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I have zero patience for stupidity and awe for folks who can think on their own.

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Five Good Things, Or Is It Five Bad?


This is a perfect example for those BGNers who feel like there is only 1 side of the coin. It is possible to see both good and bad at the same time. You don't have to be 100% doom and gloom or 100% everything is hunky dory. You can be both. The point about Boykin is great. It sucks DRC got hurt, but now we've seen what Boykin can do. He showed last night that he can play at this level, on Defense as well as a potentially dynamic KR. This could make Hanson expendable, opening up a valuable roster spot that may make it so we can keep a 6th DE (Tapp) or both Brown and Polk without sacrificing Havili at FB. PS - No matter how many times I confirm that there is no "s" at the end of his name, I always want to call him Boykins. PPS - Gotta love that name, The Red Zone. Snazzy as shit.


Please Don't Let This Stick

We are better than this Eagle Nation. Foles-sanity is about as clever as the J-Lo/A-Rod nickname equation, but infinitely worse. Let me explain why.

Reid and Jenkins Go At It On Sideline


Has anyone heard specifics on this? I saw it happen live, but I haven't seen anything about what they were yelling about.

Is Mychal Kendricks Playing Out Of Position?


GCobb/d. Interesting question though. I very much would prefer to have a 6'3" SAM with long arms and coverage abilities as well, but I kind of agree with Kendricks possibly being a better WILL than SAM.

Camp Confidential: Philadelphia Eagles


Graziano's Camp Confidential for the Eagles via the mothership's NFC EAST blog. This quote by NA caught my eye: "I don't want anyone buying into anything," Asomugha said. "I just want us to get into this season and just play the way we know how to play. I'll be completely honest with you: Our team looks very good. Obviously it's camp. We're not playing against anybody, but we're under specific instruction. Don't talk. Don't blow this thing up. Don't nothing. Let's just get in the season, and let's just start playing football." Hmmm. How humble and unassuming.

Weber or Picks? It's about Dollars and Sense


Really good article on the potential value of the 4 1st rounders that would go back to NASH should they decide not to match Weber's O.S. based on analyzing the picks in the 20's for the last ten drafts and why NASH may want to take the picks and run. Initially, i'd give up those 4 picks in a heart beat, but that is because I am wearing orange-tinted glasses. Looking at it from NASH's perspective, especially long term, those 4 picks look pretty sweet.


Zack Brown should be the next Eagles LB

So, I haven't been contributing as much lately to BGN for a variety of reasons; working a new full time job with a stupid timely commute, my part time job is busiest during December, the Eagles...

Shit Ain't Cool?!?!?


Just as it seems like we are getting the on field shit turned around, there appears to be new shit off the field that isn't cool. What the Fuck?


A few small changes that can be made to help this team win right now

Ok, so most of us have let the BGN universe know exactly what we think, feel and opine about Sunday's loss over the last 2 days and it was far from pretty or polite.  But you know what, that is our...


This is getting a bit out of hand

I love BGN.  Love.  It.  I love BGN the way parents love their stupid, loud, smelly fuck-trophies children (maybe that is an exaggeration, but not by much).  It is the first website I log onto...

Don Banks 20 Bold predictions for the NFL season


"2. After playing in the relative obscurity of Oakland for the first eight years of his NFL career (all playoff-less and non-winning years), Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha will have some unexpected struggles in the big-game, big-market atmosphere of the NFC East. He won't be left unchallenged for seasons at a time in his new division, and the more teams try to throw at him, the more he'll appear less than invincible and even a little vulnerable. By season's end, some will consider him over-rated." Well, that is definitely bold. Almost as bold as cutting David Garrard and starting Luke McCown. Cut David Garrard. Start Luke McCown. Bold. I have a Bold prediction or two of my own in the comments.

Chris Johnson gets PAID son!


I am very interested to see how this deal and Fitz' deal plays into the expected extension for DeSean.

Maclin's Ties to St. Louis Dr. Might Explain Trip


"But Maclin, the Eagles' top receiver last season, is from the suburbs of St. Louis, and you'll recall that he was more or less raised by the family of a youth football coach, Dr. Jeff Parres. Parres is a urologist, so I kinda doubt he's the one doing the tests right now, but obviously, Parres has deep connections in the medical community there, and no doubt, there are friends/associates he wants to assess this." This whole situation has me completely baffled. I hope The Mac gets healthy.

The Best "What is DeSean Worth?" Article That I Have Read


Sheil @ MTC on does a great job of breaking down the DeSean Situation. Great read.

7 Remaining Issues for CBA Ratification per Silver @ Yahoo


"After more than four months of labor strife that essentially knocked out the 2011 offseason, NFL players and owners are finally in lockstep on the most important issue: They’re planning to strike a deal on a new collective bargaining agreement that would end the lockout by the conclusion of this week. The negotiating teams for the respective sides have a common destination. How they get to the end of the road, however, remains a tricky and potentially combustible conundrum." While I am sure that these issues can, and hopefully will be resolved, they also seem to have the potential to be major sticking points. Keeping fingers crossed!

Conlin Defends Howard


"ON THE DAY AFTER the All-Star Game was played in Phoenix without Ryan Howard, this column is directed at the haters and bashers who have been coming out of the woodwork in larger numbers than usual. They are predictable as smog in a heat wave. They pretend to be knowledgable baseball fans, but trip themselves up every time because they are dead wrong. And egregiously stupid." I am curious to see the other side of the argument.


The offseason acquisition that could have the biggest defensive upside

I have read a lot of FPs and articles that talk about which players we should bring in once the f&%$ing CBA is resolved and there is an offseason.  I have been thinking about this and there is only...


Should the Eagles sign just NA or use the money on a few FAs?

Ok, so slandog and I (Saidrick, macjack09, BWestFactor and Mike Will is Doubledown threw in some great points too) got into a nice, spirited discussion debating whether the Eagles are better off...

Well Played Young Man - B Rolle turns down car


This is the type of person and player that I enjoy rooting for.


Days of Our Lockout Lives

For those of you who caught Sportscenter, or follow Schefter on the Twitter, you know that there was a "secret meeting" that went on outside of Chicago yesterday between several owners (Kraft,...


When Will The NFL Lockout Proceed Past Your Point Of No Return?

This is a great question raised by The Reddgie, given the news today that the lockout has now lasted longer than any other NFL "work stoppage."


After almost a full day of digestion

The Watkins pick has grown on me.  A lot actually.  Yesterday in the thread, I compared it to opening a present on Christmas morning and finding a 6 pack of tube socks.  And that is not quite...


What is Raul gonna shave next?

His eyebrows?  Christ almighty, doesn't he realize that the clean shaven approach is futile?  Maybe he should pull a Costanza and do the opposite.  In this case, grow it all in and see if that...


When does Raul get demoted?

So, I know there was an article on TGP earlier this week about having patience and giving Raul some time to work things out and to not panic, and I like to listen to the experts and do my best to...


Does anyone grade the mock drafts?

Not sure if this is a bit of weird question or not, but is there anyone or any website out there who grades the mock drafts for accuracy from year to year?  There are a seemingly infinite number...


Quality vs Quantity

I am a big fan of discussions and debates, especially when it involves subjects I am passionate about.  Like the Eagles.  Especially like the Eagles Draft.  There is something about trying to...

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