you to disagree (probably vehemently at that) and for some of you to troll the shit out of me. Put your...

Eagles rookie Boykin could leapfrog Hanson

Hoffman's daily fluff piece. The reason I am FS'ing it is this: "The point is, the position is complicated. And while Reid says, "[he's] getting better every day, so that gap's narrowed," the reality is that Hanson really knows what he is doing. But it is also true that Boykin is the better natural athlete." I like Hanson. I really do. In another life, one where my fat ass would win a proverbial sports lottery and somehow make it to the NFL, Hanson's trek to get there would probably be the same one I would have to endure. That being typed on the InterWebs, 1- Boykin has the higher ceiling, especially long term, and it won't take long for him to get to the same point as the best Hanson has to offer and 2- keeping Boykin for the slot and cutting Hanson lets you keep a more talented player OVERALL at a different position, ie Tapp or McNutt (or for those of you who have this massive infatuation with Cash) or Harris.

Tommy's DGR

I'm sure many of you already check Tommy out on his blog, but for those of you who don't, this should be mandatory reading after every game.

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